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  1. LOL, I remember that play vividly. He had done a pretty good job until that point. He air mailed that *****.
  2. Totally agree. Both have cannons but Allen may have the strongest arm I've ever seen.
  3. The one positive from this game is we'll get to see if Ryan can lead us to a game tying/winning score in the 4th quarter. When's the last time we had a 4th quarter comeback.?
  4. Off topic but funny: Jimmy Johnson said playing the Jets was like "playing against air." INSTANT KARMA. They're kicking the Cowboy's ***.
  5. Holy crap, Oliver made a play. I might need to clean my glasses.
  6. Other than a handful of games in his career, Ryan has never been the problem here. Quite the opposite, he's been pretty **** consistent.
  7. Hooper is ballin' but is this by design? What I mean is our TE has become has most productive receiver and it seems like it's been planned that way.
  8. I wouldn't go that far... at least not on this message board. Ok, I didn't get the Animal House reference... my bad.
  9. Watched the whole game. KC's defense was trash. Giving up gashing running plays right up the middle.
  10. There were 21 penalties called in the KC/Hou game... almost impossible to watch.
  11. We can't even kickoff? DQ shouldn't survive this season. Offense hasn't been great, but good enough to win games. Defense is complete garbage, worse than last year.
  12. Alford was way better than Oliver, but his problem was he was a penalty machine that resulted in automatic 1st downs. Didn't think Oliver could be worse but he certainly is.
  13. Never thought I'd say this but I want Alford back. Oliver is just not a good football player, period!!
  14. And that's the whole problem with this team, they are never prepared in the beginning of the season because they treat them like egg shells. His *** needs to be out there along with all of the other starters. You're not gonna magically get better by sitting on the bench.
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