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  1. This could be one of the worst falcons teams I've seen...and we all know there's been some pretty bad ones...smh
  2. Astroturfing...lmao. Nope, not me. It's an opinion. What, are you going somewhere.
  3. Yep, I got one too. I guess he didn't like that I wasn't blowing fairy dust and instead stating an obvious observation without homer glasses on. And yes, I'm a braves fan only stating the obvious....lmao
  4. And this is what contenders do, just what LA did last night and tonight. And unfortunately this is what true non contenders do, what Atl did last night and tonight. Winning came to an abrupt halt as soon as competition stiffened. They went .250 over these last 8 games vs good teams...smh
  5. Yep, and on paper the lineup looks good. All too often though, they seem to be struggling to put up runs. They definitely live and die by the long ball and struggle mightily to manufacture runs. That's a recipe for disaster. We can only hope they catch some kind of fire offensively down the stretch.
  6. The winning has come to an abrupt halt. I was hoping for .500 against the big boys(NY,SF and LA)...not happening. Unless they win tomorrow it will be .250 for those 8 games. If you remove that one outlier 9 run game, they're only averaging about 2.5 runs/game for those remaining six games. The offense, although looking good on paper, just doesn't seem to have the fire power vs the real contenders. We can only hope they play above their heads down the stretch.
  7. Oh, ok...makes more sense.
  8. Yeah, just thought they might live in Atlanta and since the team is at home...thought he might be in the lineup.
  9. I thought d'Arnaud would be in the lineup tonight. Has anyone heard when he'd be back. I mean it sure would be nice to have that extra bat b/c Contreras sure isn't any help offensively.
  10. Cardiac Smith. Fingers crossed!
  11. Yes, but he's young with only a few starts under his belt. Younger players are also trying to establish their confidence. It seems as though his confidence is taking a little beating. Get him out of the rotation and let his confidence develop along with honing his skills and work him back in.
  12. I think Muller needs much more than a break. I can't imagine him near the rotation when Anderson and Ynoa are back, which should be soon...thank heavens.
  13. He's terrible. He just kills the bottom of the order.
  14. Good ol K Smith at bat with the bases loaded. Anybody but him would have been better. D'arnaud can't get back soon enough.
  15. Oh, another loss @1 down from 500...smh. After a strong offensive show, it's another offensive sleeper. Same ol story different day. FB season can't get here fast enough. Not that it will be any prettier, but at least there's hope, something I've about lost on the Braves.
  16. gp_74

    Braves @ Mets

    Surprise surprise! Another loss, and no offense, when one game below 500. I'm convinced...they need a sports shrink...smh
  17. So they've been at 500 6 days. And I believe lost multiple games in a row at least 5, if not 6 of those 6 games trying to break 500. It seems what they need more than just about anything is a good sports psychologist, b/c it must be playing head games with them by now.
  18. Well....not quite. Well maybe for 4 to 5 days all season. And now they choke every time they have a chance to get to 500. It's become an old story.
  19. The Braves made the Pirates look so good...Chip and Jeff have too many options...lmao. The Braves were so bad....get them a sports psychologist b/c they **** their pants when they get close to 500...smh. I hope AA can get them some help soon.
  20. Ugly! Guess they got too close too 500. Hopefully AA gets something done in the next cpl weeks.
  21. This is the fifth time they've told us they're a sub 500 club and I've got to believe them. This time it happened to be Smith. It's always something with them. Got to believe it until they show me differently. I guess Vegas' o/u would be on how many games they slide below 500...3...4 again...smh.
  22. Well...two things are quite apparent. 1- The Blue Jays own them and 2- They're just not a .500 club. Hopefully with a healthier pitching staff they might get there, but not now.
  23. gp_74

    Braves @ Jays

    Lol...Jansen was 2 for 45 now he's 2 for 2 against Braves pitching...this mess is simply pathetic.
  24. gp_74

    Braves @ Jays

    Exactly! It's a simple fact...this team's going absolutely nowhere, especially with this bp. Sure, Martin should help matters, if he ever returns, but it's going to take more than one reliever added to this mess to be a top contender. SPs, well... hopefully Fried will get back and get back into form soon, same with Soroka. Unfortunately it's looking like a long ugly season at this point, if matters don't change relatively soon. JMO..
  25. Sounds familiar. It's tough being and Atl fan...lol I've been one far too long.
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