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  2. Wilson has been murdered for about the last 3 years straight with his atrocious line and could very possibly get into the wild card
  3. Looks Beasley feels he'll be getting those hall of fame honors in the future
  4. If you looked at the Packers over the last 3 years now you would be foolish to want to touch McCarthy as a HC. OC he might be fine.
  5. That punt was horrendous, and the offensive play calling in the second half wasn't much better.
  6. No on is excusing what happened, he was provoked by a racist POS and in turn made a terrible decision. That doesn't mean that he's a horrible human being who can't right his wrongs and doesn't deserve a second chance. Obviously you feel much more harsher towards any situation like that having gone through it in your own life which I'm sad to hear you had to have that in your life.
  7. College football is trash, watching college offenses is pure cancer lmao
  8. Well considering the fact that he isn't a woman beater, unlike a Mixon or Hill who repeatedly struck a woman making it a beating. A shove and a whiffed kick does not constitute as a beating in any realm of the word. That aside, I believe in second chances, kid is only 23 and he's never shown any history of getting into altercations prior to this. He'd take a cheap contract at that, but I don't see Blank wanting that type of PR, though I feel this is one of those that will get blown over after the next controversy pops up.
  9. I think we all agree that he shouldn't have done it, or should have handled it better. However, I'm not going to tell anyone how to act when racial slurs are being thrown at them, I can understand how easily someone could get emotional and make poor decisions, throw in any alcohol or drugs and it's likely not the smartest outcome. On top of the fact that Ray Rice was much worse in comparison, and the headlines of saying he brutalized her are completely over the top. At the end of the day I think the kid will get signed by someone, he doesn't deserve to have his career taken away from him. By the time summer rolls around no one will care about this and will be on to whatever the next big thing in the news is with how short the attention span of the general public has been as of late. Let's not forget that turd Ben is still in the NFL.
  10. People seem to forget Roddy was a dropping machine, and Julio had a few struggles his rookie year
  11. Schefter just said on ESPN that the Jags are open to trading Ramsey in the off season, how would you guys feel about it if we went after him? Also how do you embed twitter posts(Never mind it did it by itself)
  12. Brilliant stuff
  13. **** that sucks for Dez
  14. Was Julio limping some
  15. Well Julio is taller than Calvin so it looks easier for him, compared to Calvin who seems to have to jump higher for it. So the question is, do you discredit Julio due to having better physical traits, or do you give Calvin a bonus because he lacks the height of Julio.