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  1. I hadn't said anything but tbh, I think these Fn replies to other fans are a bunch of BS...see way too many of them. This is "supposed" to be a discussion board amongst Falcons fans. Instead, it's often like a bunch of kids throwing sand in a **** sandbox.
  2. Also 9th inning runner on third one out needing just a deep fly or hit to win, not to mention all the other RISP left stranded. There's enough blame to go around for this loss.
  3. Yeah, but they need to do much better with RISP. They had a couple chances with runners on 3rd with one out...iirc.
  4. They really need to get rid of Moylan. This guy is a team killer Yeah, if they let Moylan pitch for them
  5. Gonna lose like this to Baltimore at home....smfh
  6. How many guys left on third now...smh
  7. Culberson's the the best thing going for them now. I'll hate to see him out of the lineup
  8. Not familiar with that, but thanks.
  9. Is the game on anywhere, or blacked out today...don't see it on Sports South
  10. You did hear plenty of people bitching about Ryan holding out for money too, or better put, bargaining for more money, right??? And he didn't even have 3 years left in his contract. And last I checked he was white. Point being, this has nothing to do with race....I mean c'mon. Some things, believe it or not, don't have to do with race. And yes, unfortunately some do....this isn't one of them.
  11. Well, let's see how long Snit keeps SD's golden goose out there
  12. As far as I'm concerned, your first sentence spoke volumes, couldn't agree more!
  13. Good points and well taken. I think the problem here, or what's irritating to many fans, is that he is only 3 years in on a signed 6 year deal. I know that if I just got a raise, 3 yrs on a 6 year deal is relatively early in, I wouldn't expect to go to the boss for another one. Since I'm my boss, I'd have to tell myself are you kidding, you just got one!.