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  1. Yeah it's just his voice but Bunkers not like that at all. I liked him better at night with Jarvis co hosting. Him and Randy haven't fully meshed yet but they're growing on me. Bunker, Hugh, Dukes & Bell, and Jarvis are my favorites.
  2. Kamla has a 2:00 pm spot on Houston sports radio he's the biggest Texans fan now lol. Not sure what Michaels is up to but I just saw him last night on a local Falcons post game show.
  3. You know it lol
  4. He'll be on another team and when he makes one good play, we'll have a 20 pg thread on why we should have kept him in typical TATF/Troffed fashion.
  5. Free is holding this offense back. Hey might not be all the way done but he looks a step slower than everyone else. I'm hoping we dress a 3rd rb and reduce his carries. When this offense becomes one dimensional, Ryan ends up making dumb mistakes.
  6. Whatever. We gotta get this running game going if we expect to make any noise this year. Trade him bench him I don't care.
  7. Whew that was close we gotta figure out these d*mn collapses.
  8. Oh God here we go
  9. ****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Oliver don't do that **** again!!!
  11. Oh sht too much time left. Defense will probably get picked apart over the middle.
  12. Yep we're done. I expect this offense to let us down once again.
  13. I'm about to turn this sh*t!!!