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  1. Wouldn't he make way more money going back to college ball
  2. Don't really see much point in having Sutton around the facilities at all, may as well have picked up some senile homeless man off the streets, same results.
  3. Why trade for Gurley when you can get a better back in Kareem Hunt
  4. Guys play hurt all the time it's the NFL. Didn't Terrell Owens play with a broken leg or something, Phillip Rivers with an ACL injury of some sort in the playoffs I believe, and I'm sure you can find plenty of examples of guys saying "Yeah, I was hurt that season." If he doesn't need surgery on it then I think they could get away with it
  5. Too bad Bryant not getting any younger
  6. chiefs vs rams woulda been better considering the chiefs have no defense
  7. Do they really have nothing better to do?
  8. I think in 2017 when we played the Dolphins there was a clear forward pass that they ruled a fumble for a TD even after review. Didn't lose the game, but a free 7 points essentially.
  9. This kick has me shook
  10. I hope both these teams get murdered in the SB, whoever wins this game.
  11. Starting to feel like the Rams game to lose with these burnt out drives
  12. Think it might be time to start the narrative that Gurley is the worst outta Sony and Chubb
  13. Gurley might have worst hands than Tru
  14. Gurley was terrible at catching in our playoff game against them, and he's screwed up here too