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  1. I said 27 before I even opened this thread. Sounds like we all agree that's a good number.
  2. Lindstrom is the best OG prospect in the draft according to multiple sources that I trust. I wouldn't take him at 14, but if he somehow falls to the 2nd then grab him. Not likely at all though.
  3. I was one that hated this signing until I saw the numbers. Good job, TD.
  4. What I saw was a Rams team that was playing great defense and was totally inept on offense. Once the Patriots figured out the Rams couldn't move the ball at all they played very conservatively. Goff was horrible and they simply didn't use Gurley enough. Even Brady missed some easy throws. It was the most boring SB I've ever seen. I don't mind watching a defensive game, but that normally includes a lot of pressure, sacks and turnovers. That game was just ugly in my opinion.
  5. Dude I hate the Saints, but you guys got screwed and I said it when it happened. Sure there were other missed calls in that game but none like that one.
  6. The truth is, Brady is literally 4 plays away from having 2 rings instead of 6. 1) the fumble reversal against the raiders 2) INT on the 1 yd line instead of giving it to Beast Mode 3) Falcons calling a dumb*** pass and Freeman missing a block instead of just running it 3 times 4) Dee Ford lining up offsides. If that's not some lucky **** then I don't know what is.
  7. A buddy of mine is in town from Dover and he was headed to the airport and just sent me a message. He saw a sign that read "cheated, not defeated."
  8. The Sporting News has the Falcons picking Deandre Baker with the 14th overall pick. Both Trufant and Alford sucked this year, but I will be shocked if it's not a lineman in the 1st.
  9. First part is true, the second not. Been a Braves fan my whole life but they won because their division sucked *** year after year. When they played outside of their division they were just average. Fact is, the Patriots have played in the easiest division nearly every year.
  10. I get where you're coming from. I don't think anything was intentional but the refs affected both games big time today. The Saints got absolutely screwed. The Chiefs had one horrific call against them, the PF on Brady, but I'm not sure if that would've made the difference in the game because you can't even win a coin toss against the Pats.
  11. I hate the ******* Saints but that is the worst non-call I've ever seen.
  12. Best team in the league is probably the wrong way to state it. If they can cover a TE, they beat SF in 2012 then go on to beat Baltimore in the SB. If Shanahan runs the ball 3 times and kicks a FG, we win another one in 2016. As I'm sure you remember, they were up huge in both games.
  13. I'm sorry but it sounds like you're blaming their failures on the fans and I believe that's silly. Green Bay has a population of 100,000. Atlanta has 6 million. Our identity is we choke. The Braves had the best pitching staff in the history of baseball and won one championship. Not only that, every single one of their games were broadcast nationwide and in Canada. The Falcons had the best team in the league in 2012 and 2016 and have very little to show for it. The Hawks have always been mediocre at best, even in the Dominique years.
  14. He did the same thing here and we released him.
  15. I say go get him NOW. That dude has been good everywhere he has been. Watch Cleveland's defense make a step backwards next year. We don't even have a DC. Even if Quinn calls the plays you need someone to direct the defense in practices and filming sessions.