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  1. I don't think it was because they didn't know the rules. I think they were mesmerized( surprised ) by the kick and became spectators. Nobody has really seen a kick like this it seems.
  2. How about not refusing to drop back and pass in the Superbowl. That is one i am pissed about.
  3. I cant believe you cant believe it. Lol
  4. Smoking some good stuff if you cant recognize that was a weird kick. At the right time and perfectly executed. Unlike us. They were simoly ready for the ball to do what it did and we weren't
  5. Just giving people the idea that it wasn't as boneheaded as people think. Have you seen an onside kick like that before? It was a bad play... It just isn't what people make it out to be imo.
  6. Agree, but at what yard line do they aggressively jump on a ball that was spinning out of control. It was a tough play. Cowboys were in better position.
  7. Exactly They boxed us out because they were ready for it and we were not.
  8. Cowboys were simply in better position to recover after our guys were stunned by original trajectory.
  9. Yep. The cowboys were in better position on an amazing onside kick and were able to make us look like we look. The ball looked to be short of 5 yards at first and....... Also Julio is the one that is supposed to get the ball, they were all stunned. I would like to see Julio's reaction on all 22 or whatever that was. It was a fluke play. We were not in good enough position though. I bet now teams start jumping on the ball once it passes the 5 yd mark.... Haha I give credit to the Cowboys and we were just short...
  10. Totally agree. We need a real defense and a different culture. This one is done.
  11. Which is why if you don't think its gonna make it ten yards, why risk touching it?
  12. Yep. Lol They weren't prepared for the bright lights. Quinn has to go though unless we win every game from here on oit.
  13. He said that was what he took from the play watching it.
  14. Very risky ball to fall on. Wasn't it spinning/wobbling kinda funny?
  15. I could be wrong. I am not sure honestly.
  16. If it doesn't go ten yards, there is no reason to touch because if you mis handle it cowboys can get it. Correct? Have you seen that kind of onside kick before? Just trying to think of a reason why the players may have looked so "lost" out there to us in hindsight.
  17. The ball almost stopped and then started going again iirc and i think that is pretty much what happened. Snuck across the last 2 yards in like a split second imo.
  18. Most likely would have been mis handled if someone tried to "just fall on it". Ever seen an onside kick like that? I can't pin the game on that play but it was harder than people think to recover that ball.
  19. The guy that is hurt and dropped an easy td pass from Gage is in on hands team. Lol "Reverse the curse" This was the reverse the curse game.
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