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  1. I totally agree with you, but in my mind, I wish the federal government, for once, would not pass any laws. That is right. I long for Congress to do nothing. They do way too much just to say they did something, but they absolutely make everything worse and have straddled us with so many laws, taxes, fees, and regulations, its getting harder to utter the words land of the free anymore. Let me correct that, congress should do something, they should begin to repeal laws. That would be a path to healing, and the same could go for state and local governments to. We have too many laws and too much interference from government. I hearby propose a new Constitutional amendment that enumerates that for every new law passed by Congress, one law has to be repealed. That should be followed by the same added to state Constitutions and town charters. It is time for us to stop being legislated to death. Oh, my wishful thinking.
  2. Ya'll are right. Let's get 'em. He must be the only message board member ever to post a thread of questionable quality, right?
  3. I actually thought many would say they knew the Falcons were done as soon as Dimitroff and Smith were not fired after last season. Knowing what I know now, I would probably agree. However, when they came out flat against Cincy, after teasing us against the Saints the week before, I got a bad feeling about the rest of the season. It was just too much like last season, and too much like the Falcons I have watched most of my life
  4. Ok, calm down. To get rid of this curse we just need some wormswart, frogs breath, and little devil's dung.
  5. I do not snitch or did I call anyone out. I do not even use the ignore button. I believe everyone has their prerogative to post what they like, even to the edge of my patience. I do not even push for him to be banned, never have, never will. What my point was is some people get banned here for doing a lot less to cause trouble than he does. I have always defended everyone's privilege to be here, and I would not condone anyone being banned, except in extreme misconduct, of anyone, even him. It is the other posters who do get banned for doing a lot less while he keeps coming back, that I have the beef about, and that was my point.
  6. I do not blame anything, I did not have a lack of morals. I would discuss the same things I do now, and just get a little more obnoxious about it. That is all. I did not start this. I picked no one out. I named no names. You come in here and pick a fight and attack me personally. I have to the best of my ability tried to be patient. Good day sir.
  7. There are so many bad ones to pick the worst, is like asking someone who the worst Nazi was.
  8. Nothing was racist. Simply put, you believe the word of a troll who adds nothing of substance and spends a lot of time trying to cause trouble over the word of a member who does his best to stay respectful and courteous to all members, and I am the bad guy. It is your morals that need to find a compass. I am not going to argue with you. You may post the last word and take your parting shot.
  9. So you defend a troll because you disagree with the ones attempts to aggravate. It is exactly the reason I do not like banning. The whole message board uses the word troll to attack those they disagree. I disagree with many over there, and they have posted things that I found maddening, but I never get rude, harass, or try to denigrate those people, nor would I condone anyone else doing that just because he happens to be taking shots at people I disagree. An example, I never cohorted with Tahauyman over there. Despite the fact I agreed with a lot of his points, I avoided him mostly. I did not like is style of trying to agitate others even if those others were people I disagreed with. If he got permanently band it was deserved, though he is probably still there. What is right should not be malleable because of ones interests. ADDED Edit: Ask the administration. I give them here, permission to answer. Has AREA 51 ever reported anyone or asked that anyone get banned. Despite many reasons I could have, I have not. I do not do that or bother anyone.
  10. I was expecting accusations and counter accusation to run rampant here. This thread makes it easy to take shots at those they wish to. It is all a matter of opinion who is a troll, but personally, there is only one poster on this whole message board that I consider to be a troll by its true definition. One who only posts nonsensical, frivolous, irrelevant comments specifically with the intent cause discord, trouble, and get a reaction. I will not name this poster, but no, it is not swift. I do not think swift is a troll by its true definition. I do not think he specifically tries to cause trouble. People just do not like his opinions and his presentation, so the meaning of troll has been perverted to allow him to be labeled as such. Of course, the meanings of many words have been perverted to serve people's personal agendas.
  11. Hey Google, do I get a plaque or a certificate? I had not returned to this thread because I knew this was another one of your attempts to take a shot at me, and though I am hardly worthy of such an award with so many of the more deserving omitted from your nominations, I did get the most votes in your poll. I would like to thank my supporters, and though each of them is more worthy of this award then me, I shall accept this award in their honor. What is mine today is their's tomorrow.
  12. Oh, how I have missed being over here, with you always there to greet me, and yes baby boomers have ruined this country.
  13. I just wanted to address this point, that indeed you are correct, this is not a system based on merit. It is based on opportunity. The freedom for those with the know how and desire to take an opportunity and make money. Unfortunately, I am not one of those. I am a working stiff like most everybody, but I do not dare say those who have done well for themselves should not reap the reward, even if I think what they do is hardly worth doing. Let me explain. Founder of Facebook, Zuckerberg, writes software program that creates a social network. Low overhead, and though certainly hard work, it is hardly like starting a physical business. However, he saw an opportunity and he became billionaire rather quickly. This type of company allows for low overhead, so he employs about 7500 people. Co- founder of Home Depot, our own Arthur Blank, with his partner Marcus, start Home Depot. They have to mix brains with hard work, and the company slowly makes them billionaires. Home Depot is brick and mortar. High overhead, and they employ nearly 350,000 people. Zuckerberg is worth $33 billion and Blank around $2.2 billion. Now, in my eyes Zuckerberg and Facebook are overvalued, overrated, and Zuckerberg has reaped big rewards without giving much back in the way of employment for others. He made a lot of money with little need to build something up. He has not stores to build and upkeep. Blank's company employs many more people, and he does not take as money because of that, so that to me makes him more of a honest, hard working, businessman then Zuckerberg. My point, though I do not respect what Zuckerberg has done or does, I would not deny him his money. Both he and Blank saw opportunity, and had the brains to do it. Blank's company is much more of value to society because he fills a need, and he employs many people. In that, we could ask is it even fair that Zuckerberg became a billionaire faster and bigger than Blank. Maybe it is not, but it is the way it works. Those with the know how and desire are free to take advantage of opportunity, like Zuckerberg and Blank, and those of us who do not, get a benefit of employment from these people. That is the system.
  14. Be careful, I said no more pets for a while after we put him to sleep, so of course, I now have three cats. I finally told my wife and daughters we had to stop going to the shelter. We cannot just go and browse. We always have to bring something home. Oh, we know in time that will cause three times the pain, especially since my daughters are older and more attached to these cats, but I would not avoid the joy they bring my family because we are afraid to feel the pain of loss again. It is the cycle of life, and the fact is, these cats needed a home. We did not intend nor try to replace our old cat. We adopted these cats because there was a void and they needed a home. My family has so much love to give to these animals, it would be a shame to waste, and if that old cat were a person, we would say, that is exactly what he would want. I know that all sounds gooey, and it is, but what can you do?
  15. That would get me nervous as well, especially if you hear someone exclaim "Oh God no", and all the doctors and nurses suddenly shoot for the door. I guess at the point it is bedside manner be damned. On a side note, I was in the hospital about three years ago for a potential heart problem. It ended up being nothing, but I had to stay two nights. They gave me something to help me sleep, turned the lights out, and then proceeded to wake me up, what seemed like every hour, to jab me with needles or take blood pressure or who knows what else. Of course, in the morning they asked me if I slept well.
  16. Let us see. I enter the question "What do we do if the owner is the problem?" in the old computer and wait. Yep, there it is. Yep...there might be...wait...oh...nope...Sorry, it says nothing. Suck on it. You are right, but I believe Blank has hired football guys. They are just not good football guys. Yes, Blank likes to be on the sidelines and stuff like that, and I do not blame him. If I owned a team, I would be on the sidelines as well, otherwise what good is it to own a team, but I do not think he is anything like Jerry Jones.
  17. Sounds a little scary, but I hope it is not as bad as it sounds and everything turns out alright. So they screened you for Ebola? Then--- you might want to avoid watching the movie "Outbreak" while your there. You could end up convinced you have a mutated, lethal, epidemic virus, which could lead you to zealously attempt to convince your doctor of your diagnosis, which could lead to the mental ward, and I think you already have enough going on for now. Good luck.
  18. Been there, and it is hard to go through. I know you speak of a dog here, but a pet is a pet, and a few years ago I had to get our cat put to sleep. He was 17 years old and had been with me since my early twenties. I got him at the Atlanta Humane society when I volunteered at the shelter back then. I am a cat person, because my family always had a cat, but I always said I did not pick him, he picked me. He was the only cat that day to come up to the front of the cage, rubbing up against the bars, and getting my attention. The peace we found, was that it was really time for him to rest. In fact, we probably kept him around longer than we should have. In that respect, it was selfish. My wife, was real attached to him as well, but he had several health problems, and was obviously not happy.His fur was a mess. He could barely get around. He slept all the time. I know, its a cat you say, they sleep all the time anyways, but this was nearly all day, yet because we could not let go, we kept him around longer than we should have. My wife and I were there when he went to sleep. We both cried, but we had no doubt it was the right thing to do. His suffering had gone on too long, and for an animal who had brought much pleasure, we felt peace knowing he was no longer suffering. I know many people think, saying they are no longer suffering is a way people convince themselves euthanasia was the right thing to do, but the fact is, those still around suffer longer with such a loss. I know we did everything we could for our family member, and gave him a life much better than he may have had. He was spoiled rotten and basically had my wife catering to his every whim. He got attention from my wife that I do not enjoy, but at the end, it was time, so I feel your pain. I am sorry for your loss.
  19. We need to start off with some proof reading skills, unless you used boars as a substitution for the word bores, using it so cleverly and subtlety that none of us would recognize the shot just taken at us, then I understand it completely and no offense is taken. I think a few consider me the lead bore here.
  20. Coaching skill aside, Ryan brings too much of a sideshow with him, too many foolish antics. He is the Jets version of Jerry Glanville.
  21. Well, we can certainly eliminate Smith as the person who coined the phrase, "When at first you don't succeed, try, try again."
  22. I, myself, did not expect anything today, and though I have argued it may be time for Dimitroff and Smith to go, I have also cautioned that everyone here is assuming that Blank has had enough of the two. Wanting change, and getting that change, are two different things, and seeing how we do not own the Falcons, and Blank does, we really have no other option than to complain on a message board. At least there is that. Before message boards, my family got to hear the complaints and my brilliant ideas to fix them.
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