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  1. You can't even beat the "worst defense in league history" How would you win a ******* SUPERBOWL??
  2. LOL, i can't believe y'all had 116 pages in this thread, thinking the falcons would actually beat the full saints team.... Don't even think about it next time
  3. No questions, y'all just suck. It's that simple. Terrible organization all around
  4. **** y'all suck. Matt Ryan is a girly passer.
  5. You can't have any fire in the dome, boy. Saints own that falcon *** in the dome.
  6. Losing to a bad team makes you what? Worse than bad. We are the whodat. Dirty birds alwways dirty.
  7. Nah, it was a pretty bad game. Drew knew he didn't need to score, so he just let them kick a FG. Saints own the falcons
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