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  1. Completely true. We don't know objectively whether he will be transcendent or not. We can only go based on what we do know. Like the fact he's measured in at 6'6, clocked in at 4.4 in the 40 yd dash weighing in at 245, a longer wingspan than any WR or TE in the NFL (83 3/8") in the last 20 years and has a comparable build to Calvin Johnson. Those are better measurables for a pass catcher than anyone in the draft. Objectively Pitts is bigger, stronger and faster than any WR in the draft but he's a TE. It may be a stretch to say he'll be a transcendent talent, but it's not a s
  2. I'm not trying to call Pitts Julio. I'm using Julio as a metaphor for a transcendent talent. If it make it more palatable, an elite difference maker vs multiple lesser difference maker We made the Julio trade KNOWING we couldn't get Cincy to trade their pick and that they were going WR. We did like AJ, but we also really like Julio too. So our gambit was to get one of them with a preference for AJ. And I also disagree with the idea we get a "just as good" prospect by trading back. That seems ridiculous to me.
  3. If that's what's being offered, you take it and don't look back. As much as I like Pitts, that's a offer you can't refuse
  4. This is largely theoretical. Fact is, it really depends on what the offers are who how highly you value a specific player. If you believe Pitts can come in and have a Gronk-like effect for your offense (Gronk had 27 TDs in his first 2 seasons ), then you absolutely value him very highly and it would take being blown away by an offer to give up the opportunity to draft him. Additionally, if a team it is looking to draft a certain QB and he's off the board by our pick, then why would you expect a below average offer to be worth taking? There is likely to be 3 QBs picked ahead of us. That me
  5. Very good points and a clear case for why we most likely won't be looking at QB if we keep our pick @ #4. Makes little sense to make the 4th QB selection instead of taking your pick of literally any other position. A point they didn't make is the fact that we will likely offer the opportunity to draft the highest rated player at literally any other position makes our pick highly valuable for teams that are zeroed in on a particular player. For instance a team like the Giants might want to pair their young QB with a top WR and be willing to trade up for the chance to draft Chase or Smith.
  6. I swear Matthews is so overrated around here. You can make a good argument that he cost us the SB with that penalty that knocked us out of FG range and threw our drive off timing. And he always seems to have a missed block or penalty at the absolute worst time possible. If Sewell is there I'd absolutely take him and either move Matthew to LG or ship him somewhere else.
  7. I don't care what anyone says, Jake Matthews is not good. He constantly gives up sacks or gets penalties at the worst possible time
  8. There's literally no excuse for the team seeming to come out playing like an entirely different team. The only conceivable explanation is that Quinn wasn't inspiring the team to play this way.
  9. That's clearly a penalty. Illegally playing defense when the team doesn't have one or something? 🤣🤣
  10. Wow the difference on defense is obvious. They're playing like they should've been playing the last few weeks. Let's see if it continues or without a drop off
  11. Matt's always messing up. I'm sick of his mistakes. There he goes causing another turnover and killing our momentum.....smh
  12. This is inexcusable. This weakness cost us a SB and has been plaguing us for years!! We know it's a major weakness, however we do nothing to address it drive after drive, week after week, season after season. We literally get ripped to shreds by RBs out of the backfield and TE in the short to intermediate areas.
  13. Going into yesterday's contest, Isaiah Oliver was allowing a 120.3 passer rating when targeted so far this season, and has given up 154 yards on 11 allowed catches. Yesterday, while Dennard was playing good coverage replacing Terrell, Wreh-Wilson even came up with a pick and Mykal Walker was out there making plays.....it seemed time and time again every big play had one thing in common. #26 just outside of the frame chasing the receiver after the catch. Go back to Week 1 and take a guess who let Metcalf get behind him on 4th and 5? You guessed it.....good ole Ollie. It's time to ad
  14. Let me start by saying I'm so disgusted with the team that I can scream. I was seething mad at YET ANOTHER epic collapse by this team. Whether it's up 17-0 vs San Fran with a chance to go to the SB. Or whether it's the still too unbelievable to accept 28-3 SB collapse. And now this, maybe the most improbable of them all choke after the offense puts up 39 points and the defense has 5 takeaways.....WE STILL find a way to lose. Ok. enough about that. Let's talk about our emerging star WR. We entered the season thinking that Ridley would make the leap to be a top WR in the league this year, b
  15. If he wasn't about to get decapitated maybe he could've put more on it
  16. Just saw this....Here's hoping we bring back Sanu https://www.atlantafalcons.com/news/report-falcons-to-sign-wide-receiver-laquon-treadwell
  17. I don't get the folks saying he'll be a hindrance to the young WRs. First off, we he offers something none of our current WRs offer in that he can run and pass from the wildcat QB position. Second, he is immediately the second best blocking WR. Third, in the case of injury he can easily be the #2 WR without the team missing a beat. I have to squint to find any negatives for bringing him in. Maybe the money would be best served on the D-Line, but having another high level blocking WR who can double as your wildcat QB and is a good pass catcher for cheap is pretty good value and adds a wri
  18. So you think the Saints would not only trade Kamara days before the season opener, but trade him to their most hated rivals??? Please ban this OP...
  19. Yeah, this post didn't age well 😄😄
  20. Heart says yes, mind says no We have some great pieces on offense but the mind that will direct it gives me cause to pause. Our defense has some studs too but I'm still not convinced we can generate enough pressure to overcome the holes I see at LB and and CB.
  21. He's gonna take his lumps...likely more so than his wins. We've got a torrid schedule with some of the best QBs in the league and top receivers. He's not going to come in ready to compete with them. That's just not practical. The best we can hope for is that he makes a handful of plays and doesn't get beat too badly. But as good as Joe Burrow and Ja'Marr Chase were, they aren't as good as the QB/WR combos he'll face this season. So expect him to get beat, but hope he has big time flashes
  22. How do you know that to be true? He answered a question he was asked. Not his fault Morey made that post. And LeBron has shown through actions that he cares about Americans! He has no obligation to China. He doesn't make his money from them, that's the NBA. Furthermore America has it's own plethora of human rights violations to account for without ever needing to be concerned with China's. I never said America has MORE, just that it has enough to worry about its own. We aren't the world morality police. America still hasn't paid reparations to descendants of slavery and is still occupying Iraq
  23. I truly don't understand why people have an issue with this statement. It's spot on. Morey isn't a Chinaman and doesn't have the historical understanding of their struggle nor the intricacies of their laws/customs. There were very many Chinese citizens that were deeply offended by Morey seemingly meddling in their national affairs. We have to understand that they are a sovereign nation and reserve the right to work through their own governmental systems. Morey, as a foreign businessman, was making millions of the government of China is moral enough to speak up for the protesters, but not moral
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