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  1. I'm here. Just wanted to read the post-game threads you had. The Falcons came out like world beaters in the first half. I think you guys are definitely Superbowl contenders. If you can get home field advantage and not have to play on the road at Seattle or San Franciso I think you can go all the way. The Rams are a second half team and almost made a game of it, but the Falcons fire power in the first half was too much to overcome. The pass protection the Falcons had in the first half was unbelievable, We couldn't get near Ryan until the second hafl. And Holy crap batman, like another Ram
  2. As a Ram fan, I have to say you played well. The Rams came out flat in the first half and the Falcons came out swinging. That was the difference Good luck on the rest of the year
  3. From a Rams fan: Great game today. Good luck for the rest of the season Please beat the Seahawks and 49ers
  4. From a Rams fan: Good luck today, may the best team win. I have absolutely no idea how this game will play out. I can see you guys blowing out the Rams but I think more likely it will be a close game and come down to which team makes the fewer mistakes. I will actually be rooting for you guys AFTER this game especially since you play the 49ers, Seahawks and Cardinals/you have one of my favorite Rams of all time. But today, I can only hope you lose
  5. P.S. If you want to have a good, rational chat with Rams fans, visit www.ramsondemand.com It's the best Rams forum out there. The posters are smart and civil.
  6. Harbaugh is such a *********. Yes, Matthews was in the wrong there, but that doesn't change the extreme douchiness of Harbaugh
  7. Coming from a Rams fan (who's not as funny as RamzFanz): As much as it pains me to say it, I believe the Falcons will win it. While, the Rams might be accumulating the best young talent in the league, it's still very young, and they are relying A LOT on 1st and 2nd year players. Because of the limits on training camp practices; I believe that it hurt the Rams disproporionately more than Atlanta, because you have a more veteran team which needs less practice to get the mistakes out. I am also worried because the Falcons will be playing their home opener after losing the first game. Not a go
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