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  1. I would still like to see Theo Goins brought back. His fundamentals were sound, but he lacks core strength. Get him in a strength and conditioning program now, and see what he can do next year.
  2. I'll say this about Smitty. He has plateaued here, is no longer the kind of coach we need. But he brought us stability, discipline, and a level of professionalism that we desperately needed at the time he was hired. When he is fired, he will only be out of work for as long as he chooses to be. And whatever pathetic, sad sack franchise picks him, he will most likely build them into a solid, respectable club that plays good football without a lot of talent. Oddly, the more talent Smitty has, the poorer fit he is to coach them. He doesn't adapt his coaching to allow for the fact that a talented team can be more aggressive because they can overcome occasional misfires made in the name of aggressiveness.
  3. It is statistically nigh-impossible for every single offensive lineman, starters and back-ups, to suck. We know Blalock has, or had, talent and ability. However, Blalock either forgot how to play as soon as Pat Hill was hired, or Pat Hill is the problem. I'm going with Pat Hill is the problem. The schemes are uniformly bad. The interior gives up too much ground. The line in general plays with poor fundamentals. That is a coaching error. I'm not going to say that we have superstar talent on this line. Reynolds just doesn't seem to have it. Blalock is a bigger liability than Reynolds, but has proven in the past to be capable of play at a high level, and he is not old. Konz and Holmes DO have talent: more talent than is currently on display. I would say the first fix to our offensive line is a new, better offensive line coach. It is almost impossible for everyone to actually be as bad as our guys appear to be.
  4. We gave them a lot of time to get a FG against our pathetic defense.
  5. We run a passing offense. Of what possible use is a "pure rb" to us? Other than to signal that we will be calling a run play to the defense?
  6. Because I don't just hate the Braves, I hate the entire non-sport of baseball. I haven't watch a single complete game since the strike. Its not even a real sport: its just a slow, dull game. On a side note, can someone make sure Koetter sees this? George Carlin sounds like he would have made a better OC than Koetter.
  7. What he CAN'T do is more important: block, blitz pick-up, receive out of the backfield.
  8. The defensive line improves the defense in general, including the secondary. Depending upon the scheme employed, a very good or better defensive line can either disrupt the offense by stuffing the run, collapsing the pocket, and applying pressure from the edges, or can occupy enough blockers to allow linebackers to make disruptive plays. QB pressure obviously benefits the secondary. The offensive line improves every single facet of the team. A very good or better offensive line can provide a reliable ground game. It can more often provide a clean pocket for the QB to operate from. Receivers can run deeper routes. The QB can make more reads. The QB is less likely to get injured if hit less. Furthermore, by making drives more reliably sustainable, the offense scores more points, and stays on the field longer. This benefits the defense by keeping them fresher, and by giving them the opportunity to play against offenses in catch-up mode more often. this limits to varying degrees what the opposing offense can or will do. The only way to build a long-term success, championship caliber team is to get your long-term answer at QB. After that is done, or if the long-term answer at QB is not available, build the offensive line first. Then the defensive front 7. Building around receivers and defensive backs is foolish, short-sighted, splashy and flashy but not the road championships are paved with.
  9. If Zimmer were still here, we'd like the way our defense looks. He guarantees it.
  10. 1) This is exactly the kind of bargain-basement thinking that has us in this predicament in the first place. 2) Holmes is a better starting LT than Sackmaker Baker. At least Holmes hasn't quit on the team because he got a big payday. 3) Reynolds and Hawley are horrible. Yes, they are versatile: they suck equally badly at any position you put them in.
  11. If he's that bad on most teams, he would get benched. If he's that bad on this team, but is one of Smittyz Boyz, he's guaranteed to start and get a hefty extension.
  12. And if pigs flew out of your butt you'd have crappy bbq.What's the point of that statement?
  13. Well, those probably are career highs for him. I mean, we are talking Blaine Gabbert here.
  14. Why even mention Holmes and Konz as players to replace? Blalock and Reynolds are far more in need of upgrades. And Jeremy Trueblood? Is that really our best option at RT? Bring in a FA OG, draft one, and draft a RT. Cut Sackmaker. If we are going to end up with the record I predict (6-10), we might even get a #1 in slot player at the OG position.
  15. If we do lose tomorrow? A great man once said:
  16. Have you not been watching this team for the past HALF DECADE?!!? How many blowout 21+point wins do we have under Smitty?
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