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  1. His first two years there was a solid rookie season followed up by a great sophomore year. He was succeeding there until getting injured in his 3rd year and being suspended from the league as he struggled with drug abuse, but all signs point to him succeeding and he did in fact succeed in the first two years of his career. Culpepper isn't a HOFer, nor was Oakland's QB, Mike Trice and Norv Turner are certainly not HOFers either, yet Moss was still doing great things playing with them. Julio never had a HOF coach, Hopkins hasn't had a HOF coach and a plethora of bad QBs to boot. TO only played 3 seasons with Steve Young and had his best years with Jeff Garcia throwing him the ball, no other QB he played with is a HOFer, none of his coaches are HOFers either. He played two years with Andy Reid who surely will go into the hall, but he was a great receiver before Reid was ever in the picture and continued to be after leaving Philly. Jerry Rice is the only player listed that has QBs and a coach in the HOF is Rice.
  2. Why would his career be over if he was drafted by the Browns? If Josh Gordon succeeded there then Julio would as well. Receiver and perhaps corner are probably the positions that'd be least impacted by poor coaching and untalented rosters. Jerry Rice, Moss, Owens, Hopkins, Julio, TO, etc all still would have good careers at the least if they were drafted by other teams, they're just that talented.
  3. Goes to show that Orgeron was carried by some elite talent with Justin Jefferson setting a rookie record at receiver, then Chase coming in the NFL on pace to break his former teammates record. A conversation may need to be had about how much Joe Brady really impacted things at LSU. I won't hate on Brady's NFL tenure thus far with his best offensive player constantly injured.
  4. His competition is playing like Randy Moss, so no it's not a disappointment at all
  5. I think we should trade for Miles Sanders He's practically got no mileage on him with how little and how poorly the Eagles utilize him, and he looks great when he does get the touches. Think he'd pair great with Patterson, and should be on the cheaper side to get in a trade imo. Only issue is his contract does end soon and if he's any smart he'll go somewhere that will properly feed him and earn himself a nice contract.
  6. Let guys pick up 16 yards on a 1st and 19, the most falcons thing ever
  7. Lmao the dolphins are going to trade for Watson before this game even ends
  8. Receivers aren't supposed to be able to make a catch while eating a good solid hit, that's a good defensive play for a reason, it's hard to keep the catch.
  9. I can't remember the last time I saw an offensive player get called for that honestly, they tend to do it somewhat frequently before a tackle too.
  10. Middle and left side of the defense just treated like swiss cheese that drive.
  11. And he's doing it without much of a pass rush to boot, imagine what this guy can do when we have more talent strung across the defense.
  12. Thankful that this draft is deep at edge and corner, but anyone not having Matt Corral as QB1 makes me question their evaluations drastically. Granted I doubt we take a QB in the first anyway.
  13. Tua played a good game, made some crucial mistakes with those interceptions, but he played well. Coaching was the biggest issue for Miami last Sunday.
  14. They're already gelling, should look better next season with adding better talent in the draft and whatever they can scavenge in free agency.
  15. Pro bowl is a popularity contest and with our defense not being good enough to be talked about it's not really likely to happen for AJ. It's All Pro that you really wanna care about, granted I wouldn't expect AJ to be voted all pro in year two, or any of the other sophomore corners for that matter.
  16. He has, but his biggest asset has been his ability to make interceptions. Which is great, but I don't think it's pretty difficult for that to be sustainable all season or over multiple seasons for that matter. Time will tell ultimately, but if the interceptions ever dry up and the yards he gives up doesn't improve on top of the penalties? It'll really start to show a toll.
  17. Diggs is a ballhawk, but he's not the soundest in coverage, there's a difference in QBs barely throwing at a guy because he's lockdown, and a guy getting tested because receivers are able to beat him at a decent rate. He gets the bonus of media loving the Cowboys and his ability to find the ball has been amazing so far, like a Marcus Peters 2.0. That said, Jaylon Johnson and AJ Terrell have been the two best corners from that draft class so far.
  18. I don't believe teams practice during the bye week so you'll have to look out for news next week I'd guess.
  19. How'd you guys like Richie the times he was out there on defense? Only noticed him once on one play when he broke up a run in the backfield I think.
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