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  1. Think losing Casey really hurt their DL, perhaps Pees as well. They went from 43 sacks in 2019 to only 19 sacks in 2020 and in general just one of the worst pass rushes in the league. Now if Pees is that big a difference then perhaps we’ll be very surprised at the performance of our line. Vrabel is a defensive mind coach though so it may be more from players leaving.
  2. Randle was definitely exposed, he didn't meet the expectations Knicks fans held for him at all after having a good regular season performance. Simmons has always been this way, everyone just got to see it on national TV and when it counts the most.
  3. Say that all 32 will likely deal with injuries? Yeah that’s what I’m saying, that’s why it’s so rare for a team to have consecutive seasons with few injuries. You’d have a better chance throwing darts at the wall than trying to predict which team will be least impacted by injuries. We look at the patterns we’ve seen in the NFL over the years and I can’t think of a team that’s beaten the odds in that regard.
  4. Football is a brutal game, what teams have gone back to back seasons nearly untouched by injuries in the history of the league? The odds aren't in favor of that by any means.
  5. On paper and what we witnessed last season the Bucs have overall better roster and better depth than we do. They were extermely fortunate with injury luck last season however, and injury luck tends to average out, so I don't wish injury on anyone... However I doubt they'll be so lucky with injuries after only having a handful last season. The Saints and Panthers I don't view as much of a threat with their current QB situations.
  6. This is basically asking if you’d rather be the CEO or an employee. All the freedom to run your team how you want vs being restricted to one side of the ball. Also making more money as a HC.
  7. I don’t hold any expectations for any receiver that is 4th or lower on the depth chart.
  8. Need him to consistently make his lay ups in the paint been frustrating all series
  9. Would like to see him out on the field first before I make any judgement on the guy. Do wonder how much weight he's put on since joining the team.
  10. I’m gonna need names from left to right because I am not familiar with the others faces besides Roddy and Turner
  11. I don't hold much confidence in it nor do I have any real high expectations either, there's still work to be done and this is one of the groups where more work will be done in time. Only so much you can do in one off season though.
  12. It's just in your head my man, no HOF player becomes a HOF player without working hard.
  13. Considering Julio put in his trade request at the beginning of the off season is what was reported, and I'm not sure if that means as soon as our season ended or after the Super Bowl. Either way it would've been one of the first things TF and Smith became aware of, so I'm sure they were fine with trading him instead of possibly having a disgruntled player to start their first year off.
  14. The Bucs defense won that game with a masterclass performance in how they limited the Chiefs offense from doing what we know them to be capable of. That said I don't have an issue with taking a WR, but we know for a fact just looking at the list of SB winners over the last 10 years, how many of those teams were stacked at the receiver position? Seattle, New England, Pittsburgh, Denver, and Baltimore all had one guy that may have been top 10 at their position, with every other receiver being serviceable. The Bucs are an outlier to the norm in this regard, but did they did have one thing that's
  15. You realize the Chiefs won a Super Bowl in a situation similar to ours, obviously Tyreek is one of the best in the league and Kelce is a monster, but the rest of the receiving group they had isn't anything special at all. Build up a defense and let the rest come together.
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