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  1. If you spot the ball on the 1 yard line and the other team says you get ball first. You are starting on the 1. ?
  2. Wrong place. None here The experts will be picking draft weekend.
  3. Since Fields is unproven, not sure he scares anyone.
  4. I think he has some things to work on and has to play better.
  5. Agreed and it is sickening that not many see it or even if they see it. They get delusional. Qb didn't matter last night. Below average game manager would have won. They could have won with all field goals the way the defense playes. Devon White and Lavonte David are beasts and so was Kwon. This we need!!
  6. Trent Dilfer could've won that game last night. Defense , like the entire post season they have won games more than TB12.
  7. Agree. Trade him for anything. Way overated. We arent winning and he aint scoring touchdowns, still.
  8. Nobody knows that until a few years. Or do you mean projected best player? Or someones opinion of who the best player is?
  9. I hope so. Gibe him a chance with better scheme and play calling
  10. Matt is and has been way more valuable to the team at any point of their careers imo. He plays every down and scores touchdowns. That simple.
  11. On top of all that. Brady went to a good team where defense has one the last 2 post season games. Belichick chose Cam Newton as his QB. It isn't a who was the reason they won all those championships. It was a team. Brady wasnt necessarily the reason Belichick and Pats won. Brady was and still is in good position to win it all because he has a good team.
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