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  1. Actually you're the idiot. Tired of holding my tongue about this crap. Anytime you, and certain others don't agree with someone....there goes the insults, morons, idiots, yada, yada, yada. I've seen it over and over and over again. That same old story gets old. Would it be too much to ask to maybe show a little class and explain why you disagree without also throwing insults around to everyone who happens to have a different opinion that you????.And you're certainly not the only one. That s**t gets old. And for the record...I'm a big MR fan.
  2. Yep. They just stink, from the players to the coaches to the play calling. The whole team is horrendous.
  3. Lol! Pretty pathetic. I'm starting to think they're not really weapons. We just think they are.
  4. What happened to this offense...pathetic! Now no offense or defense. Painful to watch this trash. Complete trash!
  5. I totally agree. I'm sick of all the insulting crap that goes on here. It gets really old. And that's from the other side of the coin too.
  6. It's not bad. I pull for them every single game of every single year. But on the other's not so bad that some fans see really poor football and call it out.
  7. Yep, and you can't win with only good skill position players and that's about what they amount to.
  8. And now we're down by 4. Folty was pitching well when pulled in the 4th. Too early.
  9. Yes, but you know, we all know...this bp is suspect.
  10. That's exactly why I HATED pulling Folty in the 4th and relying on this BP for 5 innings.
  11. Yes, but he's really come through a lot for them this year. I've had a lot of faith in Charlie, but he's slumping too.
  12. And Nick's and Charlie's.
  13. Yep, If I had to I, I'd much rather have to eat that pile of vomit than that pile of dung, b/c that pile of dung is less tasty. Wait, they'd both taste like ****!
  14. I've seen the bad teams for many decades, through the 70s forward, and this "current" (injured) defense can hang with some of them. The current offense is better than many past, but can't get it done. The trick is not to confuse roster talent with on field production. Suffice it to say....this team as a whole is pretty bad, and the 1-4 record shows it. If no improvement is seen, then I'm afraid this record will only get much worse.
  15. Nah, not necessarily. A lot of football fans pull hard for one team only, pretty common. You can love the sport but only love one team. I'm an example. I really wish there was another NFL contender in my basket, but unfortunately for's just the Falcons. T