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  1. Hey--- its either this or more threads about how hard the coaches and front office have failed us all.
  2. Reading is fundamental. You really are stupid, aren't you. You even quoted it.
  3. Smitty's time mismanagement is nigh-criminal. When the Jets got into field goal range, we had all of our time-outs. Instead of using them to either give Matt about 30 seconds or so to try a miracle--- or to force the Jets to run more snaps with a turnover-prone rookie QB if they wanted to run the clock down--- Smitty just stood there. He just stood there. He let Rex Ryan run the clock down to 3 seconds so we had ZERO CHANCE if their kicker made a pretty east field goal. He just stood there.
  4. 1) Benching is common, as it builds upper body strength, particularly the chest. The motion in the bench press translates to the football field very little. But most bench anyway. 2) From having to educate clueless people spouting misinformation, lies, and distortions while passing them off as fact. 3) Why do they administer the Wunderlic? Why run the 40 when there is so little call for running 40 yards, even for receivers. Jerry Rice, Michael Irvin, Chris Carter, Art Monk, all had average or worse 40 times. Why bother with it? 4) And again: wrong. You perform as you train. If you do not train for reps, you will do fewer reps. Conversely, doing many reps of lower mass (like is done by body builders) will not allow one to move more mass fewer times. Reps build muscle mass and definition; mass builds functional strength. That is why most fighters are not truly "ripped" like a body builder or a pro wrestler would be. 5) If he doesn't become consistent to the point of automatic in his technique, then he won't make it. 6) Butt muncher.
  5. When all 5 linemen, 6 including Baker, have horrible footwork, when all interior linemen give more than 2 steps of ground before settling in, when Holmes is the only one who utilizes a hand punch to throw the enemy off balance (or try to--- Holmes still seems surprised at NFL defenders powering through it), then that is all on Pat Hill.
  6. 1) I stand by my original assessment of you. Clueless, ignorant, know-nothing, and rather silly. Basing any assessment of a player on a Combine bench-press performance shows you know absolutely nothing about the requirements of playing on the offensive line. You know nothing about the strength and conditioning paradigms at Wisconsin. You fail to see that Konz' problems are lapses in technique, not a lack of physical strength. 2) The techniques taught by the positional coaches can be questioned. Konz' ability to resist being tossed aside even when leveraged onto his toes says that the strength and conditioning is working fine. Note that Konz only gets whipped a few times a game: it is not an Baker-like every down struggle. When he has played low, focusing on his technique, he has been our best lineman. But he absolutely has to eliminate the baffling brain dead lapses where he stands almost straight up.
  7. I am not a fan of Peter Konz (or any linemen on the field) after the Vaccaro Do-Nothing. But this is complete head-inserted-in-rectal-cavity stupidity and ignorance. Did you ever play offensive line? Do you ever actually watch the lines play instead of following the ball? When I was playing, I once clean & jerked 425 pounds (yes, it was measured in pounds, not kilos, at the time). Know how much I could bench? No? Don't feel bad. I don't know either. I never benched. It is not a motion you use in football. Offensive line play is about 3 things. 1) Leverage 2) Leg strength more than upper body 3) Meanness. You have to enjoy beating down and imposing your will on the enemy. Hawley is the anti-Konz as far as functional strength goes. Hawley can do hella bench reps, but pusses out on the field. Konz is terrible doing bench reps, but has the total body strength to dominate when he settles properly into his stance. I said last year when ignorant meatheads like you were whining and sniveling about Konz' strength, that he is getting stood up by defenders under his pads, yet still had the strength and balance to avoid getting thrown aside.
  8. 1) Wisconsin linemen routinely do poorly at the bench press. Wisconsin linemen typically transition to the NFL very well. The Wisconsin program emphasizes moving more mass fewer times as opposed to moving less mass more times. Try to avoid being ignorant. Please have at least a glimmer of an idea as to what you are talking about. 2) Konz' technique was the problem last year at OG, and crops up on occasion at C. He has a tendency to play too tall. To lose leverage. To let defensive linemen get their hands on his pads, get lower than him, and thus can pretty much toss him around. Its not a strength problem, its not a conditioning problem: its a coaching problem. 3) again, your ignorance is out shined only by your classless clueless stupidity.
  9. And our best lineman for years, Blalock, began to suck immediately with Pat Hill's arrival.
  10. My question is why did the cameraman keep panning without even pausing?
  11. How can a team that can't effectively execute a 3-step drop without the QB getting rolled from interior pressure and a collapsing pocket, POSSIBLY be considered explosive?!!?
  12. If we release him, do you think Jacksonville, Tampa, the Giants, etc., etc. would let him clear waivers? Think before you post.
  13. Harry Douglas already does a pretty good job of shutting Harry Douglas down. I had us 6-10 WITH Julio. I'm now looking at a 2-4 win season.
  14. I did predict the injury to Mike Johnson, because he gets a sprained eyelash and goes on I/R when night falls on him. I did predict that Sam Baker would puss out now that he has a big contract. I saw Garrett Reynolds play in the past: no future-sight needed. I did predict that if we did not improve our OG play, that the entire offense would struggle. I did say that Larry Warford would provide a greater positive impact than Alford. I did say that Holmes would be a poor fit at RT, and would be a better LT than Baker. I did say that we needed a viable veteran C behind Konz in case he didn't make the leap upward needed to dominate. For the record, I do believe that both Konz and Holmes would likely flourish and succeed under a better line coach: the talent is there. And my Warford/Alford position has nothing to do with Alford's talent; but a DB only sees the ball and has an opportunity to make an impact so many times a game, whereas an OG makes a difference on every single offensive snap.
  15. We get swept by Carolina.We lose to Arizona. We split with the bucs. Even if we split with Carolina, that's only 3 wins.
  16. You were one of the harshest, most shrill Capt. Sunshine posters when I was posting about our line's weaknesses and how bad our offensive line was in the off season. Now you want to act like you know something?
  17. Atlanta teams need to take this advice from Vito Corleone:
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