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  1. Saint fans
  2. I stand corrected. thanks
  3. Obviously the tweet was misleading. Your opinion is meaningless outside of this thread.
  4. But you were ok with your post being misleading. gotcha.
  5. Yes of course. But that not exactly what is happening. For starters children are not inquiring debt. Secondly generally free lunch programs have very liberal policies. If you want accurate information speak to a cafeteria manager, principal and school board member.
  6. Victim consciousness needs a boogieman.
  7. Interesting. Earlier I stumbled across something similar 9-year-old boy pays off entire school lunch debt for his class after saving his allowance
  8. Avoiding a 50k jeep is a definite plus. Just have a reserve set aside for repairs. Maybe check out some BMW forums. Synthetic oil lives up to the hype.
  9. Good deal on the port injection. I understand the wifey thing. Always a caveat in decision making.
  10. BMWs, VWs, Fiats and other euros are known as fish tanks because of water intrusion. Electrical connectors become corroded causing the gremlins you mention. If a module becomes damaged it can't just be replaced. Nor can it be programmed with a cheap aftermarket scan tool. A j2534 tool is needed in addition to going to the dealers website and paying a reprogramming fee. This includes all modern vehicles. And then there is the issue with the direct injection engine. If you have a DI engine the intake ports have to have the carbon build up removed every 50k miles. The build up will keep the valves from closing all the way.As a result, the di engine being an interference engine, the valves will hit the pistons causing a bent valve or worse. BMW made a ton of DI engines. You are likely to have one. Older Toyotas are the best imo. I have a Tacoma with 430k with nothing but oil changes and other general maintenance.
  11. Sure. ok. I agree about the piece of poop in our government.