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  1. We’ll be lucky if he doesn’t retire again after 2 seasons hoping for the best defense in franchise history is a bit much
  2. Honestly the idea that the team would all of a sudden not be trying to win with Matt or without him is a bit silly. Our hopes for the roster is that it can only go up from here, and that isn't changing with Matt or a rookie that's sitting a year, they're still going to be improving on it regardless.
  3. Yeah he likely has the highest ceiling out of all the QBs, though I feel if we're gonna take a QB I'd rather they just sit for the season and then give them the keys in year 2, but regardless I think he'd fit well for us or any team to sit and learn.
  4. Think he'll have a pretty good career in the league, been watching some of his tape recently and he's QB2 to me.
  5. Best case scenario for them would be being able to take Lance in the draft. Otherwise they'll probably just roll with Jimmy or Rosen even if they are rather average QBs at best. Wouldn't surprise me if they try to inquire on obtaining Matt or perhaps Darnold though.
  6. Only backup QBs that were on the Titans during his two seasons as OC were Succup who is an FA and Woodside who is still under contract with the Titans. So if they are getting a QB through FA I'd guess Succup would be the guy.
  7. Why wouldn't he be? He's a top 10 receiver in the league, arguably a top 3 route runner, and still has the potential to become top 5 at his position. Add on that Julio isn't getting any younger and if Matt's to retire or no longer be on the team at some point within in the next 3 years, having a real good receiver for your next QB won't hurt at all.
  8. Brady is an outlier of an athlete what other QB was playing to his age and still looking good out there? Just a rare case of man quite literally being built different.
  9. He's played at the same level if not slightly better than Russel Wilson who is a great QB, had the most passing yards in the NFL and was 3rd in completion percentage. Statistically he's great, watching him play he's great, at worst he's bordering on the edge of being great.
  10. What he's done is be a great young QB, what else is he supposed to do, line up at center and play defense too? What team with no talent on it have you seen win games, is that supposed to be a slight to Watson? A player has no control over how competent their GM and coaches are.
  11. The man is a top 5 QB in the league at the age of 25 and was leading a terrible Houston team to multiple close games coming down to the end of the 4th only for his defense to blow it or for someone to fumble the ball away. As well as a whole locker room of guys that support him requesting a trade, he's clearly able to lead and have the respect of his peers.
  12. I'd put a good percentage of that on Koetters coaching and the offensive line, though even with the clean pocket stats Matt's numbers are below average. I think that we want to ignore age ever being a factor when it comes to Matt, but if you watched the games Matt did have some ugly deep balls at times or not enough on it to get to the target as needed. Rivers and Ben are within the same range with better offensive lines, but it's more than reasonable to think Matt's arm will likely age similar to all of the past QBs we've seen hitting that 38-40 range than being a outlier that'll be able to r
  13. Didn't really find Bears passing game to be all that grand this season or any season as of late, I mean bears have never been a franchise known for a thrilling pass game I guess so I'll cut them some slack. While I do believe Nagy is a terrible coach, I'd rather the team just pick up a rookie from the draft than giving Trubisky the money he'd probably ask for. If Smith is a QB whisperer or revivor he should be able to instill those talents/abilities into a rookie as well I'd imagine.
  14. Don't want to speculate too much, but seems like mentally he was going through some things unfortunately. RIP to him.
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