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  1. Bring in Navarro Bowman you add an experienced guy who can help and teach our young guys. Bring in Dwight Feeney as a player/coach maybe you help Vic to be an ALL STAR again Bring back 261 pounds FB L. Fowler he helps out OL with blocking and in the Red Zone. Bring back 360 -6:6 Hageman he can bull rush, can block FG'S and PAT'S this could help win a close game and helps Grady and Senat with his push. Scan teams PR'S there has to be a SS out there better then Richards. These little low cost moves with some of the injured coming back can help us get over the hump and is doable. Do it TD!
  2. Oliver is inexperienced and has made some not so wise choices. Poole biggest negative is he's not fast but he plays hard and will hit your *** though he has a few missed tackles this year. He has experience with DQ and MM trust me we have waaaaay worse on our defense. Oliver will come on but let's let him grow into a pro and not ruin his confidence. By his 3rd year I think he has a chance to be a star in the league along with Kazee but let's not push him and he is not ready and we are trying to get to the playoffs.
  3. U do realize Lovie has stunk at Illinois and will probably be fired don't you and he didn't do well as H C at Tampa Bay? Lovie has a good rep but I wonder if it is just a name like people who were dying for Jon Gruden. MM is okay and a a disciple of DQ. He can't help it if his defense has been gutted with injuries and the F O doesn't believe in players with size or making significant moves after the season has started
  4. G DAWG you are on point again. My biggest disappointment is our UDFA'S. How many years have we saw UDFA'S play well and we cut them? I thought FA's Garrison Smith and Fowler should have made the team. The UDFA'S -lb from Minnesota who was from ATLANTA and the other DE should have made it as well as the hard running RB who got hurt the last preseason game.
  5. Okay I feel with it being Monday Night Football Vic is going to try to show out and he's tired of the criticism. I predict he will have a good game and TD will ejaculate and give him a big contract
  6. Hageman at least can block a PAT or FG which may help us win a game or two. Every little bit helps I bet Grady and possibly Vic could be better if 6:6 360 -DT could push the line. He can do more then #99, Crawford and Bennett but some of y'all could never forgive him
  7. I like DQ for this team BUT sometimes he seems like a MAJOR Bull s---ter. His RAH-RAH is wearing a little thin. Sometimes he appears to appear to be in LA-LA land. maybe it's because this is his first head coaching job but I hope he checks that pretty soon
  8. A hidden piece. Cox was known as a tough guy sometimes too tough. Sometime people don't like it when people are tough on you and always ranting and raving but sometimes it gets the best results out of us. Maybe the combination of a tough Cox and a teacher like Feeney made Vic look like All-star
  9. Hardy has sure hands just doesn't have separation speed. He is definitely an asset if used right. Gage has blistering speed that scretch the field
  10. I'm telling you we need Coleman 260 lb fullback but their stubbornness will not allow it
  11. Shanny stuck a dagger in our hearts forever with his ego in the SB. What did he say " I called it like I always call it!" But this was no regular season game this is the Super Bowl and you are playing against two future Hall of Famers. Why, why let them off the hook??? You already had the 49's job. I pray one day we get back to the SB and win while AB is still alive.
  12. The Giants are better then their record but their seems to be some dissention in their ranks. They split should they move on from Eli? This may help us but it is MNF and fans will be watching.
  13. Kiwi you might be right but I don't think DQ makes moves without TD's approval and vice versa. TD just doesn't believe in making impactful moves after the season starts I've heard him say it publicly.
  14. He didn't look good yesterday like he knew trouble was ahead. I pray happiness finds him.
  15. A ugly win is better then a pretty lost. We don'thave that type of team this year with injuries to be dissatisfied with the Win