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  1. Exactly, the thing is Smith and Ryan seem to be working together in the first half of most games, but when Ryan and the Falcons come out in the second half things come apart. The Falcons go in the locker room after a great half, and it is like Smith does something to change all that to start the second half. I wonder...
  2. I think that is just about right. That is why I have not jumped on any wagon yet. I think everybody expecting something to happen today will probably be disappointed.
  3. Everybody is arguing over players or coach. Who is to blame? The fact is, they are all to blame. Absolutely the players are to blame, because they actually play the game, however, the coach is ultimately responsible for the play of his team. Again, these are Smith and Dimitroff's players. If any one of them is not doing their job it is the responsibility of these two make sure they do or get people who will do the job. It cannot be blame the players exonerate Smith and Dimitroff, because they picked and coached these guys. I do not exonerate any player on the roster. They have all made mistakes, costly ones, but they did not just run on to the field from out of nowhere. Smith did not have to look confused and ask "Who is that guy running out there?" Dimitroff and Smith put these 53 players on the roster, so they are responsible for their performance. Of course the players are responsible for their play, but it is Smith who they answer to.
  4. Good point, and though it is much easier to see in still photos, it was obvious Ryan could not step into a throw to his left. He was about to be clobbered, but tossing the ball down field to a heavily covered receiver was not a good choice, and it is made even more so by seeing Toilolo right in front of him with no one behind him except two Falcons who could clear the way. You are looking at gaining 10 maybe 15 yards at least. Ouch, hindsight is a mother.
  5. Actually, since the game yesterday, I have not seen much hate aimed at Dimitroff. I have said more than once that it would be well within precedent for Dimitroff, as general manager, to stay, fire Smith, and bring in another head coach, so people should get their minds used to the idea that just may happen.
  6. I agree with you somewhat. A 21-0 lead is a large one and seemingly should be insurmountable, yet we know the Falcons have a history of horrible second halves. I just believe that Ryan had the Falcons offense in control, confident, and moving at will. It just seemed that there was more reasons to believe the Falcons would go down and score, thus padding the lead, taking a little more fight out of the Lions, and potentially setting a new tone for the game and the rest of the season, then there were reason to sit on it. Taking into consideration that there are times to play it conservative, a closer game, shifting momentum, hostile stadium, maybe that is the right call. However, there was none of that. It seemed Smith had the chance to finish off the Lions with a final blow, but instead started giving them CPR. You are right about Blank's statement, and I think that gets to the heart of it. Smith has his back against the wall, and he knows it, yet he does not appear to want to change what is not working. I think what many are saying is, succeed or fail, just seeing Smith have some fight would be much more acceptable than what appears like his tip toeing around like a nervous cat.
  7. Mike Smith explains conservative approach before halftime October, 26, 2014 Oct 26 8:00 PM ET By Vaughn McClure | ESPN.com When a team such as the Atlanta Falcons blows a 21-point third-quarter lead, every aspect of went wrong is going to be dissected. Coach Mike Smith was asked by the media in London why the team opted to go conservative toward the end of the first half with two timeouts and the ball following a Robert Alford interception. The Falcons had first-and-10 at their own 18 with 1 minute, 14 seconds on the clock. They ran two plays before the clock expired: a Matt Ryan scramble for 6 yards and a run by Antone Smith for 3 yards. SmithSmith explained his thought process. "Yes, we were up 21, three scores. We did not want to turn the football over,'' Smith said. "That was my decision. You know, like any game, there’s many decisions that can be discussed.'' Receiver Julio Jones was asked about the decision. "That’s coach’s decision,'' he said. ``We have in the past with 50 some seconds left on the clock, we’ll go down there and get a field goal or possibly score. But we didn’t. I think we were just conservative.'' You could argue that the conservative approach carried over into the second half as the Falcons failed to score a point and managed just 80 total yards while losing the time-of-possession battle, 18:57 to 11:03. Then again, a team should be able to hold such a decisive lead whether it adds to that 21-0 edge. _________________________________________________________________________________________ To me, this article hits on the crux of what is wrong, and points out the main problem with Smith that he obviously cannot recognize in himself. Though many fans who ask why he sat on the ball before the half, would also be the same ones criticizing him if the Falcons had turned over the ball trying to make something happen, there are many of us who would applaud and want that aggressive approach even if it failed. It would show he is playing to win and not simply trying not to lose. What is more telling is Julio's words. It sounds as if he does not understand why the Falcons chose to just sit. This is not so much a about a particular situation as it is about a disconnect between what his players want to do and what he allows them to do, and to me, this is the problem. A coach losing the players is a cliche. The more accurate description is they simply do not understand what it is he is doing or why. Up 21-0, and he decides to put on the brakes. When the game is close again or the Falcons fall behind, he then tries to apply the gas again, yet the better time to gamble is when your up. Though it is frustrating for us, it has to be downright maddening for the players. To put it this way, if Smith had a horse, he would not risk the horse breaking a leg by letting it gallop around like it wants to. He would keep it in a small fenced area so that it has no room to gallop. The horse may not break a leg, but the horse also cannot do what it naturally wants to do.
  8. I agree, and if this OP is referring to the after game comments to Bob Costas by their NFL reporter, I did hear him say that Blank was dismayed and there could be a coaching change coming, but I did not hear him say it could happen during the bye week. The OP could certainly be talking about another report other than what I heard, but either way, the let us see how this plays out first approach is what I always like to use. To quote from one my old favorite action movies, "assumption is the mother of all fukk ups." That said, I agree with a poster above, Smith may need to go, but I think celebrating so enthusiastically not only is a little cold, but really a sad sign that the Falcons have failed again. In my 37 years of watching the Falcons, I have seen this song and dance many times, and to tell you the truth, I would much rather be celebrating a championship than the firing of yet another coach. Getting excited and celebrating at a coaching change should only come if that change leads the Falcons to where they have not been before, standing on that podium receiving the Lombardi, yet so far, such changes never have. Coaching change simply lets it be known the Falcons are once again in a dismal state, and I hardly find that worth celebrating.
  9. Right in the middle of this Coach Smith hatefest somebody just had to start a Ryan debate.
  10. I am more embarrassed by the NFC South division. Can one team step up so we do not send a team to the playoffs with a losing record? The Falcons being bad is one thing, but being the last in a really bad division is even worse.
  11. I will reiterate my position that I do not condone in season firings. I find they rarely accomplish anything productive. Oh, there may be a temporary boost in play, but like an adrenaline rush, it will soon return to normal.The danger in that, however, is that the fans and teams can be fooled by that boost into thinking the interim coach is the answer, though they rarely ever are. If Blank started the season with Smith, there is nothing lost, at this point, by not letting him finish the season.
  12. Even as a person who has promoted that Smith needs to be replaced, the human in me could not help but feel for the guy at the end. I mean, to have that field goal go wide, and then to see his face when Detroit got a second chance. His anguish at knowing a second miss was too much to ask for, was painful. That said, I do not ignore the fact the Falcons should have never been in position to lose on a last second field goal, still, I would not be human if I did not feel his pain at that moment.
  13. I expected the loss, but would not have been surprised with a win. I expected the second half collapse. I expected when we were forced to punt that Detroit would go kick the winning field goal, and I guess that goes with my point. Nothing happened I did not expect, so why would I come here shocked that the Falcons once again lost a lead in the second half. Irregardless, even if the Falcons had won, which would have been nice on an international stage, it would have been far short of securing Dimitroff and Smith's future.
  14. Though I have, myself, been arguing that it is time for a change at coach and GM, and I still hold that opinion, but I find all these threads feigning displeasure with the loss today to be a bit much. For a good many of the posters here, a loss is what you wanted, so why are there so many threads criticizing the loss? Would any of you have been much happier if the Falcons had won, allowing Smith the slightest of hope of a resurgence and hanging on to his job. I do not think so. The point has been well made that Dimitroff and Smith are not very popular right now, and seeing the look on Smith's face at the end of the game, the anguish, he is well aware of it as well. I would not dare imply people cannot post what they want to. I spend some time defending that prerogative, however, I think those posting threads criticizing Smith and the Falcons for this loss, when that is what you wanted anyways, would be better not to act as if they are upset about a blown 21-0 lead. Especially when holding that lead for a victory would probably have upset you much more. It just does not feel genuine. This is all my opinion so feel free to flame me if you want, but the Falcons play on the field, or lack there of, will speak for itself, and Smith knows that more than anyone, why do some act like they would offer a life preserver with a win, when you would much rather he drown in a loss.
  15. When things get bad for the President, criticism, attacks, poll numbers dwindling, they always find a reason to leave the country. The Falcons may be feeling that same relief from just getting out of dodge.
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