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  1. I don't know why anyone would care about this list, the players themselves don't care about it and most of them don't even vote on it.
  2. Julio is a HOFer, if he will go first ballot is another discussion considering there only being 5 WRs to have gone first ballot.
  3. Why would he say he isn't the best lol, it's exactly like D Hop being asked if he feels he's the best receiver, they're supposed to feel that way.
  4. The best in the league I don't know, but I'd take that in a heartbeat
  5. Of course he should feel that way, any player that's considered top 3 at their position should feel that they're the best at their position.
  6. The jerseys may look better when we see them in action in a few months, but as of now I completely get why people would not like them much, it's pretty to easy to see why.
  7. i think ito will do better than freeman as of late was doing, i don't think any of our current RBs are exactly an answer for the next 4-5 years though
  8. More of a question of would our defense even stop mahomes
  9. Haven't we been having the "toughest schedule" for like the last 3 years
  10. Pretty good game, Eagles probably would've took it if Agholor didn't have hands like a Michelangelo sculpture
  11. He only kicked one 50+ yarder college. He was 1/2 against Connecticut State with the longest kick in that game being 27 yards. He made a 38 yarder against NC State that year as well, but never kicked a FG again until 2019 where he made one for 52 yards.
  12. Don't see much reason to think Hofrichter would be kicking FGs for us, of the 49 games he played in college he only had 4 FGAs, and only one kick from 52 which he made. He did however miss go 2/3 in 2017 with 38 being the longest attempt. So we'd definitely go back to the free agent pool if we weren't happy with Koo.
  13. Dolphins fans surprised they even got a 7th for him
  14. Yeah the guy is about an average backup rotational piece at present, not even starter caliber. If the trend of about one to two of the 4-7th round picks turning into consistent starters for us remains true for the 2019 class, I'd have to say it's leaning in favor to Sheffield and maybe Ollison. I just don't expect Cominsky to become anything more than an average player at best for us.
  15. Considering Hawkins probably won't be on the field much unless there's injuries I'm gonna go with Walker.
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