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  1. And that's the whole problem with this team, they are never prepared in the beginning of the season because they treat them like egg shells. His *** needs to be out there along with all of the other starters. You're not gonna magically get better by sitting on the bench.
  2. There's a lot of truth to this statement. I had planned on spending $600 to take my two boys to watch the Saints game on Thanksgiving night. No way I'm spending a dime until I see a team that is ready to play. This is the worst the Falcons have ever looked in the Matt Ryan era and it's not close.
  3. One thing has been consistent under Quinn. This team is never ready to play game 1.
  4. That was not Matthew's fault. He can't block two guys!! That's scheme.
  5. In the voice of Mills Lane.... LET'S GET IT ON!
  6. The only head scratcher to me is keeping Schaub and risking losing two young QBs that show a little promise. We all know if Ryan goes down then we are screwed, so I really don't see the value in keeping Schaub. He's experienced and may be helpful in the film room but on the field I don't see the young guys playing any worse.. honestly I think they'd play better.
  7. Everybody said I was crazy when I said we were gonna miss him. Just glad he's back!!
  8. I'd be blowing up his phone RIGHT NOW. it can't hurt. This team depends way too much on a FG kicker and you can't be missing routine kicks.
  9. This is one case where I don't like being right. No way Bryant misses any of the 3 kicks I've seen this dude miss.
  10. I told everyone we were gonna miss Bryant. How do you keep Schaub and cut Bryant???? I don't get it at all.
  11. I told you that dude was our best steal in this draft. he's gonna be a beast.
  12. Typo my friend, trying to give him props.
  13. If you can't see what a weapon Ollison can be then I don't know what you're watching. That dud IS ALREADY our 3rd. back.
  14. He's not looked great, that's for sure.... but he's also been running behind guys that will be bagging groceries next week. I'm pulling for him.
  15. Ollison is the closest thing we've had to a power back in years. I have very high hopes for him.