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  1. Krunkno you are right man it happens every year a UDFA does everything he can to make the team and balls out but DQ will still go with underperforming vets. I like he has a football IQ, he's from Clayton County and plays for his deceased father who was killed by a car walking to work last year. Praying for him.
  2. Sark lets me see crystal clear how great of an offensive mind Shanny is. It is just true through we shouldn't be comparing OC. Dang Shanny had to be so arrogant and cause us the SB?
  3. DQ won't cut Duke nor should he now but he may have to make a hard decision do you wait for Duke to grow into the job at the expense of the D and a shot of playing in the SB or you go get a FA or a great last cut to go with the kid from Yale?
  4. Hopefully he will turn out to be good I hope DQ doesn't cause us a playoff berth trying to make Duke work. Because DQ loves speed and D. Jones did great I understand why DQ fell in love with him but I hope we scan the last cuts, FA and our present players because Duke may have to be a good Special teams player for a couple more years.
  5. This is where TD excels
  6. RiseupCollegepark or whatever you think you are who are you to talk about what my mentality is? I'll take my knowledge coaching, coached 4, 1st round draft picks, H.S. Referee over your knowledge any day. But that's not the point we are all entitled to our opinions on this Board. No I'm not of a Mike Smith mentality because I think some rookies have an adjustment to make. Stay in your lane playa
  7. Some just don't understand how big the jump is from college to the NFL some want to make high drafted rookies Stars before they even take the field truth is sometimes it takes a while Bethel and some of the veterans should look better and will look better but some teams will play the draft choices just to make their draft look good
  8. I hope Sark and Knapp know how to use our advantage
  9. We've seen this movie before an UDFA out plays our draft pick but the draft pick makes the team.
  10. Love DQ allowed Chuck Smith help train with our team.
  11. man I hate pre season injuries
  12. Saubert is huge for this season hope he is ready! Same for Duke the F O is giving him EVERY chance to be a factor. Can Freeman play like an All Star? What impact our new experienced QB Coach will have on Sark? Garrett Smith seldom heard from around here but I feel will have an impact this season. And who in the NFL get cut in the last cuts and will we pull the trigger?
  13. TD "Okay JJ, AB said when you wake up in the morning he will give you 2 million cash in your bank account and assurance he will give you a new deal next year." Like it or not give the FO and JJ credit for resolving a workable solution that could have been disastrous for us this season
  14. I agree Sanu real talk has been ballin when called on but JJ has the well deserved rep and CR is the new flavor of the month. I would go into battle with Sanu any day. I think we should have a nice Practice squad.
  15. Sark will be better, another year under his belt, familiarity and Knapp to help but he is still no Shanny. We need a FB who can block, get a tough yard inside and catch the ball out of the backfield.