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  1. Screw off, poof-prancer. Who are you to say who is or isn't a fan?
  2. 1) Regular season. The regular season is nothing more than an extended seeding system for the only games that count, even a little bit. he playoffs. What is the post-season record of our scared, cowardly, too-uptight team and our gutless coach? Did you miss this part?2) Big deal. Try getting a cup of Waffle House coffee with those awards. 3) Great skill position acquisitions in FA and the first three rounds of the draft. Complete whiffs on every single lineman on both sides of the ball. Every LB other than Spoon is also a whiff. 4) 1972 Dolphins. With a backup quarterback.
  3. So you think Charles Dimry allowing 6 Jerry Rice touchdowns was ok, because GOSH DARN IT!!! He sure did try! You're ok with a bunch of scrubs and schlubs flopping ineffectively around the field? Not me. Bring home a Lombardi or you've wasted my time and your own.
  4. Just getting to a 1-&-done routine doesn't mean jack. That is a part of the coach/play-not-to-lose mentality. It works in the regular season, but in the playoffs, its an entirely different ball game. As I said, my opinion has nothing to do with the current record. Bad records happen to good coaches. The problems are WHY we have the record we do. It is statistically impossible for TD to have completely whiffed on every 4th-7th round pick up through 2012 (too early for 13's class). This failure to develop talent is the most damning indictment on this coaching staff's ability to actually caoch. Forget statistical probability: look at the play on the field. The line schemes are terrible. The line techniques are terrible That's a coaching issue. There are no adjustments when a defense schemes to take someone away to make them pay elsewhere. That's a coaching issue. The defensive schemes have left Akeem Dent in solo coverage, with no safety help, OR the safety is unable to execute the defensive play. Either way, that's a coaching issue. The defensive has gone into a 3-man rush passive zone many times over the course of years when the defense needs a stop. It never gets a stop when its needed. Smith even said we needed to apply more pressure after the Pats game. Yet the very next week, when we needed to pressure Geno Smith into a turnover or sack him out of field goal range to hang on, there we were in a soft zone. Incredibly poor time clock management. Look at Smitty's indecisiveness against the Jets, allowing them to run the clock down to 3 seconds. They were already in make able FG range with about 40 seconds to go. Smitty could have used our timeouts to make the Jets either kick with time on the clock to give Ryan a puncher's chance; or to keep running plays with a mistake, turnover-prone rookie QB to run the clock down. Instead, he just stood there and passively, gutlessly, wimpily hoped for a missed kick.
  5. Just to clarify, I have not criticized Smitty for the 4th and 1 go-for-it calls. I do fault him for running Quizz up the gut on the last one. But I applaud a ballsier decision-making. I agreed with the decision, it just didn't work out. With our defense, we need 6's, not 3's.
  6. The past 5 years have been the greatest period of sustained success in the team's history. This is undisputed fact. This team has never had any sustained success at all. This is also undisputed fact. This regime has not produced a championship, which is the only reason to play the games, watch the games, or follow the games. Again: pure fact. This regime is incapable of producing a championship at any time in the future. Not a fact: my opinion. There are facts and reasons to support the likelihood of my opinion, however. The failures of this regime predate the failures of this season. Indeed, many of the seeds of this, our winter's greatest discontent, were sown years prior to this season.
  7. A lack of punctuation could not possibly make your posts any dumber. My cat can walk across my keyboard and make more sense than you.
  8. God forbid you should bother to have some actual information when you post. Just parroting whatever you think sounds cool is sooooo much easier.
  9. You've seen Holmes at RT. You've seen Holmes at LT. Why would you want Holmes to go back to RT?!!?
  10. On one hand, we don't have the personnel to run an effective 3-4. On the other hand, we don't have the personnel to run an effective 4-3, either.
  11. If you think Blalock has been our best lineman, then you haven't been watching. As inconsistent as he has been, Konz has been our least-horrible offensive lineman. He has gotten blown up at times when he gets lazy or careless and allows himself to play too tall. But he has also at times been dominant. Holmes is in the same boat: inconsistent, but has played very well in stretches. Holmes and Konz have clearly outplayed anyone else on the line. Trueblood is better than Holmes was at RT, but not by much, and does not have the excuse of inexperience. Is a complete liability as a pass blocker--- in a passing offense. Not acceptable. Reynolds has not been a complete disaster. Just mostly a disaster. Blalock, after years of being our best lineman under coaches not named Pat Hill, has become the complete disaster that I expected Reynolds to be. Baker got paid, and is goldbricking. Malingering. Loitering. He is exactly what I feared he would revert to. A worthless lump of manatee-dung.
  12. This isn't ACC football. Actually, right now, I'm not sure we could beat Florida State or Clemson.
  13. 1) Link, or its a lie. I was the only one banging the Warford drum, and was savagely criticized for it. Enough people whined about my harping on Warford that Olineman64 and Olineman64B got banned by people sniveling to mods about my negativity towards Reynolds. I don't recall reading a single word from you. I could be wrong, but if I am, let's see a link--- just one unedited link--- that shows you calling for Warford. 2) I am. I saw his suckage in 2011, and was not impressed with his overall play in 2012 (although he was good in pass protection--- so what happened?!?). You DID support him, and against my harsh, critical, yet accurate analysis. Hence my challenge above. However, as horrible as Reynolds has been, Blalock has been consistently worse this season. 3) Again, I claimed, and proved, and now he has proven, Reynolds' awfulness. I was right. Don't come in here now after giving the guy a pass and claim that you were some sort of visionary. 4) On both sides of the ball. Again: something I have been screaming about since 2010.
  14. Our new Receivers Coach, seen here demonstrating a simulated Harry Douglas game-winning reception.
  15. Our new flexibility and flexibility/conditioning coach:
  16. New wide receiver hopeful working out at Flowery Branch.
  17. This fan has had all she can take, and is leaving the forums for good:
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