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  1. Reserved
  2. I'll go with Murray
  3. Darnay Holmes looks like a real beast.
  4. Aka RICE STREET!!!
  5. As much as I appreciate different angles on the draft, it's going to be a NO for me.
  6. Straight depth but that's cool.
  7. I'm not high on Chaisson but I do think he could thrive as a true Leo here.
  8. I'd be down for that. Murray is a monster I still can't believe he isn't rated higher.
  9. Good. Now let's trade down for Kenneth Murray if Kinlaw and all the good corners are gone.
  10. Only if Shanahan comes with him. And then cut his *** before week 1.
  11. A, B, C are all pretty solid. I'll take anything with Kinlaw involved.
  12. I thought he did. Seems like the only thing missing lol.
  13. I don't really worry too much about wear and tear on college rbs. As long as they come in healthy. If the wear and tear is a problem, at least it makes it easier to get rid of them after the rookie contract is up. I got Taylor ranked 3rd behind Swift and Dobbins anyway.
  14. Just draft a FOOTBALL PLAYER no matter where they're from. That tends to work out more times than not.
  15. 90% of the people here would be constantly throwing up his league leading sack year and how we can get him back to that form, and he's a Georgia kid yada yada...