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  1. Am I the only one who doesnt want the iggles to win lol?
  2. Not watching, Hope no one wins, but **** it if I had a choice it would be the Pats. Could not bare the annoying *** eagles fans that already surround me. Also Brady and Bill are already the Goats and Pats fans are already obnoxious nothing to lose here,
  3. Ehh they can do whatever they want as long as they beat the lions. My problem is that I don't think most of these people have actually thought out their issue properly. I just see/hear blanket statements about injustice, followed by cliche statements about equality and divisiveness or whatever. Looking at media today you'd think we were still in segregation. Lastly most people have resorted to extremes on both sides because nobody is giving any room for debate, if you disagree with either point you are the worst person in the world rendering all of this pointless.
  4. Only 10 games, and hes a beast. I'd keep him
  5. Not anymore, **** this sad **** lol. Havent had this crazy of a nightmare until this lost lol.
  6. As long as I isolate myself from sports news for a month and nobody talks **** I think i'll be fine until next year.
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