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  1. He's a beast, one of my favorite late rounders.
  2. If we draft a QB with the intentions of having him sit for 2 years, I need to be assured that Ryan will be playing at an MVP level. I'm not interested in losing while our "Future" QB gets 2 yr course in Football Fundamentals 101.
  3. Probably so, but I think his main point was the QB position in itself. No matter whos fault that game falls on, it's about the Falcons QB position today in 2021.
  4. Probably because in most people's eyes, that Superbowl was the peak of Matt's career. Now you look at him being on the wrong side of 30 with his window seemingly closing. So many arguments can be for Ryan good, bad and everything in between, and all of them would probably be valid. Maybe Arthur can help get Ryan in position to win the big one, maybe not. Either way you have to be looking towards however you approach it.
  5. Yeah he fired off a shot but it meant nothing to me. People (not you in particular) really need to get over SB51. I mean seriously, I think counseling is in order for some around here. Can't believe people really get hurt over that. 95 % of that roster and coaches are gone, h*ll Brady's won 2 and loss one since then. The whole 28-3 thing is old and shouldn't still be a feather ruffler at this point. But to Clark's original point, it's not a bad idea to look at a future QB considering we've been plummetting downhill for the last 4 yrs since that Superbowl. Not blaming Matt for anything but when
  6. Two closest guys to Henry in this draft are Javonte Williams and Rhamondre Stevens.
  7. That's pretty much every year of the draft no matter what.
  8. I hope so too. I want some D*mn attitude on this defense. Tired of these church mice.
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