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  1. Even if we lose I and a rash of injuries don't slash us up, I still believe we will make the Playoffs. We have the talent minus maybe two additional talents. We have an experienced Staff. As long as TD and DQ don't leave no stone unturned and don't except mediocrity we are going to make it. 16 NFL games is a long time and the way players get injured there is no telling what will happen with some teams. Hang tough FO!
  2. If this fails it is on TD and DQ they refuse to use a big back. Last year 3rd and 2 we kept sending Ito and them into the line even with a lightweight, inadequate OL and most of the time we didn't make it. We have chance to have some size in the backfield to go with our wiggle guys but they refuse to. Do we really want Freeman to run violently in a 16 NFL game season?????
  3. Like your child when he/she does something you don't approve of. You criticize them and love them. Then you say "Alright this is behind us but DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN AGAIN!!"
  4. It may be a bit much to put on yourself the HC and the DC. Maybe he can bring a good DC in. He can still impose his will, he should have learned that from the SB. Duel roles may have been the reason he did see how the Vikings attacked our ends and why he was late to adjusting. Hopefully the FO learned a valuable lesson. You see how many stars were injured in the first week? In a grueling 16 game schedule it will come down to coaching, depth, luck with injuries and how willing the team is. We can win this thing.
  5. I don't understand we have experienced coaches shouldn't we be planning for every possible scenario? We not only got outplayed we got outcoached. Hopefully we learned a valuable lesson because teams will try and duplicate the Vikings MO to attack us. We have the talent on this team and Staff to fix this. But will we?
  6. All I have heard on the media is that Vic, Taak or Clayborn didn't hold the edge and we played weak at DE. Well maybe DQ needs to put Cominsky over there SOMETIMES. He is bigger, stronger and will hustle. Maybe Banks sometimes too. And when Hageman is eligible he can play over there on occasion. He is big, strong and MEAN. YOU still will have your main guys but those 3 got that dawg in them and can toughen that position up.
  7. Hope you get well soon Lindstrom we have a lot riding on your future. I had you pegged for ALL NFL ROOKIE TEAM.
  8. Agreed DQ has been around the block now. No more fancy slogans, blind faith and rah-rah. If we are going deep in the playoffs or SB DQ has got to do the best coaching job he has ever done. One thing Puzzles me DQ has surrounded himself with some experienced coaches they have enough experience to help him out. Now if they can't collectively do it I don't know man?
  9. No pun intended but Vic rarely "CLOCKS" anyone. He's a nice guy the kind of guy you might let your daughter marry so I think it is hard for him to turn on that dawg mentality. Vic is on DQ he turned down a reportedly 3rd round draft pick and gave Vic almost 13 million. That's star money so DQ HAS to make him a star! DQ thought he could do it so now he and Vic have to rise up.
  10. I thought at the time instead if giving Carpenter and Brown those contracts what if TD took their combined salaries and acquired a higher-rated offensive lineman maybe it wouldn't work. TD did get two for one in this injury-prone NFL that counts as something who knows?
  11. One thing from the outside looking in. When Shanny was here he got in MR's head. Shanny is brash and MR wasn't all that comfortable with that even though MR didn't complain. You remember they moved Shanny up in the booth. I think so he wouldn't come down on MR so hard and we had a great season. I don't think Sark or DK will challenge MR but MAYBE like that tough teacher this is what MR needs sometimes????
  12. I loved the fact we hired an experienced ex HC for our OC. But maybe the Falcons and fans weren't fair to SARK. Kept trying to make him Shanny who even though he loss the SB because of his ego, Shanny was a near genius offensive mind. But DK really didn't impress me with the Bucs. That being said we have too much Coaching experience, too much Coaching talent on our offensive side to not get this right.
  13. And Tollio was available for the taking.
  14. ? Special teams Coach ? OL Coaches ? DQ's refusing to use a big back ? We weren't strong at the edge. ? We looked flat and over confident. Whose fault is that?