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  1. Dam he's fast and athletic for his size!!!
  2. Actually wouldn't be a bad idea as a receivers coach. From what I hear he could use the money, plus he lives in Atlanta and his work ethic and even his attitude could rub off on the players in a positive way. Players would have the utmost respect for T.O. and love to be around him.
  3. I like LVE but the rest of the draft is kinda bland but solid. I wouldn't completely hate it.
  4. I've always wanted a DB early in this draft. Weather people want to admit it or not, we don't have a true "playmaker" in our secondary. I'm totally fine with taking a corner in the 2nd. HeII I'll take one in the first if it's a high first rd player who falls to our pick at 26.
  5. Gotta trade up for Vea now. We currently have no somoan DTs on the team!!!
  6. I always have that feeling that Seattle targets the same guys as us, even though there always willing to trade with us. I guess it's because of the identical schemes.
  7. Mr. Versatile. Dude played both safety positions and LB and was pretty good at all of them. Not to mention, a good locker room guy. Another Florida boi. Glad to have him back.
  8. "Can someone please relay this message to Deebo." -Drew Brees
  9. Yep that pretty much sums it up in a nutshell. He did improve but didn't possess the type of talent to get that "second chance". People need to move on, I miss Jalen more.
  10. C'mon man. The whitest name ever is hands down "Tom Brady". On the flip side, the blackest name ever is "Malcolm Jenkins".
  11. Hoop pissed me off last year especially with the drops, but our entire offense was off. If seasoned vets like Julio and Sanu get another chance, then Hoop should too. That said, I'm still interested in some of the TEs coming out like Hurst, Gisecki, and Fumagali.
  12. No thanks I'm good
  13. If we draft him, he'd probably protect Matt with his life. No shade on Jake.
  14. Yes I "member" being mad as heII when we picked Deebo over him. Now Deebo is my favorite Falcon and I would only give one of our 7ths for Cravens. Kinda funny how things change over time.