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  1. I'm starting to see the early stages of aging. His body is breaking down.
  2. Win or lose, I think Saquan's going to stamp his ROTY campaign against us tonight.
  3. I still don't understand the deal with Poole. He used to be a sure tackler if nothing else. Last year he put on a tackling clinic against Gurley and the Rams in the playoffs.
  4. We could go on a hot streak but the keys are to get Debo back on the field and get Jordan Richards off of it.
  5. I just had a premonition of Jordan Richards trying to tackle Barkley... When I came to, I yacked everywhere.
  6. Eli will probably have the most time he's ever had.
  7. I'll just be glad when The Dookie D!ck Experiment is over.
  8. So Marquand's the problem now??? No one can get over the type of injuries this defense has faced. Not only that, the guys you're replacing them with are non serviceable trash. Imagine replacing a guy like Deebo with (Dookie) Duke. Or a guy like KeKe with a guy named Jordan (D!ck) Richards. I call them The Dookie D!ck Replacements.
  9. I caught that
  10. Oh God is the score really 28 - 3???
  11. I expect a few pressures and 0 sacks.
  12. Hardy adds absolutely NOTHING to this offense nor special teams. Gage better get more snaps than him.
  13. Jordan Richards gives me hope... That even I can make this Falcons roster.
  14. Yeah I agree the Pats and Packers for example. I don't think every team can get away with that however. We don't have a sure fire first ballot HOF Qb like those teams nor do we have the Oline that's can guarantee you success with plug and play Rbs off the scrap heap.
  15. So you don't pay your #1 guy because there's another guy behind him who's almost as good? And you're also worried about the chance that he gets hurt? Really?