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  1. when he is back on the field and doing good, you'll be back on the sack.
  2. we actually beat ourselves against the saints defense and the line played a terrible
  3. yeah we are far behind the saints in the redzone but guess what, they just reported on the fox sports that the saints are 33% and we are 37% in the redzone. yes they are worst but the the saints have a higher percentage scoring outside the redzone than we do. I will take that any day vs what the falcons do. go falcons!
  4. half he saints defense is rookies and they are allowing 13.7 pts a game. we have no excuses, we just need to step up and make plays
  5. no, he didn't cost us, the defense cost us. going for it on 4th down in the redzone in the first quarter cost us and other balls that should have been caught all night cost us.
  6. like we were suppose to easily handle the saints, rams and dolphins..and yes I said rams because in the two games they have played since other teams have whooped that buttocks while in the mean while we let'em back in the game. J/S
  7. I for one have been a bird fan for about 30yrs and have been through some rough times. I just want our boys to show the same energy and have that cut throat attitude that the saints showed tonight. J/S
  8. screw that, we had yet another 10pt lead slip through our fingers! if we can't stay on top, we don't deserve to be winners..how the **** do we expect to go to the SB if we can't play like we deserve to be there..and please don't make me get on HD, lawd have mercy!!!
  9. I never really likes small backs anyway so i'll go with snell. promote Vaughan to #3 and just let quiz get the screen. snell and Vaughan can get us the tough yards.
  10. we went 13-3 without him on the roster last season and won without him the other day, we will be fine
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