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  1. In that same MK voice, "SANU WINS".
  2. Good move by Dez, Tru recovered pretty quick, glad Debo was there to back him up.
  3. Probably will never happen. Chuck's happy with his independent training. Can't blame him tho, nothing beats working for yourself.
  4. Yeah it kinda looked like cobra clutch from where I was watching.
  5. Sounds like he was congratulating him for sealing the game for them. J/k sort of.
  6. They never are. Just look at the Freeman article right before the Superbowl.
  7. Start Collins now what other rookie averages a double double?
  8. No way it can be worse than 2015.
  9. Pretty sure we'll be getting the Philly version of him.
  10. Well you might wanna change your name then.
  11. He was probably benched for Fitz. Shoulder didn't look too bad when he was poking Lattimore in the back of his helmet.
  12. Now that's just a flat out nightmare. Only thing that could be worse is if they win it next year in our stadium.
  13. Maybe the former Hurricane might win the "Turnover Chain" multiple times today.