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  1. Not just the Pats. The Dolphins ripped through us when they had to. Against real NFL defenses they look like the chumps they really are. The Rams--- the freaking RAMS!!!--- had a field day against us. Against anyone else, they couldn't score in the Amsterdam Red Light District. This team--- this season--- this regime--- is done. We are screwed like a $3 hooker. Don't be fooled if we do manage to rip off some wins against teams that actually look worse than us. We will end up between 6-10 and 8-8.
  2. Warford? Or Cooper? I haven't kept track of either one. Another poster said that Warford is beasting in Detroit. I have no idea how Cooper is doing. I don't even remember who he ended up with.
  3. If so, he is tanking his college team as a "business decision". That does not help his case in my eyes. Not at all.
  4. I didn't mock him at 30, I wish-listed him at 30, with the hope that because he is an OG, that too many teams would go for flashier, less-worthy picks. I had Warford as the realistically possible pick, and almost as good as Cooper.
  5. Alice was my first-ever concert. 14 years old. I loathe and despise Marilyn Manson for one reason: his schtick is just AC's but with crappy music. No originality at all. He is to AC what Lady Gaga is to Madonna: a cheap knock-off.
  6. If he doesn't have the pain tolerance to play with bruised ribs, how much time do you think he'll miss in the NFL? Like I said, if bruised ribs put him on the shelf, then he is soft.
  7. As I said at the time of the signing, there is a wall that almost all running backs hit, and it often comes with no warning or precursor. That wall is call "AGE 30". Very few running backs remain productive much after hitting this wall.
  8. Doctors cleared him to play. Coaches expected him to play. If he really can't play, then the doctor is incompetent. If the doctor is competent, then he should have played. Assuming the doctor could have diagnosed bruised ribs as opposed to broken, then Clowney is either a quitter, or as soft as warm butter. Or As soft as Sam Baker. Pretty much the same thing as warm butter.
  9. If he was medically cleared to play, and diagnosed with just bruised ribs, and he can't really play because his ribs are actually broken? Then the team doctor should be fired and hit with a malpractice suit by Clowney. If the doctor is competent, and if there was no misdiagnosis, then Clowney is a quitter and a punk.
  10. I also believe Pat Hill is horrible. Our offensive line's performance and effectiveness has spiraled down alarmingly since his arrival: especially Blalock. None of our young linemen have developed into solid, reliable performers. I have seen, and still see, significant technique flaws in our starters. These are flaws that should be coached out in training camp. Konz playing too high last year. Holmes not riding his man far enough behind the pocket. The interior of the line in general giving up far too much ground before even attempting to hold ground. I think it is very possible that a lot of our line woes would disappear with a real NFL offensive line coach. Let Pat Hill go back to coaching B-quality college teams.
  11. No. End of the season. The perception of panic would be devastating to the entire organization, and would make us significantly less appealing to replacement candidates. We could say all of the reasons I listed above, but all people would see/think is "fired after a 1-3 start: panicky front office". So on a realistic basis, Smitty finishes this season, and no matter the record, Smitty needs to go. If the underlying problems I listed above remain, if Smitty does not make the required changes (and I believe he is psychologically incapable of doing so, because these qualities are ingrained into him), we need to thank him for building this team up from the pits of despair, and let him move on to some other moribund franchise and build them up to respectability. I am not at all saying he is a bad coach. He is not the coach to take us from where we are to where we need to be. An argument could be made that Jon Gruden is the opposite. I would NEVER CONSIDER him for a crappy team's head coach. But we are a few linemen on both sides of the ball, and possibly a LB or two, from being a dominant franchise. Gruden would be much more likely to whip this squad into championship shape than Smitty. Smitty would be much more apt to bring stability and professionalism to a franchise on the rocks than Gruden.
  12. Why would you want a guy who quits because of phantom injuries?
  13. Did Teddy Bridgewater quit on his team? Are the Broncos in a 1-3 tailspin and a serious contender for an all-out collapse?
  14. Dude has become a quitter and a punk. He has "bust" written all over him.
  15. Any possibilities would have to be vetted, interviewed, and that process can change from initial perceptions by a significant amount. The following names are ones I would interview first. Jay Gruden: very promising offensive minded coordinator. Has helped Andy Dalton look like an almost-NFL quarterback. No easy feat. Has head coaching experience in the Arena League, and coordinator experience in the NFL. Adam Gase: has experience running/coordinating the Denver no-huddle attack. I think Ryan has the mental acuity to run this same system. Caution needed, as how much of this offense is Gase and how much is Peyton Manning? Even if it is mostly Peyton, can Gase bring it with him? Is young, lacks experience. Riskiest of the possible picks, but has a tremendous amount of upside possibility. Would need a strong and experienced set of career-coordinators initially to help him steer the ship until he learns to deal with the non-football demands of being an NFL head coach. Tom Clements: Green Bay's offensive Coordinator has more experience than Gruden or Gase, has been involved in developing Rodgers and the Packer offense since 2006, and has a very good chance at being ready for the next step up the ladder. Jon Gruden: The only retread I would consider. Terrific offensive mind. Passionate and fiery. Well-respected by players. People who know the situation in Tampa know that the Glazers heavily-debt-leveraged purchase of Manchester United was more responsible for the talent-drain at the end of Gruden's Tampa reign than anything he did. I would not even consider Cowher or any college coaches. Nick Saban, Steve Spurrier, Chip Kelly and Greg Schiano are all prime examples of why a college coach with little or no NFL experience is a good bet. Pete Carroll, remember, had NFL head coaching experience.
  16. I didn't. I Googled it. I never saw a single Muppets episode. Had I known he was going to be on it, I would have watched the Alice Cooper episode.
  17. Any victory will help, but it better be a convincing win, where we dominate in all 4 quarters.
  18. Not even remotely applicable in the context of this thread. If you had popped that in one of my anti-D-Block rants, you would have had something. But you failed. You're likely used to that, though.
  19. How about the game-winning drive against Seattle? Not much time on the clock, defense just blew a 20 point 4th quarter lead, playoff gorilla still on the team's back. Pretty "ice-worthy" if you ask me. That was just 6 games ago.
  20. Thank you Capt. Crayola. By this logic, there is no point discussing anything, ever. SHUT 'ER DOWN MR. BLANK!!! The no-talent scrub doodler has shown us all the futility and pointlessness of posting on a message board. Will the last poster out please turn out the lights?
  21. I know, and I didn't. I just expanded. And I really wanted to somehow work on a fake boob analogy.
  22. I think you may have missed a very important part of that analogy.
  23. 1) Wrong. Eugene Monroe is not a superstar, but he is steady, reliable, quite a bit above average. He would have been an immediate upgrade on our line. If you want to say you didn't want Monroe because of his contract situation? No argument. I would have still taken him on the cheap this year, and hope to trade Sackmaker next off season and re-sign Monroe. But passing on the basis of his contract is a completely viable rationale. 2) Wrong. You couldn't possibly be more wrong about Levi Brown. He would have to take the Captain America super-soldier serum, and get bitten by a radioactive kryptonian spider, just to achieve the level of "scrub".
  24. Actually, that is all they have done, and all that they are.
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