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  1. To use the word great and Sarkasian in the same sentence is a pretty big stretch - Let's see if Julio will be saying this at the end of the next season - highly unlikely. Maybe Julio can discuss how his chances for HOF may have been lowered by an 8 and 8 season with Sarkasian.
  2. Green Bay officially introduced its new crew of coaches Wednesday and is starting fresh. Let's hope the Falcons can follow suit. That's what Best In Class Head Coaches do.
  3. 99% of the knowledgeable media say it. 99% of the fans are saying it. 99% Atlanta defensive players are feeling it. 99% of the Falcon offensive stats confirm it. The decision to hire Sarkasian and turn over the keys was simply a mistake. Great that Dan Quinn is saying he will be more involved in the offense his capacity to figure this out earlier on should raise a question - and Knapp hiring maybe good. But we should we hire an Assistant Head coach to support Quinn - maybe Jim Caldwell. This is what we did with Dimitroff a few years ago and it worked excellently.
  4. That's what a HEAD Coach is suppose to do - Great move for Quinn and the team.
  5. I believe Dan Quinn must have owed a big favor to Nick (snake in the grass) Saban. Sark should have spent at least three years in Alabama - not one game.
  6. Nobody today wants to admit they made a mistake - Dan Quinn should have learned offense from first game at Chicago - realizing something was wrong and step in so that by mid-season he was up to speed. I like Quinn but maybe he's not Head Coach material - he's not working smart enough - and is really just at the level of being a good defensive co-ordinator. By keeping the self-defeating Sarkasian - Dan Quinn will probably not be doing the year-end press conference next year.
  7. Quinn said he will be getting a little more involved in the offense - well hello. We have been saying this all season - It's time to get him some help - Jim Caldwell. Instead of Navy Seals and Vision Pursue maybe he can spend some time learning a bit of offense.
  8. Quinn and Dimitroff's fault for hiring Sarkasian, not his fault - and if a man of character should really resign and look for a position in college football. Also, not sure how Matt Ryan didn't complain once this year about play calling.
  9. I believe Nick Saban realized what he had and wanted to get rid of Sarkasian and Dan Quinn owed Saban a favour. How do you a hire an OC with zero NFL experience and a sketchy past and put him in charge of the #1 Offense in the NFL. Do you give the Ferrarri the same day to a person who just got their drivers license.
  10. Arthur Blank should insist that they step-up here and take ownership - Dan Quinn talks about Embrace the Suck ! or is it only us fans that have to embrace it.
  11. Both Jones and Matt Ryan should be embarrassed on how they played all season. Both Jones with his dropped passes all season long and Matt Ryan trying not to get hit - we're not BEST IN CLASS as the defense and the entire organization are. Hopefully they can turn this around next year - may help if they demote SARK.
  12. Shame on supporting your OC - is nobody accountable anymore. We held the #1 seed at home to 15 points.
  13. The signs are all there - Steve Sarkasian should not be OC - incapable of winning. He wants people to feel sorry for him.- never smiles. Offense speaks for itself - should have been better than that all year - and if we don't make a change, players will loose their best in class mentality. Dan Quinn made a mistake hiring him - instead of promoting Lafluer. Defense is playing great - Marquand Manuel doing a great job - a winner. .Hire Jim Caldwell as the Assistant Head Coach/QB coach over Sarkisian.
  14. The Defense will play lights out on Saturday - nothing moves on the Falcon defense. Offense will be even better than in LA as Gabriel will play a big part. Predicting 30 Plus points.
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