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  1. Keep in mind, these are all the same guys that laughed at a poster for suggesting we would draft calvin ridley. Now we are supposed to take their thoughts as truth
  2. Who gets to determine if he lost or not. Boy j Oh gawd this board
  3. I agree with you except teams are pretty aware that we will probably release him. Why give us a pick? Btw, some of these guys know it all. You are wasting yourtime arguing with them.
  4. Agreed. Not much job security at this point.
  5. Yeah but, some guy on a message board says he is gonna flop. They should start looking for his replacement.
  6. Nobody thought we would take CR18 with our fist pick.
  7. You coukd also say anyone who expects tampa to be a force is gonna have a rude awakening. 50/50 shot
  8. I kinda agree. Also very unstable too. If we lose next year, the whole staff coukd take a hike.Seems like a one year guarantee. Kinda like gambling or mock drafts.
  9. Yes. I think so About as much chance as the falcons would draft CR18 in 2018
  10. I thought they played well. 15 points....
  11. Its sorta like a mock draft. Its a guess.
  12. They thought they were good... Like we did
  13. I bet he wants to play... Something not to many people seem to think about...