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  1. Ramsey knew 30-40% of the playbook, hadn't played in 4 weeks, and was still 10 times better than the CB he replaced. Ramsey admitted that he wished he had three plays against Julio back, because he wasn't up to speed yet. But you guys are ignoring the immense change in how we defend WR's because he's on our defense now. We play man to man, which were were unable to do effectively without Ramsey. The other CB's Safeties, etc...are playing man-to-man as well, because they can do their jobs better without covering for a mismatched Marcus Peters. Yes, Ryan was pressured, because easy options were
  2. I'll believe you on that as I don't watch the Falcons too much anymore since they left the NFC West. Ramsey is what we've been looking for for a couple of years. He's a newbie to our system and will only get better. I hope you guys get what you want....don't get rid of everybody!
  3. I'm trying to read, but for a little while longer..Whats up?
  4. He essentially did. How many TD's did Julio score? More importantly, his presence allowed for a different way of attacking offenses than we've been able to do in the recent past
  5. Well, I guess we'll see. We just stopped a Matt Ryan offense where he had no less than a 300+ passing game before this. Look at the Rams players like Dante Fowler (3 sacks) and Aaron Donald (1 sack, forced fumble & game wrecker), they credit Ramsey.
  6. Disagree. He was entirely the reason. His ability to play man coverage on your #1 WR, possibly one of the best WR's in the NFL. His presence allowed the Rams defensive backfield to play man coverage as well instead of zone coverage. With Marcus Peters, we HAD to play zone because he was getting burned by every #1 WR we played (especially without Talib playing alongside of him). Peters was a gambler who got burned more often than not, and was a liability in Wade Phillips system. Playing zone allowed a cushion for opposing WR's to be open for dump off passes when our Dline was getting too close
  7. Chicken or egg? Our Dline wasn't getting to the QB's before Ramsey arrived because of fast dump offs. Ramsey knew 30-40% of the playbook and hadn't played any football in 4 weeks when he went against Julio. Wade Phillips was able to let loose the dogs on passing downs and poor Ryan had nowhere to go with his #1 WR taken care of, and our other guys paying man coverage instead of zone...
  8. I'll make a comment here and stop lurking for a bit. I remember that draft well, which includes our fail with Greg Robinson. I would have been ecstatic if we had gotten Matthews with that pick, and yes, it was supposed to be that he was a sure thing. We needed a LT so bad, we could taste it! Robinson had/has a Hall of Fame Body, and a pop warner mind. Snead was asked by Fisher to find athletic freaks, while McVay likes athletic freaks too, he likes smart players even more. When he first came to the Rams, he cut Robinson almost immediately. There was Robinson, Matthews, and Lewan in the To
  9. I agree. I remember after Super Bowl 36, when the Greatest Show on Turf was at its apex..we thought of getting back against the Patriots within two years. We fell of a freaking cliff after that....Getting back is never a given for a Super Bowl loser (or winner, for that matter, unless your team is based in New England)
  10. and it aint close. The"perfect" Patriots losing in the Super Bowl was pretty bad too, but nothing like this. You HAD to win this.You freaking had it dammit!
  11. The Falcon's defense isn't the best in the NFL, but you leave ANY defense in for 90 minutes of a game, bad things will happen. The killer was not freaking running the ball in that drive when all that you needed was a FG...YOU HAD IT, and Shanny threw it away...
  12. At our Rams board, we are all very happy about not waiting to hire Shanny, and really glad the Niners are getting him!
  13. Can't stop you now.....again, congrats sure was....
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