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  1. Happy they are considering a quarterback coach but I hope it's not just a DQ buddy- buddy move we really needs a sharp offense of mind. One of the reasons Shanty was so sharp he was brash and wasn't a part of the FO DQ TD Circle. There are some out there with all the firings Pro and College. Hugh Freeze and ex Arizona St Todd Graham are suppose to be good offensive minds. If LeFleur doesn't get the HC job AB out the open the check book to bring him back. Todd Haley may get fired so he will be looking he and Sark may make a good team or former Seahawk OC Brevard. Some guys just aren't H C's or Coordinators but are good additions to your Staff. Rise up FO
  2. I would include Mack, MR, JJ Grady and Free into the selection process with the Staff
  3. I want to be fair Sark was thrown into a difficult situation he is football man but those last four down series against the Eagles made me throw Shade on him. Plus Raheem Morris is not a Offense guy but is DQ's buddy so Sark didn't have help either. One other plus about egotistical Shanny he knew how to get the best out of his talent. HE was brash enough to tell DQ and TD what he wanted and needed. Our best OL get ever is Mack and that started with Shanny. Gabe was explosive with Shanny, He's tell MR off. I don't think Sark is strong enough to go against the FO. I'm against keeping the SARK /Raheem combo together as our offensive mind. I'm not against keeping them but I hope WE has the guts to put Raheem back on D and bring in a QB Coach or offensive analyst to help out. We will see if DQ, AB and TD values friendship over getting it right
  4. Some people have been trying to get rid of Allen but the Coaches love him and he has become one of the leaders. Yall need to forget about it!
  5. Sark was put in a difficult position by DQ. DQ didn't keep Matt LaFleur as a QB Coach now he has this mess. DQ made Raheem passing game Coach. You kidding me the guy is not a strong offensive mind. Now what? DQ will not let Sark go ( maybe he shouldn't) but he will not have enough guts to go find a co OC. Honestly that last 4 downs was a travesty. Who did they think they were fooling. You do a shuffle pass to 5:8 Ward. Why was he in the game. Coleman would have gotten us the 2 yards. Why was the FB in the game on the last play? It is embarrassing that Philly players say they knew the play That is telling
  6. the best answer is to bring in another offensive mind I would go get Matt LaFleur and give him a ton of money to be our QB Coach or CO OC .Keep Sark who I honestly believe will be better his second year but we do need someone who knows how to use TE's. Who understand we need a baller at WR who can stretch the field or learn how to use Gabe. We need a 3rd BIG BACK who can get the 3rd and 3
  7. We might have to let Poe go too expensive but maybe teams won't be rushing to give him big$$$ so he may resign. The same with an injured Andy Levitre I don't think he will get a lot of big $$ interest in FA and may resign at a reduced rate. TD is smart in this area. If we can't get Roquan I say we get Vit or Christian Wilkins in the 1st and bring back Hageman. That saves us at least 7 million after Poe goes. It is dicey throwing rookie OL's into the frey against the kind of DL's we saw this past year. Mack loved a smart Chester beside him even though some of you didn't. I think we have to go FA on the OL. A mid tier guy to go with Levitre, Garland, Harlow, a Draft Pick and Wes won't break the bank. I like the big back from Alabama Scarborough in the 4th if there. We take a Christian Kirk like at WR in the 3rd. We go for a fast TE in the 6th or low level FA TE. One of the kids from GT defense will surprise. The 6:2 FS A.J. from Washington County or the OLB they started at DE for 3 years with the 7th pick or unsigned draft pick. The pressure will be on after the last 2 years and the SB in Atlanta. We CAN'T be in a rebuilding mode this year we have to leave no stone unturned like AB promised because MR, AB, Mack and AB are aging!
  8. nope take orher needs 1st and second and maybe Christian Kirk in the 3rd
  9. give Harlow a chance? That kind of thinking gets MR killed and we lose. We are not in that mode we have to win! Switzer didn't play all that bad he just didn't play great and was a libilty against All Pros. Our best move maybe to resign Levitre if he is not asking for too much and a draft pick and let Wes and Garland go at it
  10. Truthfully this is very embarrassing for the FALCONS to have question and faulting their Coaching Staff 2 years in a row. Having the Eagles defense say they knew the play before we came out the huddle. Everyone knows we should have won. Another off season of fancy verbage, look to next year and the positives. Nothing will change TD, DQ, AB, the FA's acquired or having a great interior lines and quality depth. Ain't gonna happen. So DQ done told us "Embrace the Suck"
  11. We and Sark need a Co-coordinator OC.
  12. Raheem is the hidden blame he is a major part of this mess that prople dont see because they are after SARK. DQ is going to keep Sark and Morris but we need a Sharp offensive guy to be co-coordinator.
  13. This is the second year in a row DQ has had to explain his offensive calls late in the game that is crucial. This is the second year in a row he tried to co vince himself that he approved of the right calls. I like DQ but sometimes he gets trance like in the game. It is going to be hard to push hos BS 3 years on a row. Oh well he learned from the best apologizer Carroll about how a Coaching staff can blow a game and then convince himself and fans he did the right thing.
  14. I don't know if we should pay Poe all the $$$ he will need. I don't know if we can afford to not pay him. One solution is bring back Hageman who has sat out a year without pay he will be 9 million dollars cheaper then Poe N just as productive or more plus draft a DT high. We need to spend the money for another great OL FA like we did with Mack sometimes the OL play overwhelms a Rookie. We gotta get another WR and TE we can't afford to be playing emotional favorites with the SB coming to town. TD just doesn't see it like most see it The FO doesn't have the balls to do what needs to be done.
  15. TD has a history of having average OL's. Remember when he used to get all those no name OL's to protect MR and we'd have to scramble on Google to find out who he was. They never worked out. Shanny came and got us a true Center in Mack because of their past friendship. TD went after Harlow who wasn't ready and may be our this year's Konz. What we trade our 5th round for an OL that doesn't help. Remember before DQ came TD wouldn't draft SEC players, shunned the DAWGS and local players to get players out of that Montana-South Dakota area. He is like a son to AB and AB believes and loves him. He is good with contracts but not so good with player personal. Now we have got all these contract situations but need to infuse some new talent to make the SB in town. Something will have to change.