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  1. Just RUN THE MUTHAF*CKIN BALL!!! My bad, I think Free had just said that.
  2. Lol. He was one of the few "trolls" that I agreed with a lot. BTW, who's the guitarist in his avi?
  3. Whatever happened to Faceless man? I think he was banned but never came back.
  4. I'm hoping Jermaine Grace and Jordan Moore make this team.
  5. 0-16 Here we come!
  6. Wish we could've kept Mckissic.
  7. This guy is only going to get better and better.
  8. I love the game, but man is it even worth it for some of these guys?
  9. I truly believe he would be a top 5 FS. Just saying.
  10. Reed and Olatoye (staff is high on him) will probably stick.
  11. Lol those dances tho...
  12. Bosa making the list just destroyed any small chance Deion Jones had in making the list.
  13. Fill it with both and you got one heII of a drink.
  14. Umm... John Ross
  15. Yep he didn't give Saban a reason to chew him out.