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  1. Could have sworn we were heavily rumoured to be going after Evan Engram on draft night. Thought that was why we wanted to trade with the Giants. They denied the trade and selected him...
  2. Yeah, you're super late. But me too...
  3. Really hate to see that happen to a guy I was high on in draft reviews. I think they should target Dwight Freeney.
  4. Folks, Let's just analyze what he's saying. He's actually trying to make a case that averaging 26 TDs (really should be 27 as he's averaging up for INTs and down for TDs inexplicably) and 14 INTs is somehow a BAD THING?!?!?!?! So Matt's average is 27 TDs and 14 INTs per year He's a little math lesson Collin, Brett Favre has 508 TD, 336 INTs and played 20 years: That 25 TDs and 17 INTs per year....Peyton Manning 539 TDs, 251 INTs and played 17 years: that's 31 TDs and 15 TDs (..that's ridiculous).......Carson Palmer 285 TDs, 180 INTs and played 13 years (so far) that's 22 TDs and 14 INTs per year......Drew Brees (did not Bold his name on purpose) 465 TDs and 220 INTs in 16 years: that's 29 TDs and 14 INTs per year... So really what Collin is saying is that averaging 27 TDs and 14 INTs is somehow not great. Despite the fact that if he did this for 16 years he'd be in the top 5 all-time TDs. I mean he's already basically top 20 in yards and top 25 in TDs, but hey.... that's what you get when you have a B Quarterback..........Great logic Collin!
  5. No smart guy, he got more yards in his Sophomore season than Sanu did last year. That and he is 6' 4 with that tore speed. And Sanu is not a #1. Its not that he hasn't had a chance. He's a good receiver, but he's but he's not a #1. Nfl coaches and GMs can see that but I guess your rose colored glasses are screwing up your vision.
  6. When? At what time has Sanu EVER been better than Marshall? Give me 1 season. You cant make up a reality that fits your narrative because the real ine doesn't.Your fanboy is showing. And of course speed matters (ever heard the adage "Speed kills"?), but that's not all that matters. You logic like a child. That is seriously one of the worst arguments I ever seen presented on this forum. Literally juvenile.
  7. Sanu is not better than Marshall. Where tf did you get that from. Age is not a deciding factor in who is better. You cant say guy is better simply because of his age. Last time we saw Marshall he was a 1,000 yd receiver. Sanu has yet to get close. Martavis is a 6' 4 WR that runs a 4.27. He sounds and looks eerily like a certain WR that plays for us. Julio is the best WR in the league so I agree there. And if you dont know Sterling Shepard or Juju Smith-Schuster then how do you know Gabe is better? I LOVE our guys. But I have no problem being objective.
  8. I stated that we had the best #1 already. If Bryant is on the field he's better than Sanu. Last time I checked he is not suspended. Smith-Schuster is unproven but he's not being asked to be the #1. You cant prop up our rookies and minimize others. Are you seriously saying Marshall = Sanu? Based on what?? There is no collection of statistics or OBJECTIVE criteria that bares that out. That is absolute conjecture. Any objective review of the two will show Marshall is better. I agree Sterling and Gabe are a wash. But the difference between Sanu and Marshal/Bryant is greater than the difference between Julio and Brown/Beckham. The Giants have 2 proven 1,000 yd receivers and Shepard had more yards in his rookie season than Sanu last year. The Steelers have the one guy who is a legitimate challenge for Julio as best WR, a #2 thats a 6' 4 Julio clone that averaged 21 yards a reception last time he was on the field and a guy that was one of the best WRs in the draft this year.
  9. Nah bruh.... Antonio Brown, Martavis Bryant, JuJu Smith-Schuster Odell Beckham Jr, Brandon Marshall, Sterling Shepherd Both of those are clearly better to me. We do have the best #1 though, and Id say our group may compliment each other the best. But on pure talent alone the Steelers and Giants are ahead IMO. The others are debatle.
  10. I think its a good idea to keep our best front 7 player on the field as much as possible, don't you?
  11. Are you serious? KC is easily one of the top as is Bmore. I just think folks are getting carried away with their expectations. We are a developing defense. Several of our key positions are still very young and inexperienced. There will be mistakes. But just like last season they will get better as the season progresses. IMO we're still a year or two away from being a truly great defense.
  12. I think we're headed in the right direction, but don't think we're going to be as good as folks think. I'd say maybe Top 15-18 range. But middle of the road is still a big improvement from near bottom of the league. As long as our offense doesn't take too bad of a drop then we will still be near the top of the league.
  13. Aaaaand the experiment comes end:
  14. The more I watch our old games the more I notice the remarkable scheming that Shanahan drew up. Yes Ryan was a key part, but Shanny made the reads/progression easy for him. I think our performace in games against good defenses will be the difference. We went into Seattle, Denver and Carolina and dictated the games for the most part. That is going to be tougher without Shannahan. Guys like Gabriel and Robinson will find it harder to get open. We probably wont see TDs from nearly as many folks as last year. The diversity and flexibility of his game planning/playcalling will be the biggest difference.