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  1. It is a team game though. Lots of factors involved. Manning maybe in a better situation? Not much worse of a situation Ryan came into.
  2. Again Not all about you. It was worth bringing up to me because you derailed the whole thread and made it about you imo. Peace
  3. You too bro. Thanks again. I know i can improve. Maybe one day i can be fully polished like you and spend my free time on an internet message board.
  4. Thanks man. Peace to you. Hopefully its just me. Its not a good look for you from an outsiders perspective.
  5. Bro The world don't revolve around boy j. It seems like you think it does by your first post. I tried to say it nicely.
  6. I am sure i mis understood your first post, but it seemed like all of a sudden you were the topic/or OP. It seemed like a thread hijack to me i guess.
  7. I thought your response to the topic/article was pretty strange. As i usually do. Somehow you made it about you? Lol At least you noticed. Peace
  8. Dq said in the meetings that VB44 was going to be covering RB and TE out of the backfield and they didn't't believe.
  9. As he should and we will never know. All 3 are great. I honestly don't think more yards in less catches makes Julio the best. Gotta be more than that. I would go with Julio
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