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  1. I need a turnover to ease my heart
  2. If you're clearly all over a guy that has to be enough evidence
  3. I know a Patriots fan that has wished injury on numerous players during a game, and well we know how fortune has treated the Patriots.
  4. I like to make fun of Cam as much as the next guy, but you gotta go back to the drawing board with this one
  5. The Eagles secondary is trash at least
  6. You're just now feeling resentment for this team lol
  7. He's not dirty, I can see how other fans of teams may feel some way about him. I mean we'd be upset if our guys were on the receiving end of hits like Keanu's.
  8. If he's getting signed we should probably here something later today or tomorrow Or he went and asked for a nice pay day which I would too if I was him and FO is stuck twiddling their fingers.
  9. Bryant also ended up on 4 different teams in that 7 year timespan as you'd expect from a guy that can't consistently be counted on to hit 50 yarders.
  10. I mean what do we expect with 2 rookies on the line and another guard that isn't anything special
  11. Prefer guys have experience in getting thrashed by blitzes in preseason than have to go through it in regular season at least
  12. It'd be important if you're asking who's more valuable or who'd you take overall, if you're just asking straight up who's better on the field it'd be irrelevant.
  13. What does AB being a nutcase have to do with the stats that would tell you who was better in X year or overall.