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  1. What's best to be..... classless or clueless ?
  2. The only thing FRANKENBAKER played above, is the GRAVE..... that was his career ! Finally the Dirt has found it's way home, already !! Sheesh ?
  3. For those delusional Kool Aid GUZZLERS that said Baker wasn't going anywhere... please Exit Stage Left !!
  4. TD should be used as the official "Tackling Dummy" for the rest of the season for resigning Baker and Decoud to those ridiculous contracts. Those 2 are who I thought they were ! HOT GARBAGE !!
  5. Smitty already wrote the book on how NOT to manage a football game.....
  6. He just hasn't been good sense his Rookie season. Lack of Sack's is a mere by product of his overall lack of effectiveness.
  7. What is he looking for ? A sack perhaps !
  8. Resigning a dud, doesn't not make him a starter either. Especially, on this chapter of the "Boy Scouts of America."
  9. IIRC On "Hard Knocks" didn't his son say he sucked ? That had to be a HK 1st.....
  10. Re-sign DeCoud, extend Baker another 7yr's, and it's hello number 1 overall draft pick. The next best thing to winning the Super Bowl.....
  11. When I was a kid my mother forbid me from hanging around certain characters she deemed questionable. Maybe Blank should distance himself from Kraft and the Belilcheats !
  12. Is this the process of Patriot way ?