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  1. Done. Thanks @Yo Lover and best of luck to you @mashburn*Fibonacci
  2. That year Matt still threw for 4,500 yards and 21 TDs.... Only good QBs can put up that kind of production after losing their top WR
  3. Beasley is looking like the best from this FA class. We should focus on resigning him... End Thread/
  4. I thought he had one of the lowest overall passer rating allowed of all CBs in 2017? What's his numbers on comebacks and hitches? He does look a little stiff covering those routes.
  5. I didn't understand this pick either at first. Then I looked at his production over the last 3 years (5,300 scrimmage yards and 47 TDs)........ I'm cool with it now
  6. Thats not too far from the truth. Outside the obvious top 4, maybe Hill, Shepherd and Nnadi (if you plan on drafting a penetrating DT). Outside those guys the others are depth not definitive starters.
  7. All these guys are not plug and play. That's bs. Hurst is the only one that's truly plug and play. The other guys have holes.
  8. Said after the Oliver pick we need to be on the phone to move up. Plug and play DTs will be gone by our pick... Smh
  9. Half the guys you mentioned are trash. The top guys are flying off the board and we still have 17 picks til were up again. We do people have to pretend like it's all good at DT. We need playmakers at the position not just a body. Hopefully we are willing to drop some money on a quality option or take a chance on Hurst.
  10. We got to make a move for our DT now. 31 picks til were back is to much to expect the top guys to be available.
  11. Justin Reid is the obvious pick for CAR
  12. This draft is working perfect for us. We might have our pick of DTs. Hopefully Hurst calls to us.
  13. DT is a need, but there are FA guys and next year's draft has some really good prospects. If we are serious about competing, we need the offense to return to form. The defense has alot more Pro-Bowl talent than the offense at this point. Getting Ridley in the 1st is pointless if Matt is on his back. I think we should continue our BPA at a position of need strategy. If Braden is available at that pick it would really come down to him and Hurst. To me, and it really hurts to say this cause I LOVE Hurst, there is a lack of good OG options in FA or in the remaining spots in the draft. As much as I'd like to pick Hurst, if both were available, I'd probably go Braden. But if the team wants to pressure the QB, Hurst is a steal at #58. I don't think he'll be available, but if he is it will be VERY hard to pass on him.
  14. Evans, Moore, Ridley still availavle... Gonna be hard to go Bryan if we aren't convinced he's that missing piece
  15. It would suck if Isaiah Wynn falls to CAR...