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  1. To make a quick Basketball analogy, there's a reason folks don't respect Kevin Durant's championships with Golden State. Everyone recognizes he's talented, but that team was already stacked with elite players without him. Chaisson is surrounded with elite defensive prospects at virtually every position. Now maybe that contributed to his lack of production. And I absolutely acknowledge the esteem the team holds him in. However I was strictly discussing ON THE FIELD leadership. Not sideline pep talks or good off field character. This team has enough boy scouts. We need guys that can produce between the numbers. And the fact is Chaisson has not proven he can do that consistently. I'm sorry if I come off as being difficult. I'm truly only interested in getting the very best talent for our team to help us win. Chaisson is a Jack of all trades and master of none. I'd rather take a guy that I KNOW has at least 1 high level skill. To me Murray can come in Day 1 and lead the team in tackles for loss, especially if we pair him with a later round DT to put beside Grady. Chaisson is not a true DE or a true LB. Couple that with his ACL injury and lack of production I'm scared to bank a 1st rounder on him. That doesn't concern you all even a little?
  2. I hate to go back and forth, but I think you're making some very outlandish statements in regards to K'Lavon's abilities. He's not proven to be half the LB that Murray has. Again, Murray has more tackle THIS season than Chiasson's entire career. Same amount of PDs this season as Chaisson's career too. Let that sink in a bit. Also saying he's the "leader" of a defense with Delpit, the Thorpe award winner, AND Patrick Queen, a likely 1st Rd pick, is difficult to believe. Not to mention Stingley and Fulton who were 1 and 2 in the SEC in Pass Deflections making it tough to find any open receivers. Throw in JaCoby Stevens just for good measure. That defense was LOADED. What exactly makes Chaisson the leader? You can make a solid case that Chaisson was the beneficiary of being surrounded by top notch talent. Everyone I named is either going to be a 1st or 2nd rounder this year or in the coming years. That's an overwhelming amount of talent. Murray however was the unquestioned leader of his defense.
  3. Define "leading" because that defense had a heck of a lot of talent on it. He didn't really lead in anything but sacks....and that was by a slim margin. The guy has talent and is a jack of all trades. But he doesn't excel at any one thing. Players at the next level need to have a definitive strength. What's his? Murray is an attacking LB that makes plays coming downhill. I also greatly disagree with his coverage "sucking" as you put it. That's a huge over exaggeration. I don't see much coverage coming from K'Lavon's tape at all.
  4. Am I the only one that doesn't see the infatuation with Chiasson? He's not really good at anything. Murray's skill set is much more desirable to me. He's got more tackles just this season than Chiasson does his entire career. His TFL this season almost match Chiasson's career totals. He's got the same amount of career sacks as Chiasson too. For a guy people are calling "the missing piece" Chiasson has a disturbing lack of quantitative production. Did I mention he also had an ACL tear in 2018? He's just about the same size as Murray as well. I think Chaisson can be a great player, but I just don't see why a guy with the measurable and performace that Murray has is being pushed down the board.
  5. CJ Henderson looks like a bust to me. He almost never makes plays on the ball. He's got the size and speed you'd like but not the production for someone with his measurables. Murray however has both the size, speed and production that I'd feel more confident about immediately translating to the NFL. Also CBs almost always struggle to translate to the NFL.
  6. BPA always has to be tempered somewhat towards your team's needs. I don't think most folks that preach BPA are saying strictly take the best player available. But rather look at the team's areas of need and of the best players available take the one that fits one of your teams needs. If a kicker was the BPA and you already have good vet at the position you wouldn't take him because he's BPA. There's always a team-centric approach to BPA.
  7. Brown is a good player and looks to be a high level DT in the NFL. But Simmons is, imo, the best player not named Chase Young or Joe Burrow in the draft. Simmons makes a monstrous amount of negative plays whether by TFL, Sack or INT all while leading his team in tackles on a regular basis. Sticking him beside Debo would give us a top tier LB corp for years to come.
  8. I'm not seeing it with K'Lavon. I see a guy that's not great at anything except for effort.
  9. I don't HATE Henderson at 16. He's got the measurables and held his own against Ja'Marr Chase, who will likely be a top 10 pick next year. But man do I like Fulton's tape a heck of a lot better. He's so polished at recognizing offense especially for a guy with so little starting experience. He's gonna need some coaching to learn to turn his head around sooner but he's got the tools and talent to be a Probowl player. His hand usage is some of the best I've seen in a while. Now compare this video and the sheer amount of pass deflections/breakups to Henderson and tell me he's not more naturally gifted...
  10. From what I've seen of Henderson and Fulton, I like Fulton much more. Makes more actual plays on the ball and can probably be had in a trade back scenario netting another pick.
  11. I'm not a big Henderson fan. I find too often he's near a play and ends up the beneficiary of an offensive mistake rather than making a play happen on his own strength. Unlike the 2 LBs that will be available in Queen and Murray. I get that we most likely desperately need a CB, but I just don't see Henderson coming in and competing with the likes of Brady + Evans, Godwin, Howard and Brate or Brees + Thomas, Sanders, Ginn, Cook and Kamara..... I'm of the thinking that every team has their weaknesses, but the best teams have several strengths and a few weaknesses. I don't see drafting a CB at 16 helping the fact that we're going to be weak at CB this year. However, drafting a really good LB prospect to put next to our Pro-Bowl MLB could make that area a strength for us. I'd rather do that at 16 than get a guy that's not going to make a difference immediately on a win now team.
  12. I think the FO will be hardpressed to get a starting option at CB. That would mean CJ Henderson most likely. However that's not what I'd recommend. I think the value is going to be at LB Where you're likely to have a pick between Queen and Murray, two of the better linebackers in the draft. Chiasson is likely to be gon. Kinlaw too. Based on what I've seen on film, Queen is the better player today but Murray has better measurables. If I had to rank the options I'd prefer Queen, Henderson, Murray. But knowing our FO we'll have a hard on for a CB and after that urgent athletes so they'd go Henderson, Murray, Queen
  13. I'd love Queen in a slight trade back scenario. He's going to be a great LB. His read and reach skill are elite. He's flying up the boards though.
  14. This is such a foolish take. Hurst is definitely more explosive and has better hands. The evidence is there. No he doesn't have the totals as he was maybe the 5th option on a run first team, but the ability is obvious. Just ask any Ravens fan. I happen to live in MD so I know quite a few of them and to a man they all say Hurst is going to be a breakout player with us. Also I remember getting a RB from the Chargers in 2008 that people questioned if he could be an adequate starter. He went on to lead the league in yards the next year. You can't look solely at number to predict how a player will pan out. Countless bad contract have been handed out and several breakout players have been missed that way
  15. In before Troff'd ..........Just to say Troff'd