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  1. I just remembered that I registered here a few years ago and wanted to come to one of the three safe spaces on the internet for a Rams fan to talk about the Saints (Vikings, Falcons, Rams boards).


    Yes, it was a bad no call - NO, IT WASN'T WHY THEY LOST THE GAME. Saints fans are the biggest cry babies I've ever seen. Why don't you get upset at your defense or offense for blowing the game instead of blaming it on the refs?

    People in the media keep talking about revenge, not realizing that the Saints were upset with the refs - but the Rams? All the Rams have heard since that game ended was that they didn't deserve to be there, followed by a lawsuit, a rule change and people talking about it all offseason. I want the Rams to get up by 30 and just keep going. I've never wanted the Rams to destroy a team so badly in my life.


    Figured you guys might feel similar.

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