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  1. 49ers will absolutely beat us, Jags are a pretty bad team they'll probably struggle to put up 14, and Bucs probably can get a win.
  2. Are they playing in the Benz? They do something to the turf? Guys dropping left and right out there
  3. An old guy that's had health concerns and needed to take a step back at the HC or OC level? A long with another old guy as DC? Let's at least try and keep it at or under 60 for a long term play.
  4. It's just trash talk lol, McGary was liking tweets trashing Cam after the first game, and after handling McGary with ease Cam gets to return the favor with a little trash talk. Hopefully it makes for healthy competition and growth for McGary.
  5. That's expected of every player lol, Jordan's got 60 pounds on Matt and every one else on offense that isn't a lineman.
  6. Also not like he's had the best run blocking either
  7. Probably end up with Okudah in that scenario which I can't be mad at that
  8. It's delusional to believe the Falcons are talked about enough or cared about enough by most of the country or media for them to be the laughing stock of the league lmao. People are more into whatever antics Odell and Baker get into than caring about us or any of the other trash teams.
  9. What makes this year any worse than others where all Georgia sports teams lost at the end of the day?
  10. Of the coaches named Mike I'd take Tomlin before I take McCarthy any day of the week
  11. I mean that is the type of capital you ask for when you're trading away a player that's the best in the league at their position. I mean imagine what we'd probably ask for to trade away Julio.
  12. I need a turnover to ease my heart
  13. If you're clearly all over a guy that has to be enough evidence
  14. I know a Patriots fan that has wished injury on numerous players during a game, and well we know how fortune has treated the Patriots.
  15. I like to make fun of Cam as much as the next guy, but you gotta go back to the drawing board with this one
  16. The Eagles secondary is trash at least
  17. You're just now feeling resentment for this team lol
  18. He's not dirty, I can see how other fans of teams may feel some way about him. I mean we'd be upset if our guys were on the receiving end of hits like Keanu's.
  19. If he's getting signed we should probably here something later today or tomorrow Or he went and asked for a nice pay day which I would too if I was him and FO is stuck twiddling their fingers.
  20. Bryant also ended up on 4 different teams in that 7 year timespan as you'd expect from a guy that can't consistently be counted on to hit 50 yarders.
  21. I mean what do we expect with 2 rookies on the line and another guard that isn't anything special
  22. Prefer guys have experience in getting thrashed by blitzes in preseason than have to go through it in regular season at least