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  1. I agree. I have no use for 25 yo dealership service techs.
  2. I wonder if the driver will start wearing a seat belt. That dog
  3. Consistency equates to success. This team is a yo-yo.
  4. No idea. Found it on rivals central mb.
  5. No disrespect to MLK. But oh my goodness.
  6. I can understand why it's so hard to believe for most people. A freakish animal is more plausible given what we know what lives in the deep ocean. In the mid 70's I was one of 8 people to see a "ufo" up close within a few hundred feet. Still I'm skeptical because I don't know what the **** it was. Maybe I'll add the story to the the thread. Had I not had this experience I don't think I would buy into ufos based on what I've seen on the internet. But at the same time events like the Phoenix lights are hard to discredit with so many witnesses.
  7. That would have been the mother of all melt downs.
  8. Nicely done.
  9. Did you make the video? It has 20 views.
  10. CGI? Military drone? The story seems credible. Worth a watch anyway. The video is not what is shown in the thumbnail.
  11. Look mommy. It's zebras.