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  1. Your topic title is formatted incorrectly. It uses punctuation that indicates possession, and I think we all recognize that to be incorrect.
  2. Oh, I do not doubt you. If you heard it, that is good enough for me. As I wrote, this was a re post and the verify part was because that OP did not mention a source as you did, so, like always, I like to verify before I get worked up over something. Though, it also be an expression of being flabbergasted. I could say that I would have to verify, because it is nearly impossible to believe he would say that, akin to one not believing their own ears.
  3. Though I have said it is time for Smith to go, I have tried to find a glimmer of hope, keep a fire burning, keep a light on for the man, but there is simply no way to do it. That timeout was simply not something a good head coach would do. That, more than many of the other things I have seen, makes me now think Smith simply lacks the instincts to be a head coach. He may be a fine position coach, but head coaches need instincts to make quick, pressure filled decisions without being able to put too much thought into them. Smith simply does not seem to have such instincts. Where good coaches, like Belichick, can seemingly make all the right calls and even make it look easy, Smith seems to struggle just to come up with the wrong ones. Sorry Coach, it is just not to be.
  4. A re- post of what I wrote in another thread. I would like to verify he said that, because that would be about one of the most inane things I have ever heard a coach utter. He needed to run more time off or force the Browns to use their timeouts. It is that simple. It would have probably been enough to just run ten more seconds off the clock or force the Browns to use just one of their time outs, but neither happened. Sure, the defense is somewhat to blame, but the fact is, teams today are just too efficient in the two minute offense to allow them 44 seconds and three timeouts to get into field goal position. Even bad teams will find that a very favorable situation.
  5. "Mike, you have a lot on your plate right now, so I'm going to do you a favor and relieve you of your responsibility to call time outs. I think the waterboy can handle that just fine, and he has hardly anything to do anyways."
  6. I would like to verify he said that, because that would be about one of the most inane things I have ever heard a coach utter. He needed to run more time off or force the Browns to use their timeouts. It is that simple. It would have probably been enough to just run ten more seconds off the clock or force the Browns to use just one of their time outs, but neither happened. Sure, the defense is somewhat to blame, but the fact is, teams today are just too efficient in the two minute offense to allow them 44 seconds and three timeouts to get into field goal position. Even bad teams will find that a very favorable situation.
  7. Slamlee, I dearly hope you are right about a new age of accountability, however, until I see more such allegations, and there are surely many more and way too many to count, come out and be universally condemned by those same ones showing outrage today, then I must rely on what I have seen in my life to base my opinions. When I make such propositions, it is not in political motivation. I truly hope you are right, because it would surely boost my faith in people. Right now, I feel this country has lost its moral compass, and with every Bill Cosby that is outed and shamed, many others are still hidden by silence. Why? I only have my opinions on that, but this lack of accountability extends far beyond Hollywood. It goes from there all the way to Ohio, where parents and coaches attempted to cover up the rape committed by a few of their high school football stars. It goes to Republicans who support Oliver North and Gordon Liddy, despite their convictions related to their involvement with activities that many consider threats to the Constitution. It goes to the NFL, who is fighting accusations of covering up hundreds of domestic abuse cases. Accountability has to be restored to our society as a matter of practice and not just something we allow or refuse based on whether the person is politically agreeable to us or not, whether the person makes us money or not, or whether the person is a star athlete or not.
  8. It is really what I am always about. Wrong should be wrong no matter political ideology, and it should be regarded as much. I do not defend Cosby nor condemn him. Mainly because I need all the facts to come out and let the thing play out, but to say I am disappointed that these allegations are looking more and more credible, is an understatement. I would not be surprised, just disappointed. I long ago gave up the idea that those I like are some how super human and immune to being an a$$hole. They are just people, but it is too apparent that outrage toward an accusation is only as strong as the political persuasion. Outrage is strong if one disagrees with your politics, however, if one agrees with your politics, then they just do not see the what the big deal is. Unfortunately, this type of selective blindness seems to be shared by those of all political ideologies.
  9. I forgot about the Travolta story, and it may be indicative, but I do not remember it garnering the same outrage that the Cosby story has. Though, it surely should have. I am not familiar with the Feldman stuff.
  10. Then the allegations would still be in the dark never to see the light of day. Are we all seriously saying that Bill Cosby is the only celebrity to have such skeletons in his closet? As much as the limousine liberal crowd want you to think otherwise, Hollywood and the entertainment industry is extremely sexist. I dare say a good many female actresses have stories of sexual inappropriateness or assault. How about Polanski or Woody Allen and their inappropriate behavior. When has Hollywood or comedians come out to condemn them? I have not heard it yet, but I have heard some defend them. I have not really even seen much outrage toward Stephen Collins. If the accusations are true, then the outrage against Cosby is justified and he should be held accountable, but if all those currently outraged are altruistic in their actions, I would also like to see the same such outrage equally expressed at Roman Polanski who, by the way, is accused of drugging and raping a 13 year old female. When selective outrage happens like this, one cannot help but think justice has a political persuasion.
  11. I just let you and google keep go on with your inane comments. They say much more about you than they do about me.
  12. Again, I agree, my point is while everyone is playing the issue for their own interest, I just want the **** problem properly addressed and resolved. In a world I will never see, politicians actually care to correct a problem without just using the issue to expand a voting base or use it as a hammer to bludgeon the other side. However, virtually every issue we discuss here or everywhere is used just so. The issue, whatever it may be, is just of better use unresolved than if it is given a workable solution. It is politics 101. They always have to have their boogeyman.
  13. I mostly agree. I am just frustrated with the game politicians play with such an important issue, so I am not much in the mood to allow republicans to look good here. Illegal immigration is like several issues. It is used as a political football. Meaning, when the other party is in office, the party out of office has the football, and they have an issue that can always be used to attack the sitting administration, regardless of the party that holds the seat. The problem is, while they play the game, the problem never receives proper attention, thus a coherent, workable, and feasible solution is never developed. I mean, if either party was serious about properly addressing this problem, it would have been done so 25 years ago. Yet, it is like most of the problems this nations struggles with, which are of far better use politically if they are left without a true solution. The number one skill a politician must master is to look like they are doing something effective without actually ever doing so.
  14. I believe I am always reasoned, fair, and bi- partisan. I think many believe because I lean conservative or disagree or have a different view point, that I should just be labeled partisan or racist or right wing, but I do not think of myself as much. True, I lean conservative, but I have never overlooked faults of conservatives or just attacked Obama or democrats just to do so. Overall, I have more in common with conservatives, but not everything, and I have defended Obama and democrats a few times when I thought it was being done so because it was purely politically convenient, or I thought the Republicans were being especially hypocritical. I despise hypocrisy above all else, regardless of party. The true partisans to me are the ones who continually overlook the sins of the people in their own party while attacking those in the opposing party for committing nearly the same sins. On illegal immigrants, I think there needs to be something done, but neither party has been impressive, so neither party has the moral high ground to attack the other on the issue.
  15. Yes, it is a play off their episode names. I was just trying to amuse myself, even though I am not sure it makes sense. The point to be made was that, though many of us have postulated Smith is gone, could additional wins and a gradual progression in improvement, force that postulation to dissolution, or something like that.
  16. I, myself, have stated only a drastic turnaround ( win out, win convincingly, and nothing short of a respectable showing in at least the NFC championship game) would begin to save Mike Smith's job. I still believe that, but I have also stated many of us here assume that Mike Smith was on the hot seat. We have no way of knowing what Arthur Blank is thinking, and I have not seen Mike Smith's name on any list naming coaches as such. We have assumed much because the Falcons have been horrid. Two wins in a row, even those against our own bad division opponents, have opened many possibilities that would have seemed unlikely three weeks ago, and even if still unacceptable to many, they are there. Mike Smith is not fired yet, so if he can get a win this weekend, the situation will get more cloudy then clear. If the Falcons kept losing badly, it is a seemingly a no- brainer, but if a progressive turnaround appears, how will Blank, the fans, and those here handle it? Will our assumption that Smith is gone, be just that, an assumption? Will there be a gradual ground swell of support for Smith, or do we believe there is simply no way for Smith to save himself? Personally, even though I believe Smith should be fired anything short of a Super Bowl appearance, I leave all possibilities open, because I simply cannot assume what will happen. Those who have already packed Smith's bags might want to prepare for the possibility, though remote, that Smith could be on the sidelines next season.
  17. Late to the party, I know, but I tend to agree with Trout here. I am hardly an Obama fan, but as always, I try to be fair and reasonable, so even I see this Republican outrage as hypocritical and just an easy way to bash Obama and the Democrats. It is a practice exercised by both parties, attack the other side for doing basically the same thing you do. Several here made valid points that should be discussed instead of focusing on Obama allowing amnesty. Millions of immigrants are here, and they are not going back. In theory, illegals should be sent back, but there is no practical or logistical way to do so. That is reality. There is a cost benefit ratio to illegals, and that cost is high. The burden of which hits the states the hardest. This must be addressed when the federal government keeps allowing so many to enter and stay. It is politically motivated. Immigrants, at least for now, vote heavily Democratic. I think that will change as future generations are more Americanized and see their pay checks taxed to death. There are many things to attack Obama on without clubbing him over the head on this. If Republicans had always worked hard to keep illegals out or send them back, they would have more credibility on the issue. The truth is, however, many businesses exploit the cheap labor and business is the Republican vote, so they have hardly been zealous on the issue. For over 40 years the issue of illegal immigrants has been growing with little done to address it. Though a threshold is sure to be reached soon, the blame for that can hardly be placed all on Obama.
  18. I liked Bill Cosby as a comedian, and I liked him because he was speaking out about black problems that the so called real black leaders would not address. However, if all these allegations are true, then of course, I would have to reconsider my opinion of him. Though, it will be hard not to want to listen to Cosby "Himself" again, that is one of the funniest comedy tapes ever, right is right, and wrong is wrong, and I cannot support any criminal behavior. That said, those who deny political motive in outing him now are naive. If Cosby is a rapist he should pay, but the allegations have obviously floated for years, so that begs the question. I mean, we have seen people again and again, defend, or at the very least not tacitly condemn, many other's bad, even criminal, behavior, and we have we rarely, if ever, seen a black actor, athlete, or comedian criticize another black man's behavior in the public arena? So why is Cosby the special one who gets called out in front of the world by a black comedian and at this particular time? If people were so outraged by Cosby's behavior, and they should be, then this should have been addressed years ago. It sounds like to me that he was being protected until it was no longer in the best interest of those who were protecting him. I do not see any other way to read it. If anyone does, they are delusional. .
  19. On the fight, I agree with you in principal, but sticking up for your teammate should not hurt the rest of your teammates. There are many ways, and many other times during a game to give payback without it being detrimental to your team. Many times such payback is exacted without fans ever knowing. It is about being smart and stealthy when in doing things. Everybody knows the person who responds to the instigator is, more times than not, the one who gets caught and penalized. Let payback come a play or a series later when the guy is in on a play. That way the message is sent, and it is done more discreetly to avoid penalizing your own team. Showing toughness may mean instant reaction, however, being tough while also being smart and devious, to me, is much more intimidating.
  20. The Falcons are in first place in the NFC South, but honestly, being the least ugliest person among a group of ugly does not make one good looking.
  21. I initially questioned its authenticity, but when I saw Falcons 4th and 11, it erased any doubts.
  22. I know we are all upset at the season, but let us not go off into the abyss. We have enough players who are proven inadequate, that I think we should have no need to create animosity toward players yet proven so.
  23. Is this a trick question? A win over the Bucs, job security does not make. However, if one is to accept anything is possible, yes there is a chance, but not in the remotest is it based on a hardly impressive win over the Bucs. As I have said before, there would have to be a drastic turnaround that is palpable. Meager wins against bad opponents will not do. Last second field goals will not do. Only a drastic, indisputable, turnaround would do. What does that mean? In my opinion, the Falcons would have to be so obviously impressive and dominate near every opponent left on the schedule. The Falcons would then have to be impressive in the playoffs. One and out will not do. Losing in ridiculous style will not do, so nothing less than a very respectable performance in a NFC Championship game or the Super Bowl would have me even begin to consider another year of Smith. Is there a chance? Sure, but like man falling 100 feet, there is the chance one could survive. 1 out of 100 may even do it, but the odds say, your dead.
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