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  1. The problem with this franchise is, we keep trying to bake a different cake, using the same ingredients.....
  2. Schraeder is no more than depth, only he is playing for a team that is desperate and thin on the O-Line. Remember, this team has been atrocious in the run game the last 2 seasons. That is on Schraeder and others watch on the right side regardless of whether or not he was the initial starter ! I don't see him blowing holes open at right tackle, based on past ineptitude !!
  3. My 1st thought was the OP is an undercover Fleagles Fan. Even if he made a point or two, the post smells of "_________________"
  4. I fear Matt Ryan will regress back to that shell shocked version of himself back in 2013, when he was afraid of his own shadow. The Marshmallowee Softness of the line was mostly responsible for that.
  5. Problem with some of these folks is they've seen poor players for so long, average to below Avg. players appear to be All pro by comparison. About as much as Desert Mirage being an actual Oasis ! These folks are THRISTY !!
  6. Injuries happen when you least expect them. When your mind and body are a bit out of synch...... No matter how controlled a flop appears to be, the result can catch you, or a team mate completely off guard risking/causing injury to yourself and/or others. I'm telling you now, If his foolishness causes injury to another player "MR" particularly, Flawley is outta here, on the 1st thing smoking IMHO.
  7. Stone has much Greater upside than the guy who relies on gimmickries.
  8. Stone has much Greater upside than the guy who relies on gimmickries.
  9. Unfortunately they are one of the 2 worse in the league. Equally as unfortunate, the 2 worse happen to come out of the same Division. The Falcons just happen to be one of the two.....
  10. I don't know whether you realize it or not, but the league refs are taking an unfavorable stance on histrionics and gimmicks.
  11. Not only did I play, I was quite good at that. I've even played on an undefeated team, as well as a winless team. Same Coach different day. Having said that..... I fail to see how that really matters in all this. Unless that question was a futile attempt to somehow discredit me ? If so, TRICK NO GOOD !
  12. You're expecting O-Line players that couldn't straight up block the man in front of them to save their life. To all of a sudden Morph into a line that can pull and block to open holes, on the run, without whiffing all over the place. And then.... On passing downs, block like a human wall. After folding like a cheap umbrella in a Hurricane, the last 2 years without FAIL ? Hey I hope your right..... But I doubt it. However, if your are, Q is Coach of the year hands down. And the results will bare that out. This line needs a major overhaul ! Not patch work from 1yr signees and cast offs.
  13. The problem with that scenario is, they have proven talent. We have "Smidiots" ????? Until further notice.....
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