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  1. The Senior Bowl is this weekend and most NFL Coaches and Scouts are down there. On Sports Talk this evening D-LED said but DQ is on vacation. The Sports Talk guys had fun with that one. If there ever was a Draft that we needed to knock out the park it is this one. D-LED said TD and his scouts were there. I don't know if I trust TD to run it. I know DQ needs a vacation but AB just gave him a boatload of money, could he just waited until another time? Another possible depressing thing D-LED said he didn't think DQ was replacing the ZONE BLOCKING scheme with smaller, athletic O-Lineman with a power blocking or mixture which would require bigger, stronger OL's . If true, uhhhhh!
  2. This is the year we must have a great Draft. No more partiality shown to players from the Big West region, discriminatory toward SIZE and being anti- UGA. I don't care where they come from. TD must throw all that silliness away. We need some ballers! I was hoping we were going hear some additions to scouting department. We have to get this one right.
  3. It is financially better for the city and the state. Just think of all those deep pockets Californian's who will be travelling to Atlanta to see their team play in the SB. All the entertainers, movie stars, athletes and the rich who have jumped on their band wagon. It is going to be some dollars made in this city no matter who played in the SB. But I feel the Rams followers are going to bring the bank!!
  4. I'm surprised with all the job openings I haven't heard if our ex- DC has been hired. I know some on this Board want to nail him to the cross but in his defense we had a lot of crucial injuries on that side of the ball and the F O kept trying to put a bandage on a bleeding artery. Maybe he was a little over his head but I believe he was running DQ'S defense. It is not his fault that certain highly paid players didn't step up. That is why I feel he would make a great DB Coach for some team. Maybe a college coach. Anyone heard anything about him?
  5. Question G DAWG. I know Ford is good but is he really the 14th pick in the Draft good? I agree he is a first rounder but that whole Oklahoma O-line was good, big and nasty. (In fact I hope Sambia or Evans are around in the 4th round) Did having that type of talent around him help him look special? He had the quickest, most elusive, throw on the run QB in college football. He had an offensive genius calling plays. At the end of the day maybe none of this means nothing. Ford is a very worthy prospect for us. But he sure had a lot of positives around him.
  6. We may get JuWuan James I remember him when he played for North Gwinnett. I understand how you feel about Renfroe the dude is gritty but can he do it in the Pro's? Can he get separation? Can we get him in the 6th or 7th? Maybe Terry Godwin from UGA late 4th would be a better option. One other position I think some of people are overlooking is LB. I'm. not as comfortable there as some are. What about a trade back and get 6:6, 244 lb OLB/ DE Montez Sweat get DT Dexter Lawrence and OG. Chris Lindstrom in the 2nd, Holyfield in the 3rd, with our 3- 4th rounders take Lamont Galliad, Mecole and Ole Miss CB Clark. Boise St. OB Brett Rypien in the 5th T E, C. J. Conrad from Kentucky and the 274 lb FB ?
  7. Renfroe that high? I'd rather have Mecole. But man I think Trayvon Mullen is going to be a beast! I don't. know if he will be around mid-3rd round.
  8. We had them! Shanny got cute, tried to show out and blew it. Shanny said "I called it like I always call it." Excuse me Shanny didn't you consider this was not just another game MAN this was the SUPER BOWL! Did you consider you were playing against Hall of Famer's??? Noooo you had to try and be cute at the wrong time. As brilliant as Shanny is he snatched the Super Bowl away from AB the F O and State. I just had to get that off my chest! I'm done!
  9. Wheeee them thugs won't be coming down I-10. Go eat Gumbo and fried gator.
  10. I hope Mecole is there in the 4th where we can get it but I think he will do well at the Combine and may go in the 2nd or 3rd.
  11. The NFLPA Collegiate Bowl is on now. I see some under rated potential picks.
  12. A -TOWN you know how to get down!
  13. We passed on Center Chip Andrews frm UGA and New England gets him as a UDFA and he starts for them in the last two Super Bowls.
  14. I really like Lamont and we can get him in the latter rounds but TD has been reluctant to draft UGA players in the past. Maybe that will change this year.
  15. Trevon Wesco from West Virginia will play in the Senior Bowl. He is a 6:4, 274 lb FB. Wow he could be interesting for a late round pick.