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  1. The black on white would be much better as home unis than the all black. The all white is pretty nice I can't lie.
  2. Lol not just twitter, most comments from instagram to reddit only like one particular set of the main three. Most of everyone thinks the throwbacks are nice of course.
  3. The Black top and white bottoms look way better than all black, please wear that color combo as home unis and not the all black
  4. Don't know how much I'm feeling the graident, might take some getting used to with that red, hopefully black is the primary though. Numbers are bit large as well.
  5. I like the Grey for the Bucs, the red is whatever, feel like too many teams have red unis in the league I could really deal with seeing less red lol. Overall I'd say they're decent, but not something I'd put as some of the best looking in the league.
  6. Oh god those look like the ugly jerseys they give you in Madden when you want to relocate a team and change their name
  7. Love Julio to death but will he go down as being universally accepted as better than Megatron and Moss? Highly unlikely. He will go down top 5 without a doubt though.
  8. What fantasy world are you in that you believe you can go tell Matt or a guy who's not even sure he'll be on the team for another season to play worse for a draft pick? It's 53 guys on a team, not boxing where one man just needs to take a dive.
  9. There are a number of teams with simple and plain uniforms that lose, so I don't see the correlation in that at all. Oddly enough though am I the only one that likes the Packers and Steelers throwbacks more?
  10. Have any of the other teams new uniforms leaked? Seems like the whole NFL has things locked a vault aside from the logo changes we've seen thus far.
  11. Could it be a flag to them, possibly. Though with the new CBA didn't they say players would no longer face any suspensions from marijuana? Could lessen their view on it or may no longer even be a concern if that's the case.
  12. I'd certainly take it, but could never imagine some of the falls going on in that mock
  13. The people in charge need to be making some drastic changes to their approach then because at the current rate they're not looking so hot.