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  1. Love that Hoop went from catch to joining us in the fetal position.
  2. I like data such as this. Thanks for posting! It will be interesting to see if Miami continues to be the dumpster fire that they currently are and how that pads the stats for all teams they face come the end of the season.
  3. How does Vic miss that tackle!?!?
  4. great play call, Sark
  5. Much needed luck there.
  6. Medium rare. C'mon guy - you think I'm a heathen?
  7. I have eaten in these private rooms (not by my own accord) - but I'm very happy to hear that we took him to the *best* steakhouse in ATL #ribeyetodiefor. Also, not a bad thing if this took place out in the open. I'm really hoping that a deal is made -- not only because we desperately need a pass rush / edge holder, but also because I'm a GT homer [and willing to admit it]. Also, their bread pudding is the best in the ATL for those who are into that sort of thing; and it's seasonal, so hurry the F up.