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  1. The biggest thing we missed out on is an OC candidate willing to remain an OC and not move on to become a HC. That is pretty huge.
  2. I came here to say the exact same thing...
  3. Disadvantage Shift to motion preplay - This was a major advantage that Shanahan discovered and when we hired Sark, it was one of the key elements mention that should carry over on offense. I'm not sure how adept Koetter is at using shifts/motions on offense. It allowed Matt Ryan to read the field. I also noticed that there is a coorelation between the creativity of the shift/motion and the length of playcall, which is why Shanahan had super long playcalls, and when they were shortened when sark came in our shifts/motions were less creative. Koetter likely has even shorter playcalls, considering Matt Ryan could frequently audible at the LOS and the no-huddles. I feel that aspect of our scheme will completely dissapear. Run to set up the pass - I'm sure Koetter will come in saying "We will run 1st", but every coach says that. The differences are in the games when the run doesn't work the 1st time and it becomes abandoned. That's why Koetter has a pass happy offense. He never comes into a game planning to pass 80%, it just ends that way when the run game fails to start. As a result, the impact of our play-action will be reduced. Predictability, becoming less reliant on the run actually makes you unpredictable. If you understand football, you know that when a team is in a passing situation, it is much easier to predict the play than when they have a chance to run it. Simply because if the defense is running a blitz, they know the offense will have to get the ball out quick. Defenses also know what plays to expect in order to beat their coverage. If your main gripe against Sark was about him being predictable, don't expect much to change this year. Advantages Passing attack. When we get in offensive passing shootouts, (which is often what happens when we play the saints) Koetter is well suited for those battles. Experience - Obviously has years of experience as an OC against NFL defenses.
  4. Yes and getting a new OC this year to do the same thing might put us in the same position. I was worried we would do this when KS left, after seeing his old teams fail to reproduce his offensive magic after he left.
  5. Technically, he has 2 years of OC experience now... With an experienced OC by his side in Gregg Knapp who is capable of providing input to our game-plan prep and in-game adjustments.
  6. Knapp is a prior experienced OC working on the staff with Sark. No reason for coaches to not communicate with each other for the sake of the team. Either Knapp didn't do his job or isn't as good either. He should be gone too. We brought in Scott Pioli to help our GM - Dimitroff - with evaluating talent in the draft and FA. He is present to help the acting GM make the most informed decision. Same for Knapp / Sark. Knapp is the one in the booth analyzing opponents tendencies during the game so Sark can get an idea of what/when to call a play. Knapp is also involved in practice, it isn't like he is super busy coaching up MVP Matt Ryan. He is available for game-planning input as well. In the end, Sark is the guy in charge, but Knapp either didn't help our or didn't have any better ideas.
  7. But wouldn't one figure that having Greg Knapp on staff would help Sark with the offense, including the play-calling. IMO, if Greg Knapp had any better input, he would have been put in charge earlier in the season but that hasn't happened either. Those kind of details make me think that "average tierr" coordinators might have had the same outcomes, and unless we get an upper tier coordinator this season we will be in the same situation if similar injury circumstances occur in 2019.
  8. Dirk Koetter is predictable. Its all passing attack with him. We won't have a run game and as a result, no PA passes. That is what had our offense using creativity and being unpredictable with Shanahan. Folks say Sark isn't creative and is predictable, but if switching to Koetters scheme will have us the that same hole as we will be one-dimensional with a Oline thats not so great.
  9. I been a support of Sark, but if we can get Kubiak then I would let Sark go immediately. Otherwise, no other coordinator is worth the transition.
  10. Isn't that what Gregg Knapp was hired for. To help Sark make adjustments. Its worth considering that Gregg Knapp is present during the game and halftime to provide input on suggestions. He is the one in the booth keeping track of the defenses tendencies and relaying them to Sark. Makes me wonder how people want to replace Sark with Knapp.
  11. Hate to break it to ya, but Matt Ryan audibled that play.
  12. I still cringe when writers associate predictability with play success. Run plays and screens are the main plays prone to predictability. Because a QB has multiple options to pass a ball, pass plays can't be predictable. This is a rub route in man coverage. Good play call for man coverage. The CB was pressed and played tight so it was a tough pass. Normally, in the slot the CB isn't pressed on Julio like that, so considering that the OC isn't calling plays based on psychic abilities and instead on tendencies, this is extremely nitpicky.
  13. You would think having a person like Gregg Knapp helping, would point out some adjustments Sark needs to make. I mean during the 1st half of the season, people were crediting the offense on Knapp rather than Sark. Some people even want him to be the next OC, but he is on our staff today and is experienced and capable of providing suggestions to Sark. Just like we have many prior GMs on our staff, we have prior Coordinators too, so it appears NOBODY in the coaching staff has an idea what to do.
  14. How did the Packers lose to this team.
  15. If you rewatch the Packers game last week, you'll see we ran the ball often and efficiently that game. He was not pass happy. It helped our depleted Oline. Bonus: Not a single toss play was called. Interestingly, a sizable chunk of fans are upset that he refuses to abandon the run. Me thinks people just attach themselves to any reason to criticize sark.