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  1. Oh I see. I think HolyMoses has me confused with another infrequent poster.
  2. My post was as straight forward as it gets. There is nothing to read into it. I didn't vote for Trump if that helps. But I am curious as to what you think I am buying into.
  3. So you think Trump voters are mentally ill?
  4. That was an unkind thing to say. I'm sure you are a better person than that in real life.
  5. Agreed. The most excited I've been about golf since Tiger's exit.
  6. Ben Hogan needs to be added to the list somehow. Also I am glad Tiger is back.
  7. Agreed. I would like to see the Falcons media department do more than have Shockley occasionally break down a play or two.
  8. Quinn's exact words were, " he has an elbow."