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  1. Dude what do you think sports agents bargin with good looks and tape....nooo! Stats do matter,pro bowls matter in the FA world. Getting 1000yds rec. does raise your stock. Don't know how much higher HD stock is but believe me it's much higher than last year this time...
  2. Whathe said ....we have to run screens to keep the DLs honest or our QB would be dead with no flags,on the play. Now this excuses just moves,blame to other areas: blocking scheme(need zone), position coach, or GM. Whatever the reason those plays are called out of necessity.
  3. All those knock downs has a cumulative affect...however look for Ryan to improve his footwork and stepping into his throws and the pocket next year. I ate to say this but in the saints game I noticed how well Brees footwork is in the pocket. This would elevate Ryan's game tremendously.
  4. Looks like someone heard our cries....HD has game as I've said all along.
  5. You do realize he makes 100 million dollars. I pay my ticket I want to see Mr 100 million sweat it out for the season like the rest of us. No vacation time.
  6. Honestly it's obvious HD has some protiential. We use him wrong...plane and simple. Look at the plays he is successful...crossing routes, outs, and digs.... Look at the playing he is not flys and fades.... Look at the plays we over use him at...do you see the connection. Yes He made a bone head mistake this year in special teams.however Put HD on the saints,broncos,cowboys,colts,Seattle, and see what his numbers would be like.. Note:He would fit well in a system where the QB has time to read as well and is coached to run percesion routes.
  7. No huddle was working great than we stopped. We need to run no huddle with a hb and and Tony G so we can pass and run out of the no huddle.
  8. Have to put this one on Matt! He made some big throws but missed many easy throws he usually makes.
  9. This game was not on Smitty! I will say that! Matt missed some throws guys.
  10. Ryan is not giving the pre snap control Peyton has....have you seen how many times they ran no huddle. They ran more no huddle in this game so far than we've run all year...
  11. Seriously what about that defensive end ludacris look alike that didnt produce squat...what was his name?
  12. Three and outs also puts the D in bad field position as well. Consecutive 3 and outs compounds that situation. We need to use the no huddle to control the tempo instead of trying to dictate otherwise when we go up. No huddle doesn't mean we can not control time of possession. We can do presnap reads and snap at end of play clock. I've been waiting for this.....where is it Smith and Co.
  13. In all honesty this year looks like the prime year to win SB. Too bad we are having our issues. The NFL is prime for the picking Falcons!!
  14. Kmsl...the responses had to be the best of all time. I say we rate them. Hilarious!!
  15. First belichick is 5 steps ahead of most coaches so he is constantly making adjustments. So for him second half adjustments are overrated. Don't believe for a second second half adjustments aren't huge! Have you've seen the last three Super Bowls? I think our injuries have exposed some of our coaching "decencies". We don't have a complete coaching meltdown. However our roster situation has put us in the position where we can't afford to mk inferior coaching mistakes and have our talent save the day ala last year. All the problems the falcons face roster wise is a problem all teams will face.
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