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  1. I think the more appropriate way of saying it is Ridley prefers to beat his man before the point of catch. If he's forced to beat his man at the point of catch he's very average.
  2. O-Line cant protect for 3 seconds, D-line cant get pressure in 15 seconds Ridley not stepping up, Pitts not ready to be a go to threat... It's gonna be a looooong season fellas....
  3. Pitts was certainly the better receiving option. Its just that Pitts missed 3 games which allowed Toney to overtake him with some terrific performances late in the season. But when they shared the field it was obvious who the better option was. That said I really like Toney and think he'll be a really good pro
  4. Julio already put up insane numbers. Strong arm QBs are great at downfield throws, but the GOAT QB made his legend doing damage over the middle not down the field. Also, as great as Julio is, he's hurt a lot. His already insane numbers would be even more insane if he'd just stay healthy throughout the season. Matt Ryan is a really good QB. There are a few better, but Julio going to a different QB (even one with a strong arm) doesn't mean he'll do better. I'd wager that there are few QBs that would help him get better numbers than Matt has.
  5. Quinnen Williams and their 2nd is just too much to pass up. A cost controlled young asset that's getting better and plays at a position of need for us. Give us a great DT tandem for at least a few seasons. Add in what is likely a high 2nd for a disgruntled 32 yr old star WR? Sign me up before they change their minds
  6. Man, Terrence Marshall Jr would've been awesome. He reminds me of a faster Mohamed Sanu. Would've been an excellent 2nd Rd WR to add......but he's a Panther now so he's dead to me.
  7. I WOULD have loved to see Julio win too. The issue is that he's greatly reduced his value over the last season and offseason. Him missing so much time last year and demanding a trade/now making it known he's "outta here" really hurts the compensation we can legitimately ask for. It's one thing to want to leave 3 years before your contract is up (which is bad), but to expect to go to a choice destination after kicking us in the nuts on the way out is preposterous. Now I'm of the mind that we ship him to the highest bidder regardless of who it is. Screw what he wants.
  8. https://www.nfl.com/news/nfl-s-top-10-deep-passers-russell-wilson-aaron-rodgers-among-best 8 of 18 on deep attempts (44.4%), 262 yards, 2:0 TD-to-INT ratio, 128.2 passer rating The Falcons haven't won a game -- but they have produced plenty of points and a handful of deep completions. With the addition of Todd Gurley to Atlanta's backfield, the Falcons have rediscovered the benefits of play-action. Ryan has completed five of eight deep pass attempts off run fakes, gaining 181 yards and scoring a touchdown in the process. Plenty of credit is due to Calvin Ridley, who leads the league in deep targets with 11, with five catches for 149 yards and a touchdown. Note that Ridley accounts for six of Ryan's eight deep targets on play-action passes. New addition Hayden Hurst has accounted for the other two deep shots off the run fake, with the one touchdown going to him. https://www.pff.com/news/nfl-ranking-all-32-nfl-quarterbacks-deep-passing 7. MATT RYAN, ATLANTA FALCONS 42.9% completion percentage, 14.8 yards per attempt, 76.5 Passer Rating As always seems to be the case, Matt Ryan’s overall play was better than the box score numbers would indicate. His completion rate was good, but six turnover-worthy plays hurt him overall, with five of those plays resulting in an interception. Ryan, of course, has some elite playmakers to throw the ball to downfield, so we should expect him to feature high on this list because of the favorable looks he will regularly see. Even without a fully healthy Julio Jones, Ryan is still producing when airing it out. Matt Ryan is the NFL's greatest Rorschach test. People will see whatever they want to see when they look at him.
  9. I'm confused. We already have Terrell and Grant. Are you suggesting that Patrick Surtain is worth Julio and a 1st? Or are you adding in Courtland Sutton from the OP? Either way, I don't think that's quite right. Sutton is coming off one good season followed by an injury the next season and Surtain is a rookie. They'd be getting a known commodity who has injury concerns as well, but when healthy is still an elite receiver. I wouldn't be sure that a 1st plus the best player in a trade makes sense, even considering his age. That's before considering that they'd also be getting A-Rod in the trade.
  10. I don't think that's the answer. Right now we have the name brand of Julio. He might have been injured, but he's still Julio Jones and on a per game basis, one of the best producing WRs in the league. If we're going to trade a 32 yr old HOF WR then we need to get the most we can for him. He's in a lose lose situation. The only way he wins is if a team trades for him, which will only happen if he proves he can still produce at a high level. So either play for a team you want to leave and ball out (lose) or sit at home and waste another year but still owe 3 yrs of service (lose)....The choice is his.
  11. I've gone through the sad phase, to heartbroken....now I'm just annoyed with him. Why like this??? Why ruin the goodwill you've built your entire career??? I'm on the road to being down right pissed about it. Just don't get the way he did this. It's such a Antonio Brown move from a guy that has always been the opposite off the field. If this is the extent of the respect he has for the franchise then screw him.
  12. It is. He's under contract. Period. A contract he asked for and received in 2019 no less. Him doing that makes us have to either settle for a lesser trade than a player like Julio should demand or hold out for a better deal. It affects our compensation for him and if we're not comfortable with what we're being offered it can and frankly should affect him. He's the one that put us in this situation.
  13. Yeah, I would've been on the "trade him to a good team, he deserves it" wagon But if he's gonna act like this...... We should hold out for a good deal. If teams want to low ball us then Julio can stay home and watch the season from the couch. That was super inappropriate and if he's gonna behave like that then we should not be doing him any favors. Make a team pay full price or you don't get him. He's under contract, like it or not..
  14. I'm incredibly disappointed in Julio. It's one thing to want to be traded. I get it. Teams been bad the last few years and you want a chance to compete for a ring. But the way he did this is so unbelievably disappointing to me. This is something I would have bet a BUNCH of money that Julio would never do in a million years. This organization gave him everything he's asked for and made him a potential HOFer. Just baffled at the manner in which he did this....Completely floored.
  15. I don't think that's what I'm saying at all. I'm saying what you see is your truth. And you're completely entitled to it. But what you see doesn't count unless it's objective. We can play "what-ifs" all day. But what-ifs don't count. In the end, even if the plays you're talking about did count (which they dont'), that's still only 3 catches and a TD in 10 matchups. Far from "destroying" Horn. If Pitts would've gotten open and Trask missed him that'd be a different conversation. But in the actual game, he didn't get open. The game planned called for the play to go away from Horn for a reason. The times Pitts was targeted successfully were almost always when Horn was not on him. I'm as big a Pitts fan as anyone. I wanted him on our team. But saying he destroyed Horn is just inaccurate regardless of how you look at it. Even taking your completely one sided view, 3 catches is not nearly destroying him.
  16. Good question. It's a tough call without knowing much about how AS will design plays or who'll remain healthy (as all 3 of Pitts, Ridley and Julio have injury history/concerns), but I'll say Ridley. Ridley is already a TD machine and kills when he's being covered by #2 CBs. With Julio back, he'll command attention just by being on the field. Pitts will draw LBs with Safety help. Teams will be forced to try and let their #2 CB cover Ridley pretty much 1v1. Ridley will win those matchups much more often than he'll lose them. Look for Ridley to have long TDs this year until defenses eventually are forced to roll more coverage to him.
  17. What you see is subjective and it doesn't count bro. I'm not trying to say Pitts isn't a good player. But we gotta make Objectivity Great Again. Who cares if Pitts caught a pass and came down out of bounds? Did it help the Falcons when Julio caught a TD pass vs the Eagles in the playoffs and came down out of bounds? What does it matter if Horn technically interfered with the pass on Pitts if the ref doesn't call it? Did it help when Roddy got technically interfered with on 4th down vs San Fran in the playoffs when the ref didn't call it? What we believe a play is or isn't doesn't matter. It's all about what counts and is called. And in the end, only 1 pass vs Horn counted for Pitts.
  18. Ok. In the official record book, you know the one that the NCAA and ever other computation counts, he has 1 catch over Horn. You can count what you see in imaginary land. But for the folks who live in reality, they don't count. Period. Of course the idea was for Horn to be drawn away from the rest of the receivers, but that doesn't change the fact that Horn covered Pitts well. There are multiple reviews of their matchups and not once does anyone but you and a couple homers here say Pitts remotely dominated. He didn't at all. And it doesn't matter how badly you squint or try to include non-catches as if they were caught.
  19. I don't remember saying I can't look at them, just you can't count "could've and should've". Horn didn't get called for the PI regardless of what you may believe should've happened. And Pitts stepped out of bounds regardless of the fact he could've scored. That's not my agenda, its simply reality. Also, it's a reality that covering a receiving option so well that the QB has to move on in his progression makes a difference, though I can admit that part of Trask not looking Pitts way is game planning. I already mentioned that Pitts was used as a decoy. All this fails to simply acknowledge that my statement about Pitts not destroying Horn was inarguably true. The reasons for Pitts not destroying him are up for debate, the reality of it is not.
  20. I think Kelce broke the record for TE yards in a season twice in the last 3 seasons to go with 26 TDs. You're completely bonkers if you think that's Pitts floor....lol Pitts being 85-90% of Kelce's level within the next 3 seasons would be good to me. That's elite TE production at a very young age.
  21. @1:34 - Pitts catch vs Horn (again, don’t know how the guy in your video calls this a win for Horn when Horn is all over him and Pitts still catches it for a 1st down) This is CLEARLY not Pitts as Pitts is standing inbounds while Horn tackles Justin Shorter out of bounds. Again, Pitts caught one pass vs Horn. Period. I can't count plays that were waived off due to Pitts mistake or a non call. Sorry bro. The fact is he got 1 catch in 4 targets in 10 matchups. Also, did you consider that there may have been a reason that Trask didn't look his way. Some plays he might have been able to squeeze a pass in there, but often Horn play good coverage. One of the most overlooked virtues of good coverage is causing the QB to look elsewhere.
  22. Guys, you either didn't watch the game, or are missing the point completely. Or both possibly. Horn wasn't checking Pitts every time he caught a pass. Pitts caught 1 pass on Horn, and Horn was all over him and immediately stopped him after the catch and neither of Pitts TDs came when Horn was checking him. The statement about Pitts destroying Horn is just undeniably false. They lined up 1 on 1 nine times and he caught 1 pass vs Horn Sometimes when you talk you show you have no idea what you're talking about. Again, I love Pitts and am happy we got him. That doesn't give me or anyone license to make up a new reality. Pitts didn't destroy Horn at all. Florida used him as an effective decoy and spread the ball around to the entire team.
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