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  2. GOOD AND FAIR WORK MAN! Great for the sick and shut in. I like Murray for us but you made me look at Queen in a different light. Murray played with Gallimore. And Queen played with a tough DL and a first round CB and S so I don't know. Were they good because they played with good college players?
  3. The NFL SOUTH seems to be swinging for the fences. The winner will go to the SB or deep in the playoffs.
  4. FROM MY BED Trade back to 20ish in the first and get OLB Murray Oklahoma and a second and a fourth 2nd CB N. Igbinoghene Auburn 2nd DE/DT Raekwon Davis Alabama 3rd NT Leki Fotu Utah 4th OG Bredson Michigan 4th C/G Walt Harris Washington 4th S J REED Georgia 6th BPA at RB 7th QB from Princeton
  5. Well I'll take a different approach. Thank you FREE for all the good memories during the good times you helped us get to the SB. I hope you handled your money well. Why do some people only talk about the mistakes? On another note someone in the FO is making some tough fiscal decisions even if DQ is BuddyBuddy with the players. That seems different for the FO
  6. G-DAWG take it from someone who has been in the hospital your informed work is much APPRECIATED! I like your approach, we do need players. I wish I felt confident that the FO was going to knock this DRAFT out the park. But we never know what TD may do or if college players are going to make good pro's. How is the national emergency delay going to affect the DRAFT? Will it give the FO time to make better decisions? I hope so. I do think Albert O. is a very good pick. I love your and some of the others work during DRAFT time, very astute and knowledgeable. Thanks. Oh please forgive the typos or mistakes, I'm on my back praying to get well.
  7. I'm sorry Mr. Smiler but I've been in the hospital since January and have some difficulty hitting keys spelling on my back Whop de do you can spell thank God for your blessing. But I know what I'm talking about.
  8. 1st Kavon Clausen LSU EDGE 2ND RAQUAN DAVIS ALA DT/ DE 2ND Cam Ackers FSU RB 3RD Albert O. TE MISSOURI 4TH Will Harris C/G Washington trade for another 4th 4th J R Reed GA Safety 5th DUVERNAY WR Texas 6th Tyler NT UGA UDFA QB from PRINCETON Tae Crowder lb UGA Capers WR UGA
  9. TD has to knock this draft out of the park. We don't need a lot of fancy talk the FO needs results. I hope TD and the FO dish some of their bad ways like going heavy after Midwest guys, not drafting Dawgs or certain other SEC SCHOOLS, with our lack of cap capitol the fanbase wanting playoffs the draft, UDFA'S and FA has to be on pt.
  10. We need a CB that early? Good work though. I don't know if A J Dillon will last that long.
  11. G Dawg I been in the hospital for two months. Give me a new Mock you are usually pretty good and know what you are talking about. When you are flat on your back with health issues it helps and is appreciated. Sorry for typos health issues.
  12. Kinlaw in the first Galimore in the second Shag Ouarterman in the 3rd J R REED in the 4th
  13. Do you really trust TD to pull this off?
  14. Two I would like to look at for the low is Senat and Hageman. There will be others on the last cuts from other teams. It is doable if we get creative and lucky. But TD is going to have to let go some of his traits like going heavy after Midwest players and only drafting players from a few SEC schools