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  1. I know the suggested trade was. I was unsure of the seriousness--- or lack thereof--- regarding the "that would be nice" comment. Sorry for the lack of clarity.
  2. Just in case this was serious, I would like to point out the respective age of Manning and Ryan, and how long each can reasonably expect to play.
  3. And why does your opinion on how other people post matter even a little bit?
  4. I agree with those that have said that we have the best tandem, but after that, we fall off quickly. NOTE: Tony Gonzalez is the best ever receiving TE, but is not a WIDE receiver.
  5. The failures of others do not excuse our own failures.
  6. One thing we have in common: right or wrong, we both want what's best for the Falcons.
  7. So if he struggles in his first ever live NFL game, you will label him a bust, call for him to be cut, and call him lazy/stupid/etc./etc. If he DOESN'T struggle, and plays a good game, you will dismiss it as "just the Saints". Am I missing anything?
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