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  1. Bring Nique back... h3ll the Falcons may sign Hershel Walker... Why not.. At this rate lets get Pistol Pete back too!
  2. Huh huh huh huh.... you like Enya... hehehehehe.. you actually know what Enya is...lmao
  3. LeMarcus Aldridge is a FA.... on second thought we shoulda never traded Adrian Payne
  4. I think we shoulda took Portis or at least the kid from GA state. This whole deal was to keep DMC and Sap in town.
  5. He did it with DMC... If the guy buys into the system he'll be great... **** if my grandmother bought into Bud's system she'll be a great player.
  6. Well they already have... Prince Shembo decided to go Vick on his girlfriends dog and get kicked off the team. and the dawgs just lost a 5 star recruit for stealing stuff out of a dorm room while on his visit to UGA. Good ole' georgia sports
  7. refs aint callin sh!t the hawks way.... can't win that way guys
  8. OMG !!!!! **** my throat is sore!!!!! I'm gonna go bang the toyota chick now!!!! **** YEAH!!!
  9. **** YEAH MOTHAF@CKA!!!!!!!!! THAT GODD@MN HORFORD!!!!!!
  10. omg ... man i can't deal with this... I haven't been this pumped up since matty ice threw that comeback and matty nice kicked the game winner against chicago in 2008... best sh!t i ever saw
  11. regardless on wether they win or not.... my heart can't take much more of this
  12. you need a freakin' rocket up yer @$$ to cover lurch on that little one handed jumper he does
  13. reset the f@cking shot clock ref... threezus f'ing christ
  14. I'd hit that in front of everybody and dare you to say sumthing
  15. The refs been finger f@ckin' the hawks since the playoffs started...
  16. Murphy one of the most underrated players in history Can't lose the **** game with TI there man
  17. dude I've jerk it to that commercial like 50 times... kidding of course
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