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  1. I predicted 6-10 WITH Julio and WITH Roddy getting healthy after the bye. The offensive lines, the receivers, the defense, and the coaching I've seen so far leads me to believe we will only win half that. 3-13. An exact reversal of our record, and a top-5 draft pick.
  2. Because he would like to actually sell out a game, and sell it out to people who won't leave early. Plus, there will be a pretty good excuse for seeing so many of the other team's jerseys in the stands.
  3. I'm about as positive as--- --- and we have about as much chance of salvaging this season as Ensign Timmy--- --- has at making it back to the ship alive.
  4. Nice guy? That's your big Smitty-defense? Bill Parcells, Belichick, Coughlin, Ditka, Walsh: none of them were "nice guys". Know what they were instead? Super Bowl winners.
  5. Even if the media is saying Smith will/should be fired, they likely have the wrong reasons for it. The people in the media generally do not pay attention to anything Falcon-related except highlights, and are generally not very bright.
  6. He talks about leg strength and hand strength. The bench does nothing for either. Just like the 40 does not truly measure "football speed", the bench does not measure "football strength". Fralic had something even more important than that: flawless technique. That is what Konz needs. My defending Konz' strength does not mean I think he's good to go. But you need to focus on the the real problem is: his tendency to inexplicably abandon good technique and a proper stance.
  7. Mike Johnson goes on IR every time night falls on him. He can't play anywhere, because he can never stay healthy.
  8. And that would be me. Just to be clear, "butt-muncher" was a joke in response to you saying to resume the name-calling. Show me a blocking stance that would utilize the motions of the bench press. The bench press isolates upper body muscles. Lower body strength is vastly more important than arm/chest strength in offensive line play. Like I said, I never benched at all. Not at all. I deadlifted and did the clean & jerk. Lifts that required total body strength. I grew up idolizing Vasily Alekseyev (my dad HATED my rooting for a godless commie over Americans), and got a weight bench for my 11th birthday so I could be just like him. I already linked you an article about Wisconsin linemen typically performing poorly at the bench press, because they do not emphasize it. They do not stress training just to look good at the combine: they train to build real functional strength. Back to Alekseyev, look at this examination of his training regimen. What lift do you not see listed in the repertoire of the strongest man in the world? A 2-time gold-medalist? The first man to clean & jerk 500 pounds? No bench press. So no: the bench press is not a useful metric for measuring strength. Unanswered is my observation that Konz was strong enough last year to avoid getting thrown to one side after being stood up. He got pushed backward, but most often kept himself between Ryan and the defender. That requires tremendous balance and lower body strength.
  9. No matter how long you watch--- ---those spaghetti-straps just won't slide any further. Trust me. I know.
  10. So you think it is absolutely impossible to hire a better coach?
  11. I'll bet your parents wish they had. I know for a fact I wish they had.
  12. Chuck Smith is still on our roster. He had 4 sacks this week! Pay attention.
  13. Okay, in today's football world how do you sign a QB to a say 75 to 125 million dollar contract, and don't kid yourself any that are half decent will pull in at least 75 million or 14 million a year, 5 good Olinemen.... No, say 3 good Olinemen at say 8 million a year each and one decent skill player on offense at say 10 million a year (that's 48 million or 40% of your cap) and sign the rest of the team??? It can't be done. You are going to have weaknesses. Denver has them. The 49ers have them. The Saints have them. The Seahawks have them. Greenbay has them. Where did I say ANYTHING about not having any holes? About not having areas of weakness? That is the whole point behind having a priority. Also, you are--- or should--- have players playing on their rookie contracts at various positions. There will be role-players who don't get multi-million dollar Monopoly-money contracts. Wide receivers should be the lowest priority. Simple math: they see the fewest number of touches, and can only be truly effective if the quarterback and the offensive line both can allow them to operate. Look at what we have now! We have the best starting tandem of wide-outs in the league (when healthy, obviously), but our o-line has limited the effectiveness of the receivers, our quarterback, and our running backs. The last Super Bowl winner with a true star wide receiver was Indianapolis in 2007. Before that you have to go back to the Rams in 2000. All you need are decent to good receivers if your lines are stout and your quarterback is the right guy.
  14. I might do something I have never done, no matter how bad the teams were. I just might not watch the game.
  15. This is news because so few players in the NCAA with big futures do it. Most of them give their all for their school. And in the pros, ask the retired players who they root for more: their college team or their former pro team(s). The way our season is going, we just might be in a position to draft him. I hope we pass. Quitter. Soft. Selfish.
  16. This topic is fresh, new, and exciting. I say good sir! Do you have a blog? And how might I subscribe to it?
  17. Built the offensive line and front-7 and made do with a good receiver instead of selling the future for a guy who will see less than 5-7 touches most games.The 49rs had their best season BEFORE drafting Jerry Rice. Priority #1: get the franchise QB that will front your organization for a decade+. Priority #2: after securing THE quarterback, or if THE quarterback is not available, build a dominant line on both sides of the ball, starting at LT and C. Priority #3 secure the middle of the team: MLB/ILB, safeties, running backs. Priority #4: secure a defensive backfield. Last place: get wide receivers.
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