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  1. It has been about a year and half since I have been here, and I see things have not changed much. I write something nice about Ryan nothing is said. I write something not to flattering about White, and I get negatives. That is OK, I can take it, but I see the either be a cheerleader or leave thing is still in place. I got the same thing back in the day when I criticized Deangelo Hall and Michael Turner. Hey, maybe I do not get it. Maybe I am ignorant. I watch the same games you do. Maybe I just do not know football like I thnk I do. I am not really being facetious, so explain to me how do you put Julio, who is bigger, faster, and a deep threat below Roddy who catches mainly 8 eight yard outs. Yes, Roddy has numbers, but if I keep putting nickles and dimes in a jar, they will add up as well, but how many games has Roddy changed with big plays? Maybe, the problem is we see great recievers differently. I like game breakers. I like having recievers on both sides that can stretch the field. I want defensive backs nervous and coaches confused about who they should double. I just do not see Roddy White striking fear in anybody, not like Julio. If we do not agree fine, but the displays of illusory superiority are really old.
  2. I will also concede one more thing. Yes, the Founding Fathers were wealthy and one of their motives for breaking from the crown was to protect that wealth. I do not wish to paint them as infallible gods, but the motive has never been an issue for me. If they had no motive, then this nation is never born. Like a company or individual who wants to build a hospital or start a charity or just pay for kids to go on a class trip, many will say they do it for the publicity. I say so what. Without their money none of it gets done. If a motive compels someone to do something that will also enhance the lives of others, unless the motive is devious, so be it. It is better than it not being done at all.
  3. I will address one thing. I will not deny or defend the Founders who did own slaves, only to say many of them were trying to figure out how to end it. They realized at the time, that trying to start a nation and deal with that issue at the same time was too much. They did, however, hope to put an end to slavery gradually by Constitutionally ending importation of slaves after 1808, and George Washington had orders to free his slaves upon his death. Maybe a small gesture to you, but a big statement back then. That said, you are exactly right about the Founders, but nobody claimed they were perfect. You know something else, I would not be hanging out in circles with big plantation owners like George Washington or Thomas Jefferson either. Poor white people were not treated a whole lot better and many of them worked right along with slaves. For all I know George Washington himself might have called my ancestors bums and thrown them in debtor prison, but that was then, and it was a different time. This is now and if it was not for those rich white people having a vision for freedom, that eventually did reach us all, well, you tell me of a better nation to live? No nation on earth is perfect, just as no person is perfect. Anybody can find the faults in a country or a person and totally ignore the positive. I say, you take what you have and try to look at the good things more than dwelling on the bad.
  4. Konz has some Packers fans cheering for him. My wife is from Neenah, Wisconsin, and all of her rather large family still live up there. Well, my wife's sister's son L.W., I will only use his initials, is real good friends with Konz. He stood up at Konz wedding. Now, niether me or my wife have met him, but her sister, who is a huge Packer fan, and of course, her son keep track. My wife's sister was actually the one who told us Konz was starting at center before I even knew. So now I have to watch Konz to let my sister-in-law know how he is doing. I watch line play anyways but now I have to pay closer attention. I sure hope he does well. I would hate to have to tell her that Konz is just not working out. We already have a Packer- Falcon divide in my family causing enough tension.
  5. We heard the buzz about "Sharknado", so we recorded it. Now, me and my wife watch alot of the syfy B-movie disaster flicks, but after watching the movie, we just did not get it. Now, I watched "Sand Shark" that movie was goofy enough to like and the plot was better.
  6. I agree. To be up front, I am one who has not been a big Roddy White fan. I was thrilled when we got Julio, because Roddy was not a number one reciever. That said, it is definitley not a immediate need, but if in the off season a prime reciever in the Percy Harvin level comes available, I think I would consider them. We could use two scary recievers. We have never had a Stallworth/ Swan or Rice/ Taylor combo since I can remember. Passing and the deep ball have improved, it just seems to me at least, that at times recievers are still having trouble getting open, especially after defenses make adjustments as a game progresses. I just think another reciever with a little more speed would really free up Julio, and this becomes all the more important after Tony Gonzalez leaves. He will not be there to draw double coverage anymore.
  7. With Steven Jackson here, and Michael (I have a piano on my back) Turner out, things have improved. I hope greatly. I cannot forget that last pass, interference or not, those are the times championship quarterbacks step up. Ryan has done a whole lot good, but he is just not there yet. The offense going flat in the second half has got to stop. Now, I would be remiss if I did not point out in Ryan's defense, our defense's awful play in the second half of game last year when our offense had leads, but they made some very good off season decisions on that side of the ball. The offense started fast, then went flat, and the defense played horrible at the same time. I think, or hope, the changes will allow the Falcons to avoid those scenarios this year. Ryan can get us there. I have no doubt, and I believe he can do it a few times in the next five year, but it all starts with the Falcons playing all four quarters this year.
  8. I prefer there is niether a Republican or Democratic plan. I do not want the government in any part health care. To me the Constitutions does not grant the authority for them to do so. It should be the responsibility of the people and medical industry to get it straightened out. A push from the government is fine, but I have seen how the government runs things. I will not trust them to do anything but worsen the situation and lower the quality of health care. The next presidential election will be a very critical one. If another Democrat is elected that will be a clear rejection of the founding principals of this country. It means a majority of Americans reject the notion of independence from the government and wish to move quickly to full dependence on government. This, of course, being the last stage of the "Fatal Sequence". When one is dependent on government, the government has all the power. That said, if it should be, that is how it will be. I have always said if a majority of Americans wish to move in the direction of socialism, there is nothing much one can do but try to adapt. It is my opinion that such a course will force our country, inevitably, down a road to oppression and once again a revolution. That would be a shame, because the Founding Fathers created the freest nation on earth to allow hard working people to be free and prosper. I am sure the Founders never imagined the nation would be so full of people who cannot seem to be happy in a country whose founding principles were based on having the greatest possible freedom in the pursuit of happiness.
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