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  1. Lmao Bucs are clowns
  2. **** that's a nice pick for the Bucs
  3. How do you guys feel about this? Would you still take a chance on him, or just remove him from the list? Also could someone tell me how to embed Twitter posts
  4. Why would you have any reason to think he's cryptic when he's never done anything cryptic before lol. He's not the riddler
  5. Aaron Rodgers on a competent team is always the correct answer.
  6. There's no reason to believe this Team would've beat the Vikings in Minnesota when they barely beat an Eagles team with Foles at QB would've been the narrative had we beat the eagles. And nobody can be confident that we'd win the SB when Doug literally coached a perfect offensive gameplan to beat the Pats. One slip out there or a conservative moment and the Pats would have number 6 right now. Sark certainly wasn't going to coach a perfect game.
  7. Great play calling one Philly that game. Something our coaching staff isn't as good at
  8. Didn't know that was reviewable but ok
  9. Takk is injured y'all I don't think he coming back out
  10. Hopefully 2-3 weeks of sitting at home got the eagles looking sloppy today
  11. It'd be nice to tire them out, but that's a stout and tough front 7 over there. Passing game more likely to go off than the run imo.
  12. Didn't they just announce that they were having a baby? She that many months in at the Time of announcement?
  13. What is wrong with this state man. Did the spirits of Native Americans and Slaves come together to curse it forever
  14. Easily the 8-8 season how is this even a question. You had the bills game with another case of clown reffing in that free TD. Add in the inconsistent offense, but an improved defense, it doesn't compare.
  15. Only thing I've really kept playing is MUT and playing friends online. First time playing Ultimate Team and as a person who isn't buying microtransactions I'd saying doing well with my team Franchise mode needs a serious revamp.