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  1. I dont WANT to trade Hoop, but if a team is throwing a 2nd at us for him, it's hard to ignore. Fact is we're gonna have to make some tough decisions this offseason. I'm for any suggestion that makes sense. The current team is 1-6. There are no sacred horses when you're staring at back to back losing season while paying 5-6 guys "top at their position" money.
  2. We had a really bad run game. Idk what you mean a juggernaut. As always we depended on our passing game. The run game was bottom 3rd of the league. Also, there were a few Tackle on that list and some available in the draft outside of the 1st for a much better value. Jake walked into a starting job as a freshman. He had a easier time than Hunter Biden did in the Ukraine. Johnny Manziel made that team great. Jake was a beneficiary of Johnny Football's talent. Considering Gurley has over 1k scrimmage yards every season of his career. He's got a whopping 62 TDs in 5 seasons. That's 20 more TDs in 1 less year. You could literally add Tevin Coleman's numbers to his and they barely eclipse Gurley's. They're not I the same league.
  3. Well maybe instead of handing out big money to Jon Asomoah, Paul Solial, Thomas DeCoud and Tyson Jackson we could have paid one of the decent to good LT. There were quite a few available. And you're forgetting that Freeman had 200 yards in the prior season. No way he was the heir apparent. Gurley could've transformed the offense. Imagine having to stack the box to stop Gurley but leave Julio 1v1!!! And he'd have Freeman to share the load with and stat fresh. It was a much better route than what we did. The case for drafting them is easy to make. It doesn't even take much thought. Jake got hyped off his name, not his actual production. Beasley was obviously flawed and one dimensional. We drafted using hindsight instead of looking ahead. In both instances looking to where the league was headed would have paid huge dividends. Pairing Julio and Gurley with Matt at QB would have made this team a juggernaut on offense. Drafting Donald and Grady in consecutive season sets us up for long term interior pressure for years.
  4. I'm just gonna leave this right here. Called this one too... Got called a troll for this one...
  5. First off, we still need pass rush from the edge. Picking Beasley didn't solve that at all. Second, I hate that "edge pressure is more important than interior pressure" logic. Its badly outdated. We needed pass rush. Where it came from is negotiable. And it can be argued that pressure in QBs face is more disruptive than edge pressure
  6. So I think you're absolutely right that nuanced are being missed, but I think you're missing them. You, and several people because I seem to have had this conversation a lot, forget our team state at the time of these drafts. First off, I clearly posted a link to a post I made PRIOR to the draft we took Matthews over Donald. We were coming off a year with the 3rd fewest sacks. We were in dire need of pass rush. Matt had just threw 4.5k yards and 26 TDs without Julio for most of the year. Meanwhile our defense was once again near the bottom of the league ranking 28th overall and 3rd worst rushing the passer. It's safe to say our offense was already far better than our defense. The passing offense was ranked 7th, and this again with Julio missing a huge chunk of the year. We wanted Clowney but he was out of reach and after watching Donald I could already see his mix of speed, power and tenacity would be a huge help. However the team went with the "safe" pick and tried to solve the issue of Matt's 44 sacks by drafting a long term option at LT. Enter Jake Matthews. In the 2014 season we struggled again with a bottom feeder defense but after 2 seasons it was obvious the Steven Jackson experiment was over. We needed a feature back to replace Turner and he had failed to live up to the Burner's impact. We drafted Freeman and was Jacquizz the 2 previous seasons but there was a man child from Georgia that TATF poster were going crazy over. However we still had a putrid defense and particularly sucked rushing the passer. Again, we passed on the Gurley, which was a need, and went with Beasley. So when we drafted both Matthews and Beasley, we easily could've justified going Donald and Gurley as they both fit CLEAR needs at the time.
  7. Funny you call them "luxury" when we need a pass rush (Aaron Donald is one of the best interior pass rusher in league history) and a consistent run game (Gurley was a having a generational talent type career before his knee injury) Pretty sure those guys would've helped both much more than Matthews and Beasley helped our O-Line and Passrush
  8. We had a shot at an elite player 2 years in a row. Gurley then Donald. Both guys fell right into our laps. The FO should've identified at least ONE of them as game changers. Many here on this forum identified them as game changers and we didn't have nearly the up close perspective they did. It's a shame when I can say that there are some forum members I sincerely believe could be a better talent evaluator than our FO..
  9. I'm just gonna drop this here. Said it then, been saying it every year since....
  10. Nobody, and I mean nobody, thought it would be this bad. And that's not the point. Im not claiming to have ever suspected things would go anywhere near this badly. But I did see issues with our O-Line and D-Line. And when I and others dared to mention potential issues we were lambasted. Now, instead of showing up and taking their crow like men, the folks that were so critical are now missing. Yet when they are right the same folks complain that others don't show up and eat their crow. That's the point. Maybe some of these homers should listen to valid concerns and points instead of being incredible douches any time some mentions a potential issue. Or at least show up afterwards to eat their crow...
  11. Homer's have gone into their holes. None of them appear and eat the crow they should. Some folks said the O-Line wouldnt improve by drafting 2 rookies and signing journeyman. People called them stupid. Some folks said the D-Line hadn't made any meaningful improvements and would struggle to get pressure. People said Quinn had the magic formula and called doubters fools. Now we're looking at this abject failure of a team that has failed in both of these aspects and they are absent.... Smh
  12. Lol.... when the guy you SHOULD have drafted catches a TD over the guy you did draft.....
  13. He had pressure in his face twice. Pretty hard to deliver a good pass when a defender makes you change the trajectory of a throw...
  14. It's really pathetic. We've got some of the best receiving weapons in the league but cant turn them loose because the O-line constantly gives up pressure and sacks. It's just infuriating
  15. The run game is doing nothing. And we should be able to protect our QB some what. Even on obvious passing downs. They just did on repeated 3rd and longs
  16. Nah, he loves his 3 man rush too much. Who needs sacks when you can drop your DEs into coverage...
  17. So its trade all our trash for good picks? If the idea is to get better quickly, were going to have to give up some good players to get good picks and rebuild. I live Hoop and Sanu, but we could probably get a 4th or 5th for Sanu and at least a 3rd for Hoop. Beasley @$$ is grass. He should've been traded last year when there was an offer for a 4th available. Freeman can go to. That's significant draft capital in a draft where we'll already likely be picking pretty high to start. If it helps us rebuild and retool quickly I'm for it. There's some really intriguing names hitting FA next year. Having some money to use on quality guys for the new administration would be great.
  18. It was obvious that Vic was charmin soft the last 2 seasons and our FO decides to give him 15 mil this year. Jake Matthews has had very sporadic success but had the penalty that cost us the most in the SB and is getting paid like a top LT. I like Ricardo, but instead of pursuing Earl Thomas when he was available we paid him. Trufant is a decent CB but got paid like a top 5 CB and somehow gets abused by almost every high end WR we play. Freeman was at one time my favorite Falcon, but it should've been obvious that paying him was not in the best interest of the team. A look at this roster shows over and over that Quinn has put establishing a culture of brotherhood and standing beside players over accountability. His biggest sin as a coach is that he let player loyalty trump establishing a culture of required perfomance and insisting on the best man winning the job. When the story of Quinn's tenure here is written, it will show an admirable attempt to install a culture but a clear omission of what is most important in sports. You earn your paycheck based on what you can do for me now and in the future. The best players should play. And big pay days are for truly exceptional players, not marginal guys. It's a cardinal rule that you shouldn't grow attached to players because it hurts your judgment. And that's exactly what has happened here. We are simply paying too many ok to slightly above average players. Matt, Julio, Deion Jones, Hooper and Grady Jarrett are our only blue chip players. Unfortunately Rico, Freeman, Matthews, Trufant and Mack are all getting paid at or near the top of the league at their position. Mack was a beast in his prime, but he's declining. The others have never REALLY been the best at their positions. They've had good years and parlayed them into big contracts. I liked the Brotherhood at first. But somewhere along the way we lost focus on requiring our Brothers to perform and holding them responsible when they don't
  19. What's truly unbelievable is that he's on track for Patrick Mahomes like numbers and personal highs in TDs, Passing yards and completion percentage but the team won't sniff the playoffs. Passing offense will once again be top 5-6 in the league. This after just having the greatest season by any QB that missed the playoffs. The rest of the team outside the passing offense must REALLY suck.
  20. Also he can't cover him effectively in stacked formations. Which is exactly what they did to get OBJ more room. And even then they ran so many pick routes to get OBJ space. The stacked formations forced the Jags to go zone. They rarely let OBJ go 1v1 against Ramsey. This is the value a good CB brings. He makes other teams gameplan differently. Now OBJ still got his, but it was a tough day at the office. And QBs don't complete passes at as high a clip against Ramsey.
  21. Newsflash smart guy: Ramsey travels with #1 WRs. Trufant shadows a side of the field. Plus theres a big difference in passer rating allowed. Let's look at the WRs he covered: Hopkins twice, TY Hilton twice, Larry Fitzgerald twice, OBJ, Tyreek Hill Trufant partially covered: Michael Thomas twice, Mike Evans twice, AB Davante Adam's and AJ Green His division has more marquee matchups than Trufant sees all year. And Trufant doesnt even cover the #1 guy. Remember famously when AJ was being covered by Oliver when he gave up a game winner last season to AJ Green. The difference is obvious to anyone that actually pays attention.
  22. Im so tired of this delusional fan base. Trufant number have never been near Ramsey. You're a fool if think they were..
  23. Maybe because the defense is giving up 31 points a game. 3 weeks in a row teams didnt punt once until midway through the 3rd quarter. Also to blame is the equally horrible special teams that's given opponents the best starting field position in the league missed crucial kicks and turned the ball over amongst the most times in the league. Or a run game that's been all but non-existent for 5 of our 6 games. Matt has not been perfect, but he's played much better than a lot of other guys. More than well enough to win if he had help from other units..
  24. Leading the league in TDs, #2 in yards, #2 completion percentage, #7 QBR, #10 yards per attempt.... But yeah, let's keep looking for issues with Matt...
  25. Yeah, both plays were just unbelievable. I've tried to stay away from saying Quinn needs to go, but this is 3 weeks in a row where we've let the opposing offense score on every possession A change is needed...