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  1. That’s interesting.. I look at the defense and think they’re about 2-3 years away from being what’s needed to get a ring. I wouldn’t say a team’s window open if both sides of the ball aren’t in the talent level needed to hang with the best of em.
  2. We talk about Super Bowl windows all the time, if we just had a window does Blank still think that we're in a window with this statement or is it just the obvious answer you'd expect from an owner? At some point no matter the team there'll be a reset or down period to open that the SB window again. Is he going to let Smith and Fontenot do what needs to be done to open that window or does he feel that the window hasn't closed yet, I'm curious.
  3. If we had drafted Chase last year would you be trading him for one first round pick? Absolutely not lol, nor would WFT.
  4. I know we're all biased here as falcons fans but Sneed was easily the best rookie corner last year, Dantzler was also arguably better than Terrell, though if you ask any non falcons fan most would say Dantzler was the 2nd best corner. The cornerback class' performance as a whole was underwhelming, as far as Terrell goes I think he probably ends up being our CB2 if I had to take a guess on the future.
  5. I'm glad that this article informed us of everything we already have thought of and speculated about.
  6. His injury concern reminds me of MIchael Porter Jr falling to the 2nd to the Nuggets and look how well that's panned out for them.
  7. More of a question to if the team can build a competent enough roster to help him get a ring before father time plays a role, and as we all know we've only had one roster reach the SB in Matt's career.
  8. I think this Dallas rumor is a smokescreen created by our FO to increase the price tag and attempt to get more traction on trading out of 4. Don't believe that the Cowboys or Jerry are so enamored with Pitts.
  9. Then going off all reports and rumors we will be taking Pitts or Lance instead of Sewell. Unless all those reports are untrue, then I think we'd take Sewell.
  10. You'd hope that GMs are some of the most tapped in people around the league about what other teams are looking at around the league. Majority of reports have SF taking Fields or Jones anyway, unless that all is just a smokescreen as much as us taking PItts or Lance is a smokescreen according to some people here.
  11. Don't have any confidence in Darnold at all so I'm happy to hear this. Also gives us some insight on the draft that they must be pretty confident Fields wouldn't make it to their pick, perhaps even if they attempted trading down.
  12. They didn't really tell us anything we didn't already consider as a possibility. I'm cool with whatever happens at the end of the day, I just hope they draft well. All this speculation and rumor mill talk, there's no need for the draft to be at the end of the month, just give it to me already.
  13. Expected it'd happen eventually, only had 400 yards last year, hard to hang in their with the youth combined with the wear and tear all those years put onto the body. Obviously a future hall of famer and all around great guy from all that I've heard.
  14. Whoever the best player between pass rusher, safety, and corner is at the pick.
  15. No clue honestly, from what I've seen people say the safety class is a weak one, which is unfortunate. Haven't done much research on safeties or prospects past the 1st for the most part personally. Seen Jamar Johnson's name pop up as a bit of a sleeper, seems he's projected to go between the 2nd and 3rd. Believe Cisco is another who's stock dropped due to injury problems.
  16. I'd love one of the RBs, but we are in desperate need of a safety. Not sure what the talent drop is looking like for this Safety class from the 2nd to the 3rd, just know Moehring is projected as the best in the class and probably goes in the 1st.
  17. I'm sure they've spoken to and looked into other prospects, but Lance and Pitts seem to be at the top of their list if all media reports have some truth to them.
  18. Going off recent rumors or mocks if we stay at 4 Pitts or QB would appear to be the only interests
  19. Shouldn't matter too much I think, least not for QBs, I'm sure if we could take the greatest mental aspects and combine with the greatest physical traits you'd have Goku out there on the field, but this isn't madden.
  20. So, since every team in the league has to fill their roster out and have 53 guys to field a team. Then technically can't every team go BPA? Maybe outside of QB because of how important that is, but at what point do you choose to fill a need over BPA per say is what I'm trying to figure out. If BPA and said need don't happen to correlate with who's available at a pick.
  21. I don't know how signing a body helps BPA exactly, you read about this guy and the general gist you get is that he's trash and hopefully never has to see the field. Between him and Hennessy who isn't a proven talent at this point, I don't see how one could say this allows BPA anymore than before he was signed.
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