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  1. I think from what I can see, Dirk excels at scripting drives when the offense stays on schedule. When we get negative plays, that's where we're struggling greatly. Take the 1st drive for instance. We were moving the ball very well. I saw some great play calls that really exploited the defense. However when the offense got punched in the mouth for a loss after our 4th consecutive 1st down everything went off the rails. We were unable to regain rhythm that drive and struggled throughout when the Eagles brought pressure. My hope is that as we get more experience, the Dirk learns to adapt when the offense is knocked off script. All that said, we probably hit 30 if Matt Bryant doesn't miss that kick and Matt takes better care of the ball. Our biggest need is for our MVP QB to start playing better. He's missed some throws that he made routinely last season including back to back deep balls that could have broken the game open and an absolutely AWFUL endzone INT. We need a better version of Matt in to coming weeks. The Colts, Titans and Texans are gonna be tough outs. Even the Cardinals have looked pretty good with Kyler leading them. These next 8 games are gonna be tough. All good teams that present varying challenges on both sides of the ball
  2. I mean to be fair, Matt was tossing INTs like Jameis....
  3. McCown is gonna score on us
  4. Truuuuuu When did he learn to catch???
  5. That'll teach us to draft O Line twice in the 1st round...
  6. Grady has started the season on fire!!
  7. He cost us a Superbowl
  8. I've seen enough. We don't deserve to win.
  9. Our run game is non existent.
  10. It's not fear-mongering to state the truth. They have an advantage in all the areas I stated. However, we have an MVP QB, all world WR, several other potent WRs, a Pro-Bowl TE and a good RB. We aren't a pushover for anyone in the league. That said, they absolutely have an imposing O-Line and D-Line. It's not a slight to us to admit that. Some of y'all are just unrealistic. You exist in a world where it's impossible to compliment other teams strengths. I don't just because they have some advantages doesn't mean we don't nor do their advantages decide anything. But their strength make it hard for us to exploit our strengths. Cant throw to our great receiving options with our QB under duress. Can't fly around on defense when you're getting pushed by 300-plus nasty O-Linemen. They have an O-Line ranked the best by PFF for 2 years in a row. Our D-Line has consistently been a bottom third of the league unit. They have a D-Line that lead the league in QB Hits with 133. Our D-Line hit the QB 77 last year. That's nearly double. It's ok to appreciate the strengths of the opposing teams. The Eagles are a tough matchup and as a team hold some advantages. But so do we. The problem is acting like they're paper tigers until they bite you in the rear like plenty of folks did with the Vikings...
  11. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but we don't match up well against the Eagles. They've got multiple good receivers and we have one good CB. They've got a game wrecker of a D-Line and we've got a weak O-line. They've got an imposing O-Line and we've got a smaller D-Line. They've got an assortment of RBs that hurt you in different ways, we've given up the most yards to RBs via the pass and one of the most via run in the league. And Carson Wentz is a mobile passer that will hurt us with his legs if we commit too much to coverage. The margin for error is just too small for me to feel good about this matchup. Our only real advantage is our WRs vs their CBs. But in order to exploit it we'll have to keep Matt upright, which I'm not confident we can do. The Eagles created by far the most pressure on the QB last week and they're D-Line is full of good players. Not confident going into this one guys. Not saying we lose, just we'd have to put on one heck of a performance to over come all the advantages that they have. Luckily we have a pretty good track record in prime time games and we happen to be at home. So here's hoping..
  12. At this point I expect the Falcons to get manhandled and for the offense to look bad even at home. I find it hard to believe in them. I want to, but the recent experience tells me that the Falcons get bullied against physical defenses. I honestly cant remember the last one we beat
  13. The Redskins aren't a bad team. They've got a good defense. Besides, that was a division game. Division teams know each other and tend to play each other close. Doesn't matter how good the Saints are doing, when they play us they know it's gonna be a fight. They could very well blow an opponent that's better than us despite playing us to a stand still.
  14. Come on bro, they got robbed. The games over and we can admit it now. But if that happened to us we'd be freaking pissed. Remember when Sherman held Julio and folks were outraged. Imagine that but it happens in the NFC Championship. And we have THE worst loss in history
  15. Both teams looked far better than the Falcons. Seriously sucks to watch your arch-nemesis constantly look good in big moments while our team completely falls flat on their face..