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  1. They are growing on me!!
  2. It was meant for fun. Would you rather complain about dimi some. Go ahead. Lol
  3. I was only playing. Not a big deal. Just a thought i had. It was meant to get a laugh.
  4. I would think he would have definitely been invited and must've said no thanks.. Haha
  5. All white is terrible to me. Those are our away jerseys too. Real grass will have them all green in no time. Lol
  6. All white looks like a pajama party I hope it grows on me
  7. Its only 2 coaches And same gm
  8. The board will be set. Trades could be difficult.
  9. Haha Lamar above MR2
  10. I would bet that is exactly why RM was inserted. So AB can lay the law down and not let DQ and TD trade away the future. He can also communicate that with RM and it will fizzle to the rest of front office.
  11. I think his point was we shouldn't have gone backwards after having a solid off season. From 15 to 18 after a solid off season.
  12. Wow!!! The Lattimore play was ridiculous how he tracked him and put him down!
  13. I didn't watch the Lattimore play. I somewhat remember it. No doubt Julio is a great competitor. We are lucky to have him. I just had that thought and expressed it. How about the hail mary against Seattle too?
  14. I love Julio, but Kwon had probably been out there the whole drive and Julio just took 2 plays off.