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  1. So I hear some saying the draft is deep with DTs and full of talent. Then others say the DT Free agent market will be big. Well, wouldnt those two things cancel each other out. I would think that this being a DT rich draft would drive Poe's eating power down, right? I know teams need multiple DTs but why would another team overpay Poe? I know teams mught have Cap room but most of those teams have many other needs than a slightly above average DT.
  2. Love Grady, but he aint getting max... Great player but not quite max. Most he gets is 9-11 mil.
  3. What irks me is Matt put the ball up for all pro receiver Julio Jones TWICE on that final 4 plays. Julio fails to catch either and Matt gets the blame. Keenum throws the pass up for Theilin and Diggs, good receivers but not Jones caliber, multiple times. They catch it and Keenum is hailed a hero. At a certain point all QBs can do is put the ball in play. Its up to the receivers to come down with it. If Julio just goes up and snatches the ball and falls downin the endzone Matt is an elite signal caller who wins the game. If not, then Matt should have done something different and is the reason we lost. Seems ridiculuos either way.
  4. Aint make the tackle.... Aint going to the next round..... I know its TATF, but after thinking the Saints were going to win to see them lose like that is amazing!!!
  5. Throw the **** ball!!!!
  6. Exactly why we needed him and why we need to resign him if possible.
  7. The O-Line concerns me.... Their #1 ranked Run defense concerns me..... Jay Ajayi, Legarrette Blount, Alshon Jeffrey and Zach Ertz concerns me.... What the pundits say.......yeah, not so much.
  8. He's been wrong too many times. About Matt being "Andy Dalton in a dome" (Matt is the fast QB to 40,000 in NFL history) or the Falcons not being a top 10 team in the league (We're in the elite 8 at least, with a chance to one of the final 4) or Goff being better than Matt (Just down right laughable). He admitted that he wrote the Falcons off and was wrong for that, but he didn't really admit to being wrong about several Falcons related topics. Only that he was wrong about us in general. The guy has specifically called us out on certain things and when they are proved wrong over and over just blurts out a casual "I was wrong". No, He's ALWAYS wrong
  9. It's really embarrassing how this guy is basically against us all season, SPECIFICALLY SAID "I'm going with Goff because he's a better QB than Matt Ryan right now" and as soon as we win the guy has this as a segment. He's is beyond ridiculous. It's just shameful. He really can't admit to being wrong.
  10. To me, this is the difference between an playoff team and a team that just got here. All the talk from the ATL locker room was slowing down Gurley. Then this guy says they don't game plan for our biggest threat Julio. I had a feeling since I saw this match-up that the Falcons will win. I think we dominate T.O.P. with long drives and keep their offense on the sideline the entire 1st half while taking a 14-0 lead. In the second we do just enough to pull off the upset and head to Philly for a Matt Ryan hometown reunion.
  11. I'm well documented as having been aboard the Donald train. Pisses me off watching the player he's become, knowing I saw it coming and seeing Jake Matthews let us down in big situations......
  12. It really gets me. After the season he had and then add to that the unbelievable combine....I was sold. He and Khalil Mack were ths only prospects in the last few years I was absolutely SOLD on.
  13. Could have had him but, we said let me get some of that "Jake Matthews"....
  14. When your average targets goes from 125+ to less than 90 you tend to have a big drop in production. He's getting older but TE is a position you can still produce well into your 30s if used correctly. Maybe I'm wrong, but I think the guy has alot of good football left in him.