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  1. That, I agree with. It actually it started getting bad when 24 hour news began. With all that airtime to fill, they cover everything. The problem is, not every dam story needs to be a national story. It brings people to bad conclusions. Having CNN, MSNBC, and FOX reporting everything is it makes everything seem like a national issue. Simply put, most news should be kept localized to the area it affects. Local news should report this news and the national media should let it be. Instead reports are picked for their inflammatory subject and reported on the cable news channels, which people automatically extrapolate to the whole nation. Instantly, an isolated or local problem becomes a national issue or crisis. We have 400,000,000. The fact is, things are going to go wrong. Report just the bad stuff and this country looks ugly. People will always fight, argue, disagree, commit crime, hate, and so on. There is no way around that truth. We will all never all agree, but the media, seems intent to divide the nation by emphasizing inflammatory news and making every single thing that happens in this country a national issue. Were the wildfires in Georgia indicative that every state should have wildfires too?
  2. I'm ready, Super Bowl. I'm ready, Super Bowl. I'm ready. Sorry guy, getting excited about the game. The Falcons are in the Super Bowl after all. The only Trump I speak of the rest of the week is the Falcons Trumping the Patriots. After all...
  3. Everybody just chill for a moment.
  4. Conservatives were not in the streets rioting, protesting, and making a general nuisance and annoyance of themselves. Liberals who protest in such a manner cost taxpayers money, damage property and do nothing more than make the people involved look ridiculous and out of control. They accomplish nothing. It is mob mentality. It is group think. It is lead by celebrities and politicians spouting rhetoric and using demagoguery to enrage people to do their dirty work and try to get their way through intimidation. Protesters do not know they are being manipulated. They are just foolish to believe the words of Madonna or Samantha Bee or John Lewis. Conservatives complain. We criticize. We say many things, but we respect the process and the law. We respected that Barack Obama and Bill Clinton were the Presidents of the United States though many did not like them. We respected the office of the President if nothing else. We accepted that our ideas lost and moved on.
  5. As I hear there are protest in Houston, I will say one last time what I have said before. Liberals are the most hateful, angry, and selfish people on earth. They cause more divisiveness with their tantrums, protest, and rhetoric simply because they cannot not have everything their way. Then they have the edacity to accuse Trump of being divisive. This kind of behavior is exactly why Trump won. People are fed up with those that pitch fits when that do not get their way absolutely. The ones now turning the Super bowl into a political debacle because Brady is friends with Trump. How ridiculous. Where were the protest for the inaction by the NFL on hundreds of domestic abuse cases? Where are the protest in Chicago over hundreds of murders. Really people, grow up, and stop being such whiney, crybabies, and focus on the real problems.
  6. I, personally, never said such or have I ever criticized Obama for using executive orders. Republicans are just as hypocritical as anyone. Trump is not a typical Republican. It touches on another reason I like Trump now. He was getting no love from the Republican party nor did he care to appease them to get it. In fact, he basically won shunning the Republican establishment, they believed, he could not win without. That is great. Trump was pounded by the media, Hollywood, entertainment cabal. Every news program, late night talk show, television program, singer, actor, or celebrity constantly attacked Trump, trying to bring him down. That, I expected, but even Republicans were bowing to political correctness. Republicans started stepping away from Trump, but Trump simply said I do not need you. Conclusion, we may have the first President who will do what he thinks is best for this country without worrying if he is upsetting Demorcrats, Republicans, other countries, special interest groups or Aliens landing in New Mexico. Trump appears to be truly a man outside the establishment, and he won. I have to respect that.
  7. Trump just keeps impressing, and this also means he must be doing the right things.
  8. He is being more Presidential in the first week than most Presidents do in four years. He is addressing problems and actively trying to do the things he promised and do the things many people have wanted done or believed would never be done. He is not interested in popularity or agendas. Federal employee hiring freeze Actually addressing he carnage in Chicago that should have been addressed long ago while Obama was busy stoking protest over a couple of shootings. The federal government can and should step in to protect lives and property when local officials cannot or will not, instead of liberals habit of having the federal government step in when someone is offended or their feelings are hurt. Reducing the role of the U.S. in the U.N. This a big one. I hope this is the first step to getting out. Dakota pipe line getting done Concentrating on jobs, talking to the auto industry CDC conference on climate change and health cancelled. This reeked of a liberal propaganda conference that was allowed under democrats. Actually addressing how to keep terrorist out of this country and it is just getting started. Liberals are having a fit, and I am loving it. Their behavior, predictable, is abhorrent, childish, and comparable to a spoiled brat not getting their way. Many did not like President Obama but did not act like jackasses after his election. I did not even vote in this election. I was not that excited, but I am now. It is so refreshing to have a President working for the country instead of catering to every whiney, self absorbed, special interest group who's feelings get hurt. It appears President Trump has a thought out plan, and knows what he wants to do. It appears he is well prepared for the job, how refreshing is that. Stay tuned. Trump may just become the best President of the last 60 years.
  9. Maybe not, but she does do a popular show, the View. I happened to catch her say this while waiting at the dentist office. I was already queasy just being at the dentist. This statement made my queasiness worse, but nevertheless, the show is popular. The audience wildly cheered after she said that. Obviously, if there were not a lot of people who believed this, the show would not be on, because I imagine she and the other host say such things quite often. Evidently, a large portion of people do believe in what she and the other host say.
  10. Give it time. The teenage years tend to make the thought of your children moving out a little easier.
  11. I look at things this way now. After Obama was re- elected, I did not so much as surrender as simply reach acceptance. I wrote on here a few years ago that the 2016 election would be important in signaling, I believe, which direction this country shall go for the rest of its existence. I still believe that, but I have reached a peace of sorts. The bottom line is if the majority of people in this country want a more paternal, controlling, involved government, and want to drift toward a socialist, even authoritarian government, then it shall be. In that, I have to adapt or leave. I am not angry. I feel for my children and their eventual cost in financial and personal freedom, but it seems the direction is set. I can see and feel that more and more people are wanting more government in their lives. I heard Whoopi Goldberg use those exact words. More and more people believe the government can fix all that ails them when the government is horrible at everything. More and more people seem fine with letting the government dictate to us how we should think or feel about everything and everyone. More and more people seem fine to depend on the government to take care of their personal finances, safety, and responsibilities. More and more people seem willing to relinquish all control of their lives to the government. More and more people seem to want what Democrats are selling, and if that is the way it will be, it will be. I must, and have, accepted that. Stressing over it will only kill me sooner, of course, that could be a blessing.
  12. Are we being facetious? I cannot tell. It seems everything I write gets shot at, but that is ok. Anyways, thanks for the advice offered here. I think the biggest thing is she is going so far away, Montana. If anyone is wondering how she picked that school, it was her uncles fault. My brother took her and my younger daughter out that way last summer. They visited several states, Yellowstone Park, and she fell in love with the state. She wants to be a civil engineer like my brother, at least for now, and Montana State happens to offer that program. She immediately applied. We discussed the distance and the weather, but she was determined to attend there. I think it is good, however, she is just now beginning to be concerned with the cold weather. I told her that we discussed that. I just told her it will be an adjustment, but if you hate it, come back home and apply closer. I did tell her she needs to give it time. I think she will be fine. After the weather, comes the distance. Logistically, it is much more challenging than going to school closer to home. We decided she would fly out there. I just do not feel comfortable with her driving that distance by herself. Her mother is going up there with her to get in the room and do some shopping. We will ship most of her stuff during the proceeding weeks. I must mention, the cost. College is outrageous now, and after the grants and scholarships Montana State offered her, it is actually cheaper than going to school closer. We are helping with cost of travel and living and as much as we can, but she is getting loans to cover the rest of the cost of going to school, which will be about $15,000 dollars for one year. That is about $60,000 for four years. High, but I have heard of worse.
  13. Personally, I like posting with nearly everyone here, so making a list is hard to do.There are those I have agreement with more often, and of course, those that I have disagreement with more often. I do not use agreement of opinion as a decisive point of whether I like a poster or not. I look for respectfulness, and for one who at least tries to write a reasoned or appropriate response. One can disagree, and yet still be respectful and friendly. In that way, Holymoses comes to mind first. If one is insulting they will surely not be a favorite, but I never put anyone on ignore. There are many I could list. Flip Wilson, of course, the gentlemen of the board, but really, a list of the best is hard to do. The way to do this is to figure out who is generally tolerated by the most people whether you agree with them often or not. Jdave and Silentbob seem to be good at that. Of course, doing a list leaves many deserving posters out in the cold.
  14. Yeah, I am fully aware that after the adjustment period, we will be hard pressed to hear from her. Remembering how my mother would get on to me for not calling her enough, I know how it goes.
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