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  1. I can't get mad about a trade down, but if Lance is their guy then cool. Nothing wrong with securing your future QB now with a #4 pick. We still have 8 more picks, more than enough to get some starters out of this draft. Scouts need to earn their money.
  2. Sounds like Alabama, Clemson, and Georgia every draft. (top recruiting schools).😂
  3. Ok... That's pretty good. What's your point? Do you not like any of the guys?
  4. DEs 1. Basham 2. Rousseau 3. Phillips 4. Ojulari 5. Ossai DTs * Not a Barmore fan 1. McNeill 2. Nixon 3. Shelvin 4. Twyman 5. Jonathan Marshall Marshall is my biggest sleeper. Nobody talks about this guy. 6'3 317lbs, strong dude who wreaks havoc up front. Straight monster against the run and can get after the QB.
  5. I don't want Pitts at 4, but I wouldn't call it a bad start because he's a good player.
  6. I don't care who recruited them, they still have guys. They got a whole crop coming into the draft this year.
  7. Chase is the ONLY wr I would take before him. He's a very close #2 or probably 1b in my book. If Waddle was healthy, it'd be a hard decision. He is a matchup monster.
  8. No surprise there, defensively anyway. Grady was constantly doubled, Deion was invisible, and the only other option was Terrell as a rookie.
  9. I hope we stay put til draft night. That way we can see how the first three picks pan out, plus teams will be even more desperate to trade during the draft.
  10. They still get some of the best talent out of Florida regardless of what they do as a team. Look at the guys they put in the league over the last few years. Akers last year, Brian Burns, Derwin James, Derrick Nnadi, Josh Sweat, Ryan Izzo, Dalvin Cook just to name a few. They still churning em out.
  11. Dang I forgot all about him. Still good depth I guess.
  12. Marvel has better storylines, DC has Superman and a rich guy with cool toys. Oh and I still don't want Pitts or any TE at 4.
  13. Lol man I'm telling ya. 6'4 210 with blazing speed and catches everything. We need a bigger wr with Julio getting older. We got enough Ridleys and Gages on the roster.
  14. They still get the best players from the state of Florida but the coaching is horrible.
  15. I think Tamorrion "Scary" Terry from FSU is a beast in the later rds. Incredible talent, just never had a QB.
  16. If Carlos Basham and Jalen Phillips aren't considered a 1st rounder, then Davidson definitely isn't one this year. Though I had no problem with the pick, I had him as 3rd rounder myself. People forget minus Chase Young, last year's pass rushers were collectively a weaker class.
  17. Cheap depth and familiarity. As long as there's at least two guys ahead of him on the depth chart, I'm good.
  19. Oh it's quite possible that one or a few of these QBs could be better than Pitts. I like Pitts though.
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