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  1. Stop caring over a month ago. Win or lose, I'm just trying to enjoy the last bit of football we have left. It's going to be a loooooonnnnnnnggggggg off-season.
  2. Oh well I wonder where everybody's vacationing this off-season.
  3. This **** is ****in ridiculous
  4. 4-12 or 8-8. No in between. 4-12" for a high draft pick. And 8-8 (4 straight) for momentum going into the off-season and the 1% chance we have to make the playoffs lol. I picked 4-12 of course.
  5. Lmao. I needed this.
  6. Lattimore aint **** if he's not allowed to hold. Lattimore = Alford.
  7. I mean right ****in now!!!
  8. Man dam just cut Gregory right now ****!!!
  9. Oh ok lol.
  10. Wouldn't that be an ineligible linemen?
  11. From a perspective, he's probably considered to be the "Perfect Owner". He just throws his money at a problem and gets the heIl outta the way.
  12. When you release guys like Shede and J Collins, WTF makes you think this staff would sign a guy like Foster?
  13. Rebounding from all the injuries is the biggest question mark. Our guys suffered some serious injuries that might take some time to fully recover from physically and mentally. Also, the zone blocking scheme has to be scrapped now. Just switch to a power run game, these featherweight cream puffs get tossed around like slutty housewives and Instagram thots. We need 4 new olinemen. Straight Beef! RG, LG, RT, and C for Mack to groom. I want a real NT that can move a pile and collapse a pocket. A DE with size that can get to the Qb and actually make plays against the run. A couple of Lbs to keep duke off the field and Campbell's eventual replacement (yes he can walk) after next year. Another cb to pair with Oliver because Rocky and Tru should both be gone.
  14. Welp I figured out what that "feeling" was... Blue balls.