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  1. The Seattle playoff non-loss was a race between Smitty and Carroll to see who could mis-manage the time clock the most. Fortunately for us, Pete Carroll is an even worse time clock manager than Smitty is. Hard to believe, but true.
  2. ALL of Brady's Super Bowl wins were by field goals. Know what that makes him? The winner of multiple Super Bowls and a sure-fire first-ballot Hall of Famer. Games in the "W" column by field goals are like looking at fake boobs: ultimately, it doesn't matter how they got there, as long as they ARE there.
  3. The reasons Smitty needs to go have absolutely nothing to do with our current record, or the injuries. Bad records happen to good coaches. Injuries can and will and have had tremendous negative impacts on teams. Smitty's shortcomings pre-date this season's record, and the devastating injuries. These problems have existed for several seasons. 1) Coaching with no aggressiveness. Coaching the team to take their foot off the gas on both sides of the ball. This trend has become more glaringly obvious, but even in 2010 we did not play as a strong closing team. Not on either side of the ball. 2) Failure to coach-up or develop talent outside the first three rounds.Even TD can't completely whiff on every single late-round pick. Statistically, you almost HAVE to stumble across strong starter after 6 drafts worth of 4th-7th rounders. No one that didn't arrive at Flowery Branch with elite talent has found it once here. The offensive line has gotten much worse under Pat Hill. Our tackling is atrocious. Our special teams are very un-special aside from Auto-Bryant. 3) Clock management. Horrible. High school-ish. Stupid clock decisions. 4) Coaches a culture of fear. The players are so afraid of making a game-changing bad play, that they miss opportunities to make game-changing spectacular plays in big, high-pressure games. 5) Poor personnel decisions. Smitty has mediocre veterans that he has felt comfortable with that he has kept starting over superior younger players. Just look at how many of the injured players have been replaced by players who have played as well as, if not actually out-played the injured starters! So no: this is not a knee-jerk response to the current situation. These 5 problems have been haunting this team in the playoffs for years. They are just now rearing their heads in the regular season as well.
  4. The problem was not the firing of Leeman Bennet. The problem was the hiring of Dan Hennig. Fire Mike Smith. We have plateaued, and are now spiraling downward in a hurry. Hire the right replacement.
  5. Correct. Winning the lottery is actually possible.
  6. I don't want to know them personally. I don't care a thing about them personally. Make plays. Make stops. Win games. Win a championship. Those are the only things I care about.
  7. 1) The fact that they said it isn't ridiculous; the fact that it appears to be TRUE is what's ridiculous. 2) Apparently not. By their own admission. 3) I would venture a guess that too many in that locker room expect to just show up and have 12 wins fall into their laps.
  8. Or we could let The Angry Falcon Fan pick the video participants? And host the show! No no no! Better idea. Have the WORST three go on The Angry Falcon Fan show, and let him "interview" them. These guys are afraid of Smitty's notepad? They'll crap their pants to avoid facing that guy!
  9. A lineman has a much more dangerous job. Power lines, not line of scrimmage. My uncle is a lineman for West Texas Power, and he's lost friends and coworkers. I'm pretty sure no NFL players in the modern era have died on the field, or as an immediate consequence of an injury. Firemen. Cops. Military. Many jobs are far more dangerous, and pay far less. Do you want want the millions of dollars? The fame and the adulation? The endorsements? The pure adrenaline rush from playing the game? The camaraderie of the locker room? Then assume the risks and shut your mouth. No one is forced to play football at any level.
  10. OK. And---? I wasn't aware your approval was required.
  11. It may be silly, but it seems to be important to some of the players.
  12. This would provide a little incentive to play with a sense of urgency at all times. According to Roddy and Tony, the team needs some kind of incentive or reason to play with a sense of urgency.
  13. Have the players and coaches pick the three or four best performers from the previous week's win--- no videos after a loss--- and they are allowed to do the video.
  14. I know a certain QB who admitted to not working hard. Not learning the playbook. No, not that one. The other one. Brett Favre. There are hundreds of kids drafted into the NFL who think they've "made it", and party/drink/eat themselves out of a job. That being said, I never said that D-Block takes away from their game-prep time. My position is that if you are the suckiest group of players on the suckiest half of the team, keep your mouth shut. If Julio/Roddy/HD/Tony G made a series of O-Block videos, I would watch and enjoy. But if you are a suckfailure like Dent and Nic, you need to keep your head down and your mouth shut until you've done something.
  15. Predicting is a thing of logic. Pure evaluation. Not the heart. If you involve the heart, feelings, and desires, you have ceased to predict, and begun wish-listing.
  16. There exists a certain level of "The Stoopid" that you do not actually want to be able to comprehend.
  17. Or maybe since he was, he shouldn't be burning up perfectly good oxygen.
  18. I sincerely hope so. Please feel free to bookmark it and rub it in my face if we turn things around dramatically. I pray you have the opportunity to do so. That list is not from the heart: it is from the dispassionate and purely logically objective observer in me.
  19. I don't care about their money. The fines go to charity; all too often the money they keep goes to hookers, strippers, and bartenders. The reason this gets under my skin is the chilling effect it is already having on an NFL player's ability to actually play defense. All this lawyer-proofing of the game is going to kill it. I don't care about vicious helmet-to-helmet shots. If you don't want to risk it: find another job. Someone else will gladly step right up. Just like they've been doing. For decades.
  20. Being coldly, logically dispassionate in a discussion about the team on a message board is entirely different from how I am while actually watching the game. I am vocal, passionate, and very involved. I compartmentalize. At kickoff, I morph into someone as homeristic as you. When I log onto the boards, I set all that emotion aside and discuss the reality of the team. And for the record, my initial post in this thread in no way implied that my way was better than yours. As I said, I respect your position: I simply do not share it.
  21. Playing hard doesn't give him the right to tell me if I am or am not a fan, or whether I have permission to cheer or boo. If he thinks he is entitled to tell me how to cheer or support this team--- this team that I have loved and cheered since Steve Bartkowski's rookie year--- then yes: screw him.
  22. Your DNA must have degraded, or have been defective. This level of stupidity is quite rare. Are you, perhaps, a government experiment to see just how stupid a human being can possibly be?
  23. Jets: W Buccaneers: W Cardinals: W Panthers: L Seahawks: L Buccaneers: W Saints: L Bills: W Packers: L Redskins: L 49ers: L Panthers: L 6-10. If we pull a split with the Panthers, 7-9. The only other game we stand a shot in is Washington. If things go really well, we might possibly end up 8-8.
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