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  1. What will it take for the rose colored shades wearing, lie to themselves Vic apologists to admit that Beasley was not the right pick. Folks were clamoring for Gurley and called idiots for it. Same folks pretend like our run game would be the same if we had Gurley.
  2. Not sure how you shoot yourself in the foot with no heart or killer instinct....but ok.
  3. Not entirely true. They are down 2 of their 3 best pass catchers,a starting G and the best RB. There are going to be some struggles. The biggest issue I see is that they shot themselves in the foot twice on one drive and are dropping the ball constantly. Need to change both with as many handicaps as we have.
  4. For the record, were probably going to have very high pick this year. If we were to get a 2019 1st & 2nd plus another 1st in 2020 that's a lot to consider. We could really reshape the team tremendously overnight this offseason and next. Not saying I'd do it, but the thought is inticing.
  5. Crack is whack bro. Just say no
  6. Could have had Gurley.....
  7. Y'all crack me up with these "Amen" and "I feel you bro" posts. Look OP, I mean this with the utmost respect I can say this with, shut up. No one makes you log on here. If the conversation is making you enjoy football less then log off. No need to rant about poster who react logically to seeing trash performance and execution from a team with so much potential. It's not the posters fault the team flew to Pittsburgh and laid an egg. You're complaining about other people complaining. Just go away
  8. Thank you. I'm s frustrated as anyone but a wholesale purge is idiotic. Duke needs to go, maybe Vic. Perhaps time to draft some young lineman early. But Quinn has done a good job since his arrival and TD has delivered more often than not.
  9. Been happening all year. Seems to be regressing
  10. Why does every other QB get a year and half to pass ever play.
  11. Don't complain about me calling Vic soft. He avoids contact like the plague and leaves a whole side of the field open darn near every play. Thank goodness for Ben making a stupid play because he did it again that play. No way we should extend him
  12. When Vic isn't getting blocked soundly he's running laps around the tackle and QB.
  13. Vic Beasley COMPLETELY vacated his area and left the entire side of the field open.... He keeps trying to run around the tackle...
  14. Cause getting sacked is worse than a run for 0 yards... Also, everything ain't Matt's fault
  15. That was Mack getting bulldozed straight into Matt. Mack has been showing signs of decline this year.