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  1. I rarely go to theaters. The price to see movies is just more than I am willing to pay, but I am going to make an exception next weekend and go see Everest. The reviews have been favorable, if not overwhelming, but I am going for the story. On that, I read a review from an expert on the '96 disaster, Nick Heil, and he said that even though Hollywood has added its usual improvisations, the movie does tell pretty accurately the story of what happened on Everest that May in 1996. He summed it up this way. "It’s fairly accurate. Obviously, they had to compress some things, move some things around even take some narrative or creative liberties with the storytelling for dramatic purposes. This is not a documentary. This is a Hollywood feature film. Some things are fictionalized. Some things are stretched a little bit and they needed to do this in order for the story remain coherent and for people to follow the characters along, and really to sort of maintain the integrity of the narrative but as far as what actually went down on Everest in 1996 these events are true." With that, my expectations are high. I just hope I am not disappointed.
  2. I wish I could believe this thread was popular for the quality of the presentation and its informative nature, but I know that the Deisel fiasco is the real reason, and knowing that is just so disheartening. However, with the movie coming out, it is relevant again.
  3. This is the simple thing. We can keep using white people as the reason for all that ills blacks, yet nearly 150 years after slavery and 50 years after the civil rights movement, many of the same problems are being dealt with, and until someone in the black community realizes that the problems are cultural, we will deal with them for another 50 years. Rap music and the thug culture needs to go so black males can have more positive influences in their lives. Fathers, education, science, there are so many successful black people who cannot get the attention that the rappers and athletes do. 50 years of affirmative action, favorable access to education, welfare, and other sorts of programs has not done it. However, the bigger problem coming is when Hispanics and Asians acquire a whole lot more power within the next 25 to 50 years. The white guilt thing cannot be used against them, and they will probably be a whole lot less sympathetic to blacks complaints. There is a closing window, and if things go the next fifty years like the last fifty years, things could get worse for blacks. Call me whatever name you like, but a new breed of black leadership is needed desperately. Yes, a cop murdered a black man. He should go down, and he will, but acting like that is the panacea of what ills some parts of the black community is naive and just ignorant. Get it done now or the future majority may not be willing to even care.
  4. I appreciate that, but the post above your's pretty well explains that. As you know, alternative view points are not tolerated much, so one gets harassed and insulted until you just go find something else to do. I do realize when I stop posting, it is exactly what they wanted in the first place. They want to dominate opinion here, and the more of the people like me they can run off, the better. I try to pop in now and then, but I am hardly inclined to get back into those old, ugly, insulting "dialogues" anymore.
  5. I, again, want to point out that black females are the least represented demographic in this country. Black people and leadership are so misguided that black thugs shot by cops get more support and voices then black females who are far more deserving of a voice. The Atlanta cheating scandal has bothered me ever since I saw all the photos with all the black female teachers, who are being prosecuted under RICO, a law designed to take down the mafia. They face major jail time, and the one who was in charge is dead. I believe most of these teachers to be good people who were forced to do something by higher ups and are being prosecuted to send a message, but I think it is just to harsh. As if this is the only district that has cheated. No, I do not condone cheating, so why does it bother me? Well, this is why. These women are hardly dangers to society. They cheated the kids, but these women are redeemable. They contributed to society. Sending them to prison for this would really do nothing but remove good people, who did not commit violence of any sort, who did not steal anything, who were simply put in a bad position by those in power, from a society that needs them. Contrast that to the black males that have been shot of late who were not only not contributing to society, but most likely just taking away from it. Despite the fact all had records, or had been suspected of criminal activity, or had warrants, they got screaming voices and protest on their behalf. They got support as if they were pillars of the community, and I know these black females wish they could muster only a fraction of that, but no one seems to care. How screwed up is that????
  6. I do not think they are. What we get is the media publicizing white cops shooting black men, but the police interact with, I would guess, thousands more people each day of all colors without an incident. No one pays attention to that, despite the fact that the sheer number of people the police interact is bound, statistically speaking, to have a few end badly with either the cop or the person they are dealing with ending up hurt or dead. I read stories of white suspects being shot by police with little fanfare to follow. I am not naive, there are cops who do think certain ways, including black cops. Do we think a black cop going into a redneck meth house would not have a stereotype of those inside? A white cop surely would. They are cops, but they are human. They deal with nothing but bad people day in and day out. I have said many times, that there is not enough done to aid police in keeping a healthy mind whatever color they may be. White cop, black cop, Hispanic cop, it does not matter. A darkness can set in when all you see is the worst in humanity all the time. As for Slager, I think he just snapped, pure and simple. There is nothing on this earth that would have most professional law enforcement think they could put eight bullets in the back of a person and explain it away. Color might not have had anything to do with it. Slager might have just been ready to go off, and Scott just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time and after the struggle on the ground, Slager's rage took over.
  7. One last note, I feel there will eventually be a law enforcement pull back, so to speak. It is getting to controversial and tough for them to do their jobs. Management may try to negate risk by pulling back police patrols, but this will only hurt black neighborhoods who need protection. I would definitely remove white officers from policing majority black neighborhoods for the time being. Too much tension is building, and because blacks will obviously not trust white officers, the effectiveness of their job will go down, and the chance for many more tragic confrontations will increase. I support this officer getting what he deserves for murder, and I also demand professional, ethical policing, but remember, there are still a whole lot more bad guys out there that do not wear badges. My fear is, if we attack, scrutinize, and criticize police until we make the job so unattractive no one wants to do it, we will lose good cops, have fewer cops, and the bad guys will have a free for all.
  8. Thoughts . First, this cop is guilty of murder. No doubt about it. Even without the tape, he would not be able to explain eight shots in the back. Second, this incident is nothing like the other recent ones, because in those cases, the evidence leans toward the cops story. In this case, the evidence does no such thing. Third, despite this, no one has given me an incident involving a completely innocent black male, with a clean record and no warrants, say picking up litter or helping an old lady across the street, getting shot. Scott had a warrant for not paying child support, and that a pillar of the community does not make. No, he does not deserve to die, but when one sets up circumstances to cross with police, things can go wrong. This cop will go down for murder, but I think Scott would rather be alive and just doing what was asked would have allowed that. Obey the law, have a clean record and no warrants for your arrest, obey the officer, and I promise you the chances of getting shot go nearly to zero. For this stuff to end, both sides have to straighten up their act. Cops have to act professional at all times and shoot when only necessary. Blacks have to stop the antagonizing tactics toward cops. All that said, before I would ever say there is a epidemic of cops shooting blacks, I would like context on the whole. Meaning, I would like to see the numbers of blacks shot by white cops, blacks shot by black cops, whites shot by white cops, and whites shot by black cops. We are not getting the whole story from the media. We are getting publicized cases seemingly meant to create hostility between blacks and whites.
  9. Oh Google Bot, you are to this message board what the movie Jacka$$ is to The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and sciences.
  10. Thank you, and as you can see, the thread got a little disoriented and lost in the middle, per usual, but I am hoping it can find its way back and make the descent without any more mishaps.
  11. To get this thing back on topic, here is a photo of the line to get up the Hillary step, the last part to climb to reach the summit on Mount Everest. It is also one of the hardest, and all these people, one by one, have to climb up the rope to the summit and come back down the same way. This, along with the line being filled with those hardly considered elite climbers, causes hours of waiting and delays extending climb and desent times into the 24 hour period and all above 26000 feet. Here in lies the problem. Oxygen tanks vary, but last for about four to six hours, and most climbers carry two with a possible third sitting in a place for later use. This varies by climber, but on average, one has about eighteen hours of oxygen, but if the climb and descent extend past this time, the situation can quickly become dire. Already exhausted and frigid from hours of climbing, running out of oxygen can bring the quick end to one's day-- and life. As you can see, it can be quite a clusterfukk up there. These types of scenes are why many elite climbers now avoid Mount Everest. It is dangerous, even to them.
  12. Listen, I am not defending anyone's actions. I just like to keep things in perspective with this being a message board filled mostly with anonymously posted comments. Really, are the ones trying to make themselves look better than Deisel by slamming him any better than Deisel's exaggerations to do the same. The truth, so to speak, has been publicly announced, so since he is a message board poster and not a senator, what more is there to do? I see two options here. One, a person can totally ignore Deisel and go about their business, or two, they can obsess about Deisel and spend all their time hounding him to man up to his lies. Number two option does not seem very productive but it is certain to cause many threads to derail. Please people, do not be a hounder. They are the least among us. They wreck threads, start fights, add nothing pertinent, and simply seek attention in a very destructive manner. There are a couple of hounders around here, and they are really the only ones I hold in contempt.
  13. Ok, ok, I admit it. I do not really have nine inches. On that, the best comeback I ever heard for such an embellishment was when I was a teeager. One of my friends made the cliched remark about having a big d1ck, and my other friend said "Well, spit it out. It ain't yours."
  14. I agree, and I like that you know when to stop. You made your point and let it go. That is a trait I always appreciate. I do not know the whole story, but Deisel did climb Rainer. That is fact, and if this Chuck Crawford is real and true, Deisel embellished some to make himself look better. I will not defend it. That is something I try to avoid doing, but we all know no matter who goes where or does what, the stories they tell always have some extra spice to them to make them more entertaining or impressive.
  15. For the record, I did climb Stone Mountain. This is the truth. I grew up in Lithonia, and we basically spent our summers at Stone Mountain, so I climbed it several times as a teen. I have also climbed it once with my daughter. I have witnesses and photos, so I dare someone to refute it.
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