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I have been Married 19 years and have two daughters ages 16 and 18. I lean Libertarian and despise hypocrisy. My Interest vary- woodworking, writing, reading, mostly history (mainly Revolutionary period) and mystery (think Agatha Christie and Patricia Cornwell), and I also like to draw. I like grilling, mainly BBQ, and I do some mean ribs or so I am told. I am an avid music lover. I have radio/ players in every room in the house. My music collection covers virtually all genres from all decades 1950s to present. However, I like mostly pre 2000 stuff, but with kids I hear new songs and like one occasionally. Naming one favorite song is hard to do, but if pushed, I would have to say Sweet Child 'o' Mine. I have over 1000 45s, and I still play them today.

I have a self- published book, a political thriller, on Amazon. Not likely to be a best seller, but writing a book was one of those bucket list type things. I was born and raised in Georgia, but my wife is from Wisconsin. We met at the dance club "Studebakers" on Windy Hill Road in 1995, and in a true story, we almost broke up that New Years eve because her Packers beat my Falcons in the playoffs. It seems I had some trouble handling it properly.

We love the beach, and we hike occasionally. My brother has cabin in the North Georgia Mountains and he allows our use of it, so I like the outdoors, although I cannot say I am out there near as much as others are. I have big fire pit I built in the back yard, and we spend a lot of time out there in the fall and early winter. In fact, we watch the Falcons out there when we can.

I have been a Falcons fan since 1977 when I was nine years old. We had season tickets at old Fulton County Stadium, and I attended the Falcons' first playoff game on Christmas eve 1978. The Falcons were down 13-0, on a cold, rainy day, but as we were about to leave, because I was getting wet, cold, and whiny, Bartkowski hit Wallace Francis for a long touchdown. We sat right back down, and the Falcons won 14-13.


My daughter made me this out of popsicle sticks.


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