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  1. I believe our special team unit needs to and will be exceptional over the next three games. Have been a little below the average and definitely below expectations.
  2. The disgusting actions/gestures by Sean Payton with all his players watching - sorry to say but NO is done for this season. They will not win another game. A professional coach doesn't do that and blaming the refs puts the seal on this. I believe he will be fired at the end of the season.
  3. Watching every game this year I am noticing that there is a lack of chemistry of the players to play like a winning team and expect to win. Matt Ryan sits on the sidelines by himself - where is Matt Schaub and other coaches. Sarkasian sits in a corner by himself - where are some of his assistants so they can collaborate a little. Dan Quinn needs to get more emotional about the game on the sidelines - go and hug a player after a terrific play. The special teams have been less than average - no enthusiasm Matt Ryan and receivers are playing scared to make a mistake - Sarkaisian not providing the right support when this does happen. Look at the Rams and Patriots. It is clearly evident when a coach and team expect to win - Falcons had it last year- not sure where it went.
  4. Well said - Quinn made the mistake of not hiring Lafluer and promoting Manuel to DC.
  5. This has been evident all year - Dan Quinn built a defense on speed and they are all too small and definitely need to bulk up, just look at Beasley. It's not from him not wanting too, he just can't.
  6. This is only today - after win tomorrow and the next 3 games - it's 100%
  7. Matt Ryan should take some lessons - this is what makes a winner in FOOTBALL. The rest of team both offense and defense will take notice.
  8. Saints are overrated - we will beat them like Dallas win. We score 30 plus and we win. Stop Kamara early - wear him down - and we win. Two Turnovers and we win. Adrian Clayborn - 3 sacks and we win.
  9. Matt Ryan/Dan Quinn/Sarkasian/Freeman - should all be embarrassed this morning. A very winnable game that would have put them in a terrific place for a run to the playoffs. Not sure what the problem is with Matt Ryan all season - doesn't appear strong enough - physically and mentally.
  10. Let's attach the Invictus motto to our Brotherhood motto for the rest of the season.
  11. A terrific topic that's is forefront in every game we play - if we don't score 30 points we loose. I honestly think that our players are not in that good of shape or are not getting the juice at half time compared to other teams.
  12. Though I have to admit the front four didn't paly that aggressive yesterday - I strongly believe they will be ready for next week. Dan Quinn should take over if he hasn't already as Marquand Manuel looks like a deer in headlights on the bench. We win them all with two things - 1) scoring 30 points and getting to the quarterback - Brees, Newton, Keenum and Winston
  13. Go Tell the Buccaneers - Adrian Clayborn and the Atlanta Falcons are ready. Clayborn is going to knock it out of the park with 4 sacks.
  14. Happy Thanksgiving !
  15. Seattle will do everything they can to protect Wilson and stop/slowdown Clayborn and they won't. I am predicting 5 sacks even though Wilson will try and scramble away from Clayborn.