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  1. Thanks everyone. @RetroRoq, you are spot on with your assessment. That's why I thought it would be good to let you guys know who helped create that magic. He was well known in the industry for such good work and to land the superbowl contract was a true testament to that. I know he would have wanted it this way.
  2. It is with great sadness that I tell you today, the man who was in charge of Field Designs for the Georgia Dome has passed away. Charles was responsible for the field work and painted many Falcons logos and endzones. He was also contracted by the NFL to do the endzones and field designs for the superbowl with the one in February being his last. I don't know if this post will be moved/deleted or whatever but I thought it was important that if you are a Falcons fan and if you ever been to the Dome or watched a game that took place their between 1992-2007, you should know the man who was behind all of the graphic designs on the field. His work includes the Georgia Dome and all the events that took place there including Falcon home games, Sec games, monster truck events , Superbowl, Logo work for the PGA in Augusta and he had his own private Field Design Company. He was a life long Falcons fan and even had the pleasure of painting the field for our Falcons when we went to the superbowl. I am apart of his family and I know he always loved... God, family and the Falcons. He leaves behind 2 loving children and grandchildren. RIP Charles, we will miss you!
  3. Hopefully we can land a good safety in Rd 2 and Rd 3 OLB/DE . DT, I hope we can find a stud in the later rounds like with did with Grady in the 5th round.
  4. Pick could have been worse.
  5. I wouldn't be mad at all with those selection.
  6. I'm terribly sorry to hear this. I wish you and your family all the best!
  7. Amik Robertson - The Next HoneyBadger
  8. I don't normally post on topics, but when I do it usually after we cut Sam Baker!
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