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  1. Translation: We're not perfect and have alot to improve, but this team is playing better than their record suggests.
  2. Is this restricted to the draft? Cause I'd like to make a run at Josh Gordon. The guy has all the talent in the world and just needs to get with guys like Julio and Sanu to learn the discipline. Could supercharge our offense. Or Martavis Bryant.
  3. Takk has been within a hair's length of a few more sacks, made plays in the run game and been held a lot. The guy is a baller. We need a few more like him and were going to be scary
  4. Excellently game Matt....
  5. I was screaming at the screen. Didn't we have someone in the both that could see the replay?
  6. Superbowl hangover. How about changing coordinators is real. Seriously, where do these guys come from. The Panthers won 6 games all season after they went to the SB. We've won 6 of 10.
  7. Really. Grow a pair. Be a fan and believe in your team or stfu
  8. The defense's job is to prevent scores. The faster they do that the better, but the main job is to prevent the other team from scoring. You're assigning an objective (albeit, valid and something any coach would want) goal of doing it quickly. If giving the option of preventing scores or preventing scores quickly, anyone would be the latter. But the fact remains, no matter if the other team has the ball longer or not, they are not scoring a higher amount of points. Translation: We're stopping teams.......eventually. Miami's offense scored 20 points....Buffalo's offense scored 17 points....Carolina's offense scored 20 points.... Where is the opposing team's offense going off? Heck, New England's "High Powered" offense scored 23. I agree that the defense can get the job done more quickly in an ideal circumstance, but the turnovers and penalties on offense are a bigger problem than the defense allowing a high TOP. In the CAR, BUF and MIA games there were untimely mistakes, penalties and missteps that allowed drives to stall or plays to not connect as designed. The fact that we're not allowing teams to score 20 is a major deal. We're not a defensive team. We win based on our high powered offense. If going into the season someone told you to predict our record after week 10 with the knowledge that we'd have a Top 10 defense and offense while allowing 19.6 points per game, you and almost everyone else would have said we'd be undefeated and on the way back to the SB. The only thing that is derailing us is an underperforming Offense. Our defense, although not quite in the ideal place, is playing very well and actually directly responsible for two of our five wins.
  9. F the WC. We play the Saints twice. The Division Championship is still in play!
  10. And this is exactly tbe logic that I was hoping to fight. In actuality, the defense is playing pretty well . There are a few areas that we need to improve on like run defense, penalties, 3rd Down defense and creating turnovers. But if we did that we'd be a top 3-5 defense. Even with those issues we're top 10. To say were not that good is simply to not be aware of reality. The team is a lot better than our record suggests. And of the two units, our defense has been the better. Just think of our wins over Chicago and Lions coming down to the defense making goal line stands. Our offense is not functioning at last year's high level. That means were aren't scoring as much. Yet somehow we've been in every game this season. Who has scored over 28-30 points on us? Our offense is routinely going 3-out yet we aren't getting blown out. Seems the defense is better than they get credit for.
  11. I would definitely think we'd be 8-1 or 7-2 at worst.
  12. It's truly a wonder how this team is 5-4. If not for inopportune turnovers and let downs at the worst possible time, this team is at least 6-3. In reality we should probably be 7-2. I was doing some casual reviewing of team stats and was surprised to see that despite the apparent down season on offense, we're actually ranked 9th in total offense. Our real issue isn't moving the ball, it's really just turnovers. We're tied for 22nd worst turnover differential. There are other teams that have given the ball away just about as much or more (ie. Philidelphia and New Orleans has 10, Tennessee has 13, LA Rams have 12) but they are taking the ball away a lot more frequently than we are. For reference, last year we were 4th overall in turnover differential. But the offense itself isn't as bad as folks would think. The defense was the biggest surprise to me. We're actually ranked as a better overall total defense than we are our offense at 7th overall. We're giving up the 6th fewest overall passing yards per game. We're also top 10 in scoring defense holding opponents to a shade under 20 point per game. The rush yards we're giving up are what's stopping us from being an elite group as we're currently 19th overall. The other area for concern is our turnovers, or lack there of. We have to find a way to change this if we want to make into the playoffs. But overall the defense isn't nearly as bad as some would have you think. All in all, we need to cut the turnovers on offense and create some on defense. The turnover differential is the single greatest issue with this team in 2017. If that can be corrected, they can go back to looking alot like the 2016 version if not better. Offense: Defense:
  13. Just cause I'm the type that has to laugh through my pain, I got to share this. Have you all been seeing the #DoTheJulio pics? I'm a diehard Falcons fan, but I've been lmfao.... I've got at least one friend that likes every other team in our division. They all are sending me different ones. If you need to laugh to keep from crying, check these out:
  14. Ummm, Alex Mack??