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  1. Can't believe he ejected Joyce. Joyce was griping as he was walking off, not in his face....smdh
  2. I hope they surprise me, but after last week....first game or not, I have low expectations. I'm surprised they're not +10.
  3. That's too bad b/c fans have a right to complain after a piss poor showing as yesterday, and praise after a great showing...see it all the time with fans and sports. Some over here think you're not a fan unless everything you say is gold and glitter
  4. Yep, but thank God for the Braves b/c the falcons just plain suck. The Braves are giving us something to cheer about this year. Rough day against a great pitcher. The falcons on the other hand are just deplorable. Sad to say, but...for the first time in decades it looks like I'll be anxious for fb season to be over to get to baseball season.
  5. I know, it's just that I have so much more respect for the Braves now. They give Atl fans something to cheer for.
  6. At least there's a real team though .
  7. 7-4 now. Mets BP caving again...smh
  8. It's like I said...if this team isn't hitting homers they're not scoring. And you **** sure can't rely on homers all the time. It's so frustrating watching them try to manufacture runs. I sure hope they get some things done on the off season.
  9. It's sad, but if these guys are hitting bombs they're not scoring. And you can't expect homers all the time.
  10. And maybe I missed it, but it sure looked like Snit didn't put his hand out when Acuna came in, when everyone else did. I'm wondering if Snit was pissed that after the other night that Acuna just watched this one and maybe felt disrespected. No doubt that it's time to move on, but it sure looked strange last night.
  11. I think he got benched b/c you can't have your most respected players, the ones the team looks up to, like Freddie or Acuna, setting a bad example. This is regardless of what he does or doesn't do, right/wrong with Camargo.
  12. From what I've seen so far...that's a trade off I'd take.
  13. And probably still better!
  14. Got to disagree here. They all want respect from their peers. You'll never see it show from Julio though, that is except on the field. That's where he'll demand more respect from them this year. It's about to get fun.
  15. ^^^^^ Me too!!! As of late I'm getting tired of watching bad pitching one night, bad offense the next night, then bad offense and bad pitching the next....with an occasional good game thrown in there. And..... only against lower tiered pitchers, God forbid facing a good pitcher. Hopefully things will change soon, but ****....come on football!!