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  1. Have we ever seen any player in the NFL be aware of what other teams were offering for a trade? The most I can think of is players not okaying a particular team or giving a list of teams they're cool with going to. Meanwhile Takk is acting like he was personally on the phone setting up his own trade to know all this information.
  2. Is it common for a player to know if a team has gotten trade offers for them?
  3. With those assistants we'd be asking what coach we're hiring next within 2 years
  4. Not at all he's just saying it's business and how things go in the NFL or sports in general, he's got no control over that and it's nothing personal. Just sounds like he's completely aware that a new coaching regime will be coming in and it's quite possible that nobody is safe or that he could take staying here for granted. I mean we've traded guys before he's watched friends get traded away, Sanu is a prime example, it's all business.
  5. It's so many teams in front of the falcons currently and behind them that could use a QB, I wouldn't expect Lance to make it past the Redskins at pick #9 as is.
  6. Dunlap was also being a locker room problem and posting the team depth chart complaining, while a few of his teammates responded calling him out. I'm sure the Bengals were more concerned with shipping him out than caring much about the return.
  7. Because everyone said we didn't need a RB since we had Gurley, Hill, and Ito lol
  8. Some absolutely horrific musical opinions all over this thread
  9. Wouldn't expect them to start the process until they've hired a GM
  10. The rules state they can't, as to if teams follow those rules during the season and don't have backdoor methods around things is another question.
  11. He's giving us hope to going 0-16 along with the Jets and I can live with that, this team deserves it.
  12. Rather they take Etienne in the 2nd
  13. Chiefs will be a playoff team, and we wouldn't be able to interview him until the playoffs I believe, assuming the Chiefs don't block interviews while playoffs are ongoing.
  14. This is team is looking lifeless, I couldn't see more than 4 wins max out of the team. Only teams I'd expect to be worse are the Giants, Texans, Jets, and possibly Jags.
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