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  1. great play call, Sark
  2. Much needed luck there.
  3. I really hope you're right!
  4. See you later buddy! But seriously, best of luck to the man. I always appreciated his willingness to brawl for his teammates.
  5. Medium rare. C'mon guy - you think I'm a heathen?
  6. I have eaten in these private rooms (not by my own accord) - but I'm very happy to hear that we took him to the *best* steakhouse in ATL #ribeyetodiefor. Also, not a bad thing if this took place out in the open. I'm really hoping that a deal is made -- not only because we desperately need a pass rush / edge holder, but also because I'm a GT homer [and willing to admit it]. Also, their bread pudding is the best in the ATL for those who are into that sort of thing; and it's seasonal, so hurry the F up.