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  1. Agreed with all of that. If DC would make live-action adaptations of their animated movies they'd be hanging right there with Marvel. The New 52 is a joyless pit of despair and bleakness, which works perfectly fine for Batman, but it makes everything else completely unreadable. DC biggest problem will always be that the only interesting and marketable characters they have are all in the Justice League, and nearly every other thing is ****. Constantine and Swamp Thing could be great, but they're not.
  2. I don't give the slightest morsel of a **** what Steven Jackson has done in his career. He didn't do it in a Falcons uniform, and still isn't.
  3. This post is full of hilarious. Anyone with an understanding of the English language would have been completely dumbfounded listening to Steven Jackson trying to speak it. He made up like 5 new words in a minute long pep-talk.
  4. Yeah that was pretty brutal. Steven Jackson can't talk English good.
  5. Brian Finneran has become an enormous dooshbag since joining 680. Which tells me he was an enormous dooshbag before then, but we just never had to hear him talk. I feel like him and Sandra Golden should be girlfriends.
  6. Peria Jerry is one of the worst picks in Atlanta Falcons history, particularly given that we needed pass rush, and the best pass-rusher was right there on the ******* board, and half this forum lost our collective minds when Matthews' name was still up there and so many of us got so excited to see him in a Falcons uniform. And then there was a sad, sad deflation like someone pulling open the lip of a balloon and letting out a long, annoying squeal. Unless we win a SB, I'll never ******* forgive Dimitroff for not taking Matthews. So, so stupid.
  7. He's also said that he doesn't think he'd be a very good hitting coach, because hitting came so natural to him and he wouldn't know how to teach that. It's similar to how Deion Sanders said he would never be able to be a DB coach because at some point he would get frustrated with a player and ask "Why are you not me!?!?" The greats of all time rarely make the best coaches.
  8. Ray Hamilton would have patted him on the back and told him that he was a good boy.
  9. I nearly rolled backwards out of my chair at this dude trying to dress down a rookie, and then going to one of his buddies and being all like "Oh em gee bro, did you see that rookie, he totes disrespected me!!" **** up Joe, nobody knows you.
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