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  1. Imagine Tevin Coleman being a better FA than LeVeon Bell........ Now wake up're dreaming.....
  2. If we invest in some protection for Matt and give him time he'll thrive. He can also benefit from working in his catching in traffic. But he was a great example of how BPA strategy can go a long way.
  3. Where have I heard that before..
  4. Because he has had 1 good season and can claim mitigating circumstances. He performed very well in 2016 and he was moved out and back into his position in 2017 & 2018. He's a high pick that has one abnormally high year that spikes his career accomplishments. A good agent can sell at least 1 of 32 teams on his potential. A team that has seen him first hand for 4 years should make the right decision and let him go elsewhere.
  5. I should have said AT LEAST get 2-3. That's on the low side of the prediction. It's easily possible that anyone of Irvin, Means, Sweat or Ferguson get 5 sacks. That's not a lot of production. Why do you and these Vic apologist keep acting like his extremely meager production is difficult to replace? We can throw darts at a board full of pass rushers 4 times and probably hit at least one guy that can give us 5 or more sacks. The money it would take just makes it even more obvious what the correct move should be. The questions is would you rather have Vic, Irvin, Takk and rooks for around 18 mil or Irvin, Means, Takk, rooks and a FA (like Zadarius Smith, Vinny Curry) for the same price? I'd rather go with the later having seen 4 years of the below average yearly production Vic brings. Like Vic the person, hate Vic the player. And there's just way too many options available this year to replace him. I'd flip him for a draft pick and use the money we'd spend on him for a better player. Then draft an early prospect.
  6. 6 sacks from 4 guys is on the extremely low side of the prognostication. Much more likely is that we get 2-3 from each which would absolutely upgrade the position. Please, you folks are losing credibility trying to manufacture excuses to keep Beasley around. He simply has not warranted being retained. If we do keep him it will be out of loyalty or pride. Either way, hes going to disappoint again and we'll be having this same convo again next offseason
  7. Beasley is only got 5 sacks 3 of his 4 years. That's not impressive. There were multiple rookies and career backups that did that just last year. On top of that he currently costs just under 13 mil. If we can get all four of those guys for the price we pay Beasley that would be an upgrade if they all only got 1.5 sacks next year.
  8. If we're stupid enough to NOT pay him, someone absolutely will. He's a top 5-6 DT in the league. He's completely worth it.
  9. Beasley is alrady a weakness!! We have the 2nd worst pass rush in the league with Beasley. We arent benefitting from his presence. Losing him is not going to hurt much as we can't do too much worse than we are doing with him. It's addition by subtraction. Beasley is a net negative player. That's been proven 4 of the 5 seasons. Not to mention he currently costs 12.8 mil and has no incentive to take a pay cut. DE is more of a weakness than DTor RB. We have ProBowl caliber players at both positions.
  10. Excellent analysis. Keeping the 2nd best of a bottom tier unit is not the path to success. If you cant be the best of a trash unit your not worth keeping.
  11. Vic Beasley rarely if ever wins games. The fact he's our second best DE is a direct indictment on our talent at the position. He need to release him, sign a FA DE that's actually good and invest at least 1 draft pick at the position. Vic doesn't need to be kept because he the 2nd best pass rusher on a near bottom ranked pass rush unit. That's a horrible reason to keep him.
  12. Gary is not it. He's massively over rated because of his physical traits, none of which have helped him get very many sacks.. Quinnen Williams is, to me, the most complete player in the draft. He's a cant miss difference maker.
  13. There were 85 players that got at least 5 sacks last year. They literally do grow on trees. And 5 is Vic's second highest season...
  14. 7 years of Orakpo's 10 years he's had 6 or more sacks. 4 years of Mercilus's 7 years he's had 6 or more sacks. 6 years of Vernon's 7 years he's had 6 or more sacks. 6 of JPP's 9 years he's had 6 or more sacks. 7 of Cam's 8 years he's had 6 or more sacks. 1 of Vic's 4 years he's had 6 or more sacks. He's just not a consistent threat. Add that to the fact he's trash against the run and I really don't get any reason to keep him.
  15. Stop. Vic has one season that severely spikes his stats. It's outrageous at this point to even include it in his averages. He has a 25% chance of ever getting back to that level based on the data we've seen. Subtract that 1 year and he has 14 in 3 years. The overrating needs to stop. It's time to accept reality.