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  1. Dang I liked Sparano. R.I.P.
  2. C'mon J don't get these folks started lol.
  3. I might be the only one who doesn't think Hill was a bust. In pre season he ran behind some very sub par talent (to say the least). I've seen him break a few plays in Cincinnati.
  4. Sounds about right to me. I got Falcons over Jags 26 - 19
  5. Welp that's it. This season is a guaranteed fail. I'm done being a Falcons fan...
  6. Lol love it. Your wife is alright with me.
  7. TE is still a question mark, can Hoop own the starting spot and what to expect from Paulsen and Saubert? Is Mack healthy and ready to return to form? Also how good is Fusco? He's billed to be better than Schweitzer but what does that mean as far as being starting caliber?
  8. Forcing turnovers/takeaways.
  9. Just in case, we got some judge named Ito.
  10. Rocky and DeBo have the best ball skills on the defense. I think Oliver and Kazee have a lot of potential. But sadly I never expect much from Tru or Neal in the INT dept. Their hands are terrible.
  11. Happy Fresh-Out-Da-Womb Day Sponge!!!
  12. Lol. It's 2018 and people are still arguing over Vick and what he is/was. Anyway, back to the real reason I clicked on this thread... Happy Bday MV7!!!
  13. Lol put Deebo at #1 tho.
  14. Man... You had me looking for Vic in the video lol. Not a bad song tho.
  15. I know right. Some of the fan base is already trying to ship him off because he didn't lead the league in sacks in back to back seasons. They'll probably boycott him if that ever leaks out.