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  1. Huh?! Anyone would feel a 50 mil difference in pay. If your net worth is 500 mil then 50 mil is a tenth of your entire net worth! It would be very difficult to walk away from that much money, even for the betterment of the team. That is a gigantic amount of money to say "No Thanks" to.
  2. Folks crack me up. He's a young man that is enjoying a sporting event, yet he's being judged for being boisterous? Do we judge Falcons fans for being boisterous at ATL games?? In this venue, he's a fan. Let's wait til he hits the football field to start judging the man...geez
  3. I respect an understand your reasoning. However my positiin on this is the same now as it was then, draft Aaron Donald.
  4. I completely agree that Donald could go 1 overall. But thats my entire point. We could have had the guy that becomes the best player in the draft. How is taking a lesser player the correct pick. Because it's safe? The safe pick isnt always the correct one. If given a choice again, knowing what we know, I'm sure Dimi picks Donald. And even if he wanted a LT the better choice would be Lewan. I see no scenario where Matthews is the correct pick, only the safe one.
  5. The correct pick is getting the best available player at a position of need. Yes we needed a LT, but you ask me for an ok LT or an all-pro DT when we badly needed both, I think the obvious answer is get the All-Pro and figure the other part out later.
  6. No, the correct pick was Aaron Donald. Hands down the best player available. Taylor Lewan should also have been considered. Jake Matthews is a good pick but not THE correct pick.
  7. ????? Then you can't have played organized sports at any level. I'm not a LeBron fan by ANY means, but it's easy to see how he was gassed. He had been driving the lane all game long against one of the best defensive teams in the league. Not to mention the time he spent time/energy defending one of the best offensive players of this generation. Do almost any high intensity workout for 46 minutes and you'll be gassed. Then there is a distinct mental component to the game the higher you go in organized team sports. The increase in level of competition causes complexity (ie. sticking to shooters on Pick and Roll, Knowing which guys to go under on screen and which you have to go over on) that doesn't exist in lower levels of competition. I played college basketball (until I tore my ACL) and can tell you that the pac is ridiculous. The schemes are specifically designed to exploit mental lapses. And that's college. These Warriors are mentally and physically taxing for 48 minutes. And even when you play good to great defense they can still hit ridiculous shots that are completely demoralizing. LeBron being gassed is understandable given his workload.
  8. Good stuff. Looks like alot of compliments for his EW shrine game/practice play from several sources. I've got to say that whoever is doing our scouting and identifying talent is really doing a great job. Every prospect over the last 2 years has shined in some manner and this year's draft class looks to be the same. I think this is a top notch staff (top to bottom) in the league. And that's being unbiased.
  9. Forget Harlow, did you see Saubert's highlights? The guy NEVER went down on first contact, constantly fought for extra yardage and often gained at least 2-5 yds off of pure effort. That is amazing. He looks like a steal. If he can perform anything close to that in the NFL I'm in love with this draft.
  10. Some things you can counter, but others you can't. For instance, how do you stop Tom Brady's offense? Or Drew Brees'? The things is a great QB is indefensible. Matt Ryan is a great QB. He has a great WR and two good RBs. How do you stop that? There is no figuring out great players. Great players play great. Matt has shown that regardless of the OC he will excel. That's just the player he is. Now factors that can stop him is a bad O-Line and lack of a running game. Fortunately we don't have to worry about that cause we have good players in both areas.
  11. First JAX, now TEN
  12. I personally don't understand the thought of our offense regressing. Fact is the last three OCs that coaced Matt Ryan have gone on to be head coaches elsewhere. It's almost worth saying Matt got them HC jobs. It wasn't that long ago that Kyle Shanahan was going from team to team and never sticking anywhere. All of a sudden he comes to Atlanta, works with Matt and now he's a head coach.
  13. This would be huge for us. Its the last piece to add. The vet teacher that can contribute. Would put the D-line over the top.
  14. Fair enough. They have to give him a better OC then. That is unacceptable. Also doesnt help he's in a QB loaded division. All the other team can chuck it around. He needs to have the safety valves like the other guys. He had Olsen, now he's got a few more.