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  1. As long as we get pressure up front and I think we will, AJ will be fine. Funny thing is that he reminds me of a mix of Tru and Rocky with a higher ceiling than both. He has more dog and his technique should become more polished with time. He has all physical tools to start early and be a factor.
  2. These list are always QB driven. Not much thought or individual team scenarios go into making these lists. BTW, Wentz gotta be the most overrated player in NFL history.
  3. The juvenile in me just can't get past the name. Lol
  4. Yes sir it was great can't complain thanks.
  5. Thanks man that's usually my reaction 🤣🤣🤣
  6. Thanks that's exactly what I did... In a social distance type of way lol.
  7. Leftwitch with the turf-touch wind-up. Those were the days.😭😭😭
  8. He's pretty much Shanahan without the creativity. He'll pass when he needs to run the ball.😞
  9. Still remember his name being listed on "Mel's Top Available" for about 2-3 rds before we got him. Easily one of the best late rounders we've ever drafted.
  10. I get on Matt a lot when I feel it's deserved but he really is a good dude as well as a great player. Ironically, I sent one of my delivery drivers to his home today to deliver a very fancy looking golf simulator. I wanted to ride out there with him but I was so busy in and out the office😞. Either way, would've been good to meet him.
  11. Throw in Griffen or Curry and 40 should come with ease.
  12. They will. Both Grady and Fowler are Brady killers. I think Fowler got him 2 or 3 in the AFCCG and Grady planted him 3 times in the Super... (Ugh yeah that game). Either way, I can't wait for them to slam his *** all over the Benz and in that pirate hole in Tampa.
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