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  1. Agreed with all of that. If DC would make live-action adaptations of their animated movies they'd be hanging right there with Marvel. The New 52 is a joyless pit of despair and bleakness, which works perfectly fine for Batman, but it makes everything else completely unreadable. DC biggest problem will always be that the only interesting and marketable characters they have are all in the Justice League, and nearly every other thing is ****. Constantine and Swamp Thing could be great, but they're not.
  2. Outside of Batman, neither can I. Their universe is just not compelling, and none of their galactic **** is as extensive or interesting as Marvel's. DC basing a lot of their most important characters in Greek Gods also makes it harder to sympathize with or relate to them. I'm not looking forward to the Batman v. Superman at all.
  3. The Dark Knight trilogy had great action sequences, but some really bad fight scenes. The only really good fight scene was when Bane beats the **** out of Batman. They were all too short and not choreographed very well. I really thought the Ra's/Bruce sparring on this ice could have lasted a lot longer and could have been done much more creatively. The Dark Knight Rises sucks complete ***, but the trilogy is still the best comic book movie story ever off the strength of the first two movies alone IMO. Nolan understood the importance of villains, and more importantly the THEMES of the villain
  4. I'd be all for him playing Black Bolt in an Inhumans movie. I wish that Fox would allow Marvel to use Professor Xavier so we can have the Illuminati introduced and have them be this clandestine presence in the background of all the movies.
  5. Marvel has thousands of characters at their disposal. I'm sure they can find one for Vin to portray.
  6. Yeah I kinda scratched my head at them choosing him to voice a guy that only says 1 line over and over again. Rumor is though is he did this sort of as a side-project for Marvel before they cast him as an actual character in the future.
  7. I thought the first Iron Man and The Winter Soldier were both better than the Avengers, how would you say it holds up against those movies? Pretty excited to go see this tomorrow.
  8. Yeah you gotta go Hard R with Deadpool, otherwise it's just not worth it.
  9. Not a Marvel or Avengers property, but pretty dam awesome http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHekHF429_M
  10. New cast members for Season 5 Doran Martell - Alexander Siddig Trystane Martell - Toby Sebastion Myrcella Baratheon - Nell Tiger Free Areo Hotah - DeObia Oparei Yezzan - Enzo Cilenti Nymeria Sand - Jessica Henwick Tyene Sand - Rosabell Laurenti Sellers Obara Sand - Keisha Castle-Hughes High Sparrow - Jonathan Pryce
  11. I bought the first issue of the new on-going Moon Knight run, but just wasn't feeling it. I really wasn't digging the art and the story just didn't make me interested. I prefer the 90's MK stuff.
  12. Marvel has Moon Knight. He'd be good to have as a cameo in one of the Netflix shows. And I definitely think they're going to do the Ragnarok storyline in Thor 3
  13. Also, Marvel has announced release dates all the way through 2019. 2015 May 1 - The Avengers: Age of Ultron July 17 - Ant-man 2016 May 6 - Captain America 3 July 8 - Doctor Strange 2017 May 5 - ??? July 27 - ??? November 3 - ??? 2018 July 6 - ??? November 2 - ??? 2019 May 3 - ??? 2017 is going to be a packed year with a Spring, Summer, and Winter release. Rumor is that Marvel plans to fill out most, if not all the remaining titles at San Diego Comic-Con on Friday. Some of them can pretty much already be guessed: Thor 3, Avengers 3, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and maybe Iron Man 4. My hope for
  14. That CA suit is so badass. I hope they keep his head "hatless" from now on, that goofy *** thing just never looked right in real life.
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