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  1. What team would even be willing to cash in, and what QB is getting that type of hype? I've heard like one guys name that apparently should be solid. Seems like the 2020 draft is where all the hype is for QBs with Tua, Fromm, etc etc
  2. Is nobody going to point out that we wouldn't have the 1st pick, but the 5th pick if the season ended today
  3. What does that even mean, if he wants to get paid then he'd want to be in sync and want to be winning to begin with. That's some backward logic right there
  4. Did you forget that Ben has been washed for the last 2 years and throws interceptions all the time. Guy has all day in the pocket and still isn't throwing accurate passes against us lmao.
  5. So you're saying it's perfectly fine for the offense to drop a dud in the **** SB for the entire second half? Lmao that's inexcusable. Nick Foles also is a Super Bowl Champion that helped put up 40 on the Patriots, and blew out the Vikings, so what is the point there? To even further the arguement let's not forget the Vikings had a top 5 defense, and even held our offense to what 9 points in the regular season? But Nick Foles, the guy you say was so bad put up how many points on them? And no one's arguing about our trash defense this year, they're pathetic.
  6. How was it the defense that failed us in the SB when we had 2 whole quarters to put points up and didn't get jack. Defense had multiple stops in the playoff game last year, but oh wait, our offense didn't score. If our offense had scored we wouldn't have needed the defense to stop them because we'd still have a lead.
  7. Window depends on if we can achieve a top 5 defense soon and/or when age starts to affect Matt and we have to get a new QB
  8. Matt still does run like a 5 year old to be fair, he looks the stereotypical white guy that can't run in how he runs. It gets the job done at least
  9. To ber fair I'd say most of the times Brees has played us, we haven't had that much of a pass rush to begin with
  10. Looks like we won't be able to rely on our defense much this game
  11. Is Fowler even good?
  12. Honestly don't see the current NFL giving a rapper the halftime show outside of Eminem or maybe Drake.
  13. Eh things would be much easier for us if we had a pass rush. Freaking Takk in his 2nd year is outperforming Beasley its ridiculous, definitely gotta get addressed in the draft.
  14. Calling prevent defense and only being up 2 TDs is all on Quinn. Prevent defense is pure trash in every situation it's used in.
  15. Definitely United to me, never got into watching baseball and it always looks like a snorefest, I can't find much fun in that sport.