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  1. In before ya boi j is a #$:;. Ooops way late!
  2. Deion Jones Hopefully .... Deion Jones
  3. Coachspeak
  4. Will that give us the best chance for a superbowl?
  5. Coach speak
  6. To those saying just accept it.... He doesnt have that game and cant get better. Dan Quinn disagreed.
  7. Well, we havent won the big game yet and Julio being there could possibly help. Not sure why yall are defending him.
  8. want Julio at OTA's? If so, would they say it publicly? Seems like a lot of posters believe everything said is concrete. Imo you have coachspeak and politically correct comments coming from playes and coaches.
  9. Until we win superbowl... I disagree. He and the team could get better cause we arent the best
  10. Agree. But also disagree. Young players see star player not with the team Im out yall. I wish julio was there
  11. Talking about last year. No, we disnt even male the playoffs. Not blaming the superbowl loss on Julio. The team didnt win it all.....ever Someone asked why he should be there or something to that extent. He should be there to get better, and win the superbowl.
  12. You know this first hand? Not sure how you would know that. Nobody would publicly say it.
  13. I am talkimg about last year. The problem is we didnt win it. Same problem as every year. I just want them to torch the league like all of us.. Seems like there is room for improvement to me.
  14. I am a fan. Old too. Lol I am a team first guy. If i was a team mate. I would definitely feel like the star player is an outkast. Where is the brotherhood?