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  1. I predicted 6-10 WITH Julio and WITH Roddy getting healthy after the bye. The offensive lines, the receivers, the defense, and the coaching I've seen so far leads me to believe we will only win half that.

    3-13. An exact reversal of our record, and a top-5 draft pick.

  2. Him on the hot seat is Garbage... Smitty is safe. Good coach. Nice guy. More intelligent than he comes across in interviews. And im in the gm's corner as well... Nolan check... Cutter checker! Lol...anyway... People get hurt... Parody in the nfl etc... Its why we watch... Cheers

    Nice guy? That's your big Smitty-defense? Bill Parcells, Belichick, Coughlin, Ditka, Walsh: none of them were "nice guys". Know what they were instead? Super Bowl winners.

  3. Football nation also listed mike smith as a top 5 coach likely to be fired this offseason.


    I am not one of those people who want mike smith fired. I wouldn't be opposed if we can find someone better but I think our problems have steemed more from the way the team has been built (which is tds fault). But it seems a lot of media heads are starting to catch on to what some of the people on here have been saying about smith

    Even if the media is saying Smith will/should be fired, they likely have the wrong reasons for it. The people in the media generally do not pay attention to anything Falcon-related except highlights, and are generally not very bright.

  4. Come on man sure I agree that leg strength is vital for a lineman but upper body strength in the arms and hands to sustain blocks is key Konz . Heres

    a quote from Howie Long describing Bill Fralic during his rookie year a guy who could press 400 even in his later years with bad tendinites in his elbow.

    "He's a tremendous run-blocker, maybe the best I've played against," Long told the Atlanta Constitution. "I never thought I'd see a guy who was as strong as I was. He's got great legs, and I think that's the key to being a great offensive lineman. And does he have great hands! If he gets them on you, it's all over."

    He talks about leg strength and hand strength. The bench does nothing for either.

    Just like the 40 does not truly measure "football speed", the bench does not measure "football strength".

    Fralic had something even more important than that: flawless technique. That is what Konz needs.

    My defending Konz' strength does not mean I think he's good to go. But you need to focus on the the real problem is: his tendency to inexplicably abandon good technique and a proper stance.

  5. wouldn't it make more sense to flip him & Mike Johnson and put them back in their natural positions? Johnson was an ALL-American OG after all, and was a road grater for arguably one of the best running teams in a division full of dominant DTs. sometimes we shoot ourselves in the foot

    Mike Johnson goes on IR every time night falls on him. He can't play anywhere, because he can never stay healthy.

  6. "They knew that Konz had to get stronger after he lifted 225 pounds only 18 times at the combine."

    When I voiced my disgust at what I perceive as a lack of work ethic by Konz in the off season to improve his strength, I was attacked personally by a poster who I will not name. Besides a slew of insults and name calling that were uncalled for, this poster told me, among other things, that this measure of strength was meaningless to an offensive lineman. He further went on to certify his expertise in this area because he played lineman at some point, and that I was clueless in this area. I have gone on record many times stating my lack of football knowledge. Yes I did play linebacker WAY back in high school over 40 years ago. But I was a mediocre player at best in a mediocre program. However, it does not take a genius to know that strength IS important to any lineman, including upper body strength.

    Technique is obviously more important at the NFL level, but I am still laughing over this poster's attack on me for challenging Konz's strength as a factor in his poor play. Many of you say he will be fine with time and experience in the NFL. I have no doubt of that myself as he does show promise even to my ignorant observations. But to dismiss the bench press as having any indication of a player's ability as an NFL player is laughable in the extreme.

    I am awaiting a response from my un-named assailant to this point of contention, as he was so quick to call me a "classless, clueless, ignorant butt-muncher" the other night. I may concede all of these except "butt-muncher." biggrin.png

    (just trying to have some fun with this guy who takes life way too seriously)

    And that would be me.

    Just to be clear, "butt-muncher" was a joke in response to you saying to resume the name-calling.

    Show me a blocking stance that would utilize the motions of the bench press. The bench press isolates upper body muscles. Lower body strength is vastly more important than arm/chest strength in offensive line play.

    Like I said, I never benched at all. Not at all. I deadlifted and did the clean & jerk. Lifts that required total body strength. I grew up idolizing Vasily Alekseyev


    (my dad HATED my rooting for a godless commie over Americans), and got a weight bench for my 11th birthday so I could be just like him.

    I already linked you an article about Wisconsin linemen typically performing poorly at the bench press, because they do not emphasize it. They do not stress training just to look good at the combine: they train to build real functional strength.

    Back to Alekseyev, look at this examination of his training regimen.

    Vasily includes a great variety of exercises in his training. “Besides

    exercises in the· snatch, jerk, or press, pull and squats, I have used many

    other exercises with the barbell and weights. Bends with the barbell on the

    shoulders; bends with the barbell on the shoulders while lying on the ‘horse’

    bracing one’s hips, with the legs secured; jumps with the barbell on your

    shoulders; press on crossbars with weights; bending and unbending the arms in

    the elbow joints; squats on one leg; throwing the bar upward and behind; and

    other exercises. In addition, in the first year of the time span analyzed,

    these exercises consisted of, on the average, 360 lifts in the preparatory

    period and 158 lifts during the competition period. In the second year,

    correspondingly 841 and 506 lifts, and in the third 880 lifts a month.”

    What lift do you not see listed in the repertoire of the strongest man in the world? A 2-time gold-medalist? The first man to clean & jerk 500 pounds? No bench press.

    So no: the bench press is not a useful metric for measuring strength.

    Unanswered is my observation that Konz was strong enough last year to avoid getting thrown to one side after being stood up. He got pushed backward, but most often kept himself between Ryan and the defender. That requires tremendous balance and lower body strength.

  7. Manning has 0 1st round Wrs this season. How many excuses are you going to make for Ryan. None of Bradys targets were 1st round draft picks and that goes for Brees also. Saints drafted rbs in the first round and they sucked.

    Demaryius Thomas is a first rounder jackwipe.

    And I said in the post YOU QUOTED that Brady and Brees often do not have first rounders ar WR, but have had strong lines protecting them. Care to refute that?

  8. I wouldnt trade for those QBs either even though I think they are better. Only for 1 reason, and 1 reason only. They are old. However I would trade for Aaron Rodgers or even Andrew Luck or possibly Russell Wilson.

    Ryan is a good qb but is a statue. He is unable to extend plays and will get killed behind this offensive line. Also Ryans stats are not determined by how crappy the defense is playing. He has a HOF TE he, and he had 2 pro bowl WRs. This is what the falcon fans claim makes a talented squad. In either case, you cant pretend as if he had no help.

    If he can overcome and play well without Roddy or Julio, then you have a case for him being top 5, until then, we will have to wait and see.

    Is Manning top-5?

    In what season did he not have first-rounder wide receivers?

    Are Brees and Brady top-5?

    Brees or Brady typically don't have first-round receivers, but have always had a solid (or better) line in front of them.

    Ryan has neither a line, nor healthy receivers at any time this season.

  9. Like I said in another post, there is a dark insidious part of me who hopes Smith gets fired just so I can come here and tell you morons who want him fired "I told you so" once the next guy embarks us on a two or three year rebuilding campaign that goes nowhere.

    So you think it is absolutely impossible to hire a better coach?

  10. No you're not winners.....you're whiners.... there is a huge difference. First sign of adversity and you want to do the knee jerk reaction and throw the baby out with the bathwater. That's not being a winner....it's just being stupid. I can't argue this anymore. I'm just astounded that there are so many downright stupid people in our fan base. If this were a New Orleans board, I could pass it off to inbreeding....here I just don't know...must be drug abuse.

    I'll bet your parents wish they had.

    I know for a fact I wish they had.

  11. It is idiotic to think that just because Holmes can replace Baker, that means we are solid at that position. Gimmie a break. We have no pass rush and yet you claim they are at least adequate.

    You are asserting Ryan as a top 5 QB with no evidence.. Stop being a gullible rube and think critically. Come back and reply when you have something worthwhile to say. So far you are just wishfully thinking.

    You could argue that Ryan is top 10, but you are going too far with your over the top evaluations with the level of talent the Falcons have.

    He's putting up 300-400 yards a week with two gimpy receivers and an o-line that can't give him 2 full seconds to get rid of the ball. And he has put us in a position to win 3 of our 4 losses. We are two easy drops away from 3-2.

    His performances and his nigh-heroic ability to overcome the inept team around him and the incompetent coaching above him leads me to believe there is not a quarterback I would trade Ryan for.

    Not Manning.

    Not Brees.

    Not even Brady.

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