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  1. Said it earlier, I'll say it again. Oliver is going to take his lumps. Got a long ways to go to be ready to start....
  2. Alford out there doing what cant/doesnt.....
  3. His biggest problem is that he diagnoses a play way too slowly.
  4. Was thinking the same thing. A little more air that could have been six....
  5. Hoop!!!! There it is!!!!
  6. Don't we have Vic for another season at least? We would be trading Trufant and a second for at MINIMUM 32 games of Vic, Grady (if we resign him), Takk and Mack. That is a devastating bunch of pass rushers. And what guarantees do you have that we'd be unable to resign Vic? Vic has to earn a big pay day. Currently he'll be well compensated but in the 13-15 mil a year range. That could work with some cuts and other contracts coming off the books. I'd prioritize making the pass rush as potent as possible over some of the pieces that we've paid for. Having Mack makes players like Brooks Reed and Derrick Shelby expendable. Schaub, Levitre and Sanu are in important years for their future. I'd value adding a player like Khalil Mack over keeping a lot of them. We need game changers on the field. These guys are good players, but only Sanu and in a few cases Levitre make game changing plays.
  7. I disagree. The main point of preseason isn't to avoid injury at all cost. If it were, why play them at all? Avoiding injury is a high priority, but the number one goal is to get your team some game time simulating experience you be ready for the session and help decide what players should be kept for practice squads or to fill out the roster. The point of playing his young, inexperienced guys is to get them as much experience now before the games start counting. For a team like KC with big aspirations this experience is key. For us not so much
  8. I really wish we'd let that WR screen go. It's a play we run way too much. To the point that other teams are sitting on it and routinely bust it up before it has a chance to really get going. Overuse has caused teams to be overly aware and for some reason OCs (at one time Koetter and now Sark) are not recognizing it and limiting its use.
  9. Folks are trying to believe. They are fans, thats what they're supposed to do. Fact is the clock is running on Duke. If he fails to show meaningful improvement he'll be on the outside looking in. I don't think anyone disagrees with that. I believe the confrontation comes at determiningif it's too early to call or whether we've seen enough to make a ruling. I'm hopeful. But I've seen very little to convince me that Duke is going to be deserving of the starting role he was given. He's desperately got to show up. The Falcon passed on an opportunity to sign Mychal Kendricks who would have been a big upgrade.
  10. But for a Julio drop in the endzone, wonder where we could have been lasy year. Both teams have improved over the off season. Can't wait to see where we are vs the reigning SB champs
  11. It shouldn't require Julio, Free and Ryan to get a first down.
  12. This ain't that.
  13. O Line is getting bullied.
  14. The amount of time they have to throw vs the amount of time we do is infuriating.
  15. Not one iota of pass rush. No protection for out QBs. Can't gain 10 yards to get a first down. This is pathetic. I hope this is just preseason rust but this is bad even for that. There is no excuse for what in seeing. Got to do better