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  1. Dang I forgot all about him. One of my mid Rd faves coming out the draft a few years ago. We picked both Sheffield and Cominsky in the 4th over Miller.
  2. I wish Gage would've changed his number to 12.
  3. What y'all think about John Collins and his chances of a max deal this off-season? I've always liked him but I'm not impressed at all with him in the playoffs. No real post presence, no defense, no shot, and he looks nervous at times with the ball in his hands, which usually results to a bad pass/turnover. He did a lil stat-padding at the end of game 3. As far as I'm concerned, he can walk.
  4. It should at least be off limits for the next 10-15yrs. I honestly don't care either way.
  5. Any other defensive signings need to be on the Dline. 1. Edge. 2. NT.
  6. They all trip over each other's feet?
  7. He answered it how he should've. Of course there was more context to it, but why should he be worried about Julio? Julio was never in the plans for obvious reasons and now he's no longer here. Same answer you'd probably get from Belichick or Saban. On the flip side, I'd love to hear someone ask Dan Quinn about Sean Lee lol.
  8. It ain't that serious man, we moving on though.
  9. Not to mention an Arthur Smithless, Tannehill.
  10. I won't dispute any of that. My main point is that it shouldn't be a foregone conclusion that Julio might feel that he can't win with Ryan or this team how it's currently constructed. 1.) He didn't win the big one here and the team has been on a downward slope since SB51. 2.) He alluded to it when he said he wanna win. That could also mean he just wants to go to any team that's a contender, and not a jab at the Falcons.
  11. Maybe Julio has lost faith in winning with Ryan. I don't see how that's such a far-fetched conclusion.
  12. Signing old has-beens usually don't work in our favor. Best I would hope for is a Joe Horn/Roddy or Freeney/Beasley situation where he could impact guys like Oliver, Sheffield and D Hall. Sherman might not even be willing to play for a 1yr min deal here.
  13. I'm still waiting to see what the fallout will be after all of this. Gotta at least be some rule changes (if not another form of tampering) or something. Uncle Shay still ain't said nothing about it with his slimy *ss.
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