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  1. Oline looks set (can't ever remember saying that). Now we can focus on mostly defense in the draft and FA.
  2. Even more of a testament to Arthur Smith's play calling and scheming.
  3. TEs rarely win ROTY. I just hope he has a great season and career.
  4. Yeah you should've quoted them because I ain't got nothing to do with that. Sounds like your thong is a lil tight, and over McGary of all people.
  5. Key word "Might" be an upgrade over McGary, who isn't all that great. So crack up all you want.
  6. McGary not a huge loss. He's gotten better but Spriggs still might be an upgrade or at least as good.
  7. Mayfield will end up being our best Olinemen by the end of the season. Calling it now.
  8. True. Even though we somehow squeked into the playoffs the next season but we all knew we were frauds.
  9. Wow we have the same record as the Chiefs.
  10. Or Brian Brohm. Remember TATF's 08' draft strategy? Dorsey in the 1st and Brohm in the 2nd Rd lol.
  11. Man Mayfield has been bullying people over the last couple of weeks. Big physical dude, I love to see that ****.
  12. Well it's the truth. Ryan did underthrow Pitts. If he'd caught him in stride we'd probably be talking about a spectacular "TD" throw and catch. Still nothing to harp on though.
  13. If we had six Pattersons, we'd be Superbowl bound.
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