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  1. I don't know if it is the best we've ever had but it is close. We need the OG to have a good season, a backup veteran OT and to have less impactful injuries as possible and it is on!
  2. What I keep thinking is Quinn has been against this before when Pete Carroll didn't run the ball how could he let Kyle throw it but they say KS though very good was such a strong personality and arrogant in his ways maybe Quinn was afraid to speak his mind OR didn't want to rock the boat
  3. One thing we know DQ and Falcons staff can develop players. I will watch closely I questioned Harlow before the OG's from Utah and San Diego State. It will be interesting to see which one turns into the better pro? Takk has a chance to be really great but it will be interesting who turns out the better pro Takk or Alabama's Rueben Foster who the whole league may have slept on. Riley has that look and personality that he may not be a star he will be a big part of team and fan favorite.
  4. It is called a TEAM GAME for a reason. Every player doesn't have to be a superstar. LT is one of the best blockers in the business! He makes MR, DF and TC game so much better. He helps our OT's just leave LT alone!
  5. No we have too many other needs like a back-up OT, maybe Feeney? Maybe Tamme or a vet LB etc
  6. IF???? Any team can play the if game. But the truth of the matter is If KS wouldn't have let his arrogance over rule common sense in spite of all these ifs we win the Super Bowl. AB is ecstatic, this state is on a high and we don't go down in history as the team that blew it!
  7. I. think his best years are in front of him. 3 years from now he is being voted on All Star ballots. It is there it just needs refining and coaching. I still think Perkins will ne the 3rd TE they kept him for some reason and he is from Washington where Sark is from.
  8. DQ has proven he drafts for his specific needs. There will always be players or another way we could have went in the draft. I too don't know about Harlow over the OG's from Utah. San Diego State or Texas A&M but Harlow does have good genes. The 5th was special Kazee and Hill. And I think Sauder will help us. Watch out for the UDFA LB from Miami he could turn out to be a player.
  9. practice squad Williams, Lett, Reed, Fuller, Sims, King, Saubert, and 4 more
  10. I wish we could have found a way to get Miami U. QB Kaaya who went in the 6th.
  11. To succeed in the injury prone NFL you have to quality depth!
  12. But we will miss a beat if Julio is not out there.
  13. It slipped his greedy mind this is the Super Bowl not just another game. That there were two future Hall of Farmer's on the other side of the field who you didn't want to give another chance. That your defense was beaten and tired. That you have an All Pro kicker. Two scores were gonna be difficult for even Brady to get. But instead you went for the glory and now the FO. will go down as blowing the biggest lead in SB historydeprived a good man AB of the greatest victory ever. But no we get It. you call your games aggressive. Oh well?????
  14. Every Coach has his style. Players react to different styles. Some need tellers and screamers or a kick in the butt. Some like teaching. I think DQ wanted Young. I hope Cox finds a good job.
  15. Shanny can say what he wants but he didn't call the right game when we were up 28-7, nor were the right calls made after we got to the 22 yard line.There were other things that contributed to the loss but the fact still remains Shanny could have won it if he would have put his arrogance aside. I just hope somehow we can get AB and the fans another chance.