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  1. That Super Bowl was supposed to be our response to so many years of mediocrity. We felt we were being disrespected and overlooked. We hire DQ and he by all accounts has done a great job in taking this team to new levels...without a doubt! I remember when we were happy just to have back to back winning seasons. However, the whole plan back fired on us big time didn't it? We suceeded in getting people to notice our team...but then when all eyes were on us...we choke away the biggest lead in Super Bowl history... not a great way to be remembered in the history books. Don't want to be picked on? W
  2. At what point does Matt Ryan say "screw this" and call the d@mn plays himself? I would have turned off that headset halfway through the Miami game. Smh
  3. Will not watch or go to another game until Suckisian is gone! What a joke!
  4. Hmmm... Errant throws and throwing entirely too hard DBs giving recievers a 15 yard cushion to catch the ball, turn up field and run 5 yards before contact. Dumb bonehead penalties Crappy playcalling on both sides of the ball Pizz poor judgement on special teams Both lines getting pushed around Clean all that up and we should be fine.
  5. The problem is not the ticket prices. I have season tickets and PSLs... the fact is that if you win...they will come. Do you have any idea how embarrassing it is to hear the opposing teams fans being louder than the home crowd? Dropped those tickets to $45 dollars each for the Vikings game and still couldn't sell them. You want butts in the seats? Win baby win!
  6. These past few months have been very frustrating. Being a season ticket holder and PSL owner...sitting through let down after let down really starts to become old especially after spending thousands of dollars. Even after reassurance from my father who is the biggest Falcons fan I know...I was still shaking my head and ready to throw in the towel... actually I believe I already had in some cases....but then during the game on Sunday...I saw something that I hadn't seen since the NFC championship game..(which I attended)... this offense has suddenly come alive... I saw those beautiful play
  7. You didnt spend thousands of dollars to watch this garbage team choke week after week....year after year. I did... so if anyone has the right to complain its me. BTW...I have 2 tickets to next weeks huge embarrassing let down if you're interested.
  8. Lets see how The Failcons blow this one! I have two tickets for next weeks game...any takers?
  9. Enough said. Sick of it. Good luck with NEVER winning any championship...ever. More losers losing and losers rooting for losers. No thanks. Go and lose since that's all you know how to do #Riseupthenlose
  10. Should be re-named the Mercedes "Has" Benz
  11. All of these Georgia teams are garbage, have been garbage, and always will be garbage. Sick of representing losers. If thats what you guys want then fine. Im sick of cheering and spending money of a perennial letdown and heart break. F this team..F the coaching staff...F the state too... You think UGA has a shot in h3ll at beating Alabama? Riiight..keep getting your hopes up...and kepp getting let down. Im done
  12. Got 2 season tix for sale!! PM for prices! FYI VERY CHEAP!!
  13. You Stank Atlanta!!! Cut Alford and fire Sark!! Absolute trash!!!
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