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  1. Yeah, this post didn't age well 😄😄
  2. Heart says yes, mind says no We have some great pieces on offense but the mind that will direct it gives me cause to pause. Our defense has some studs too but I'm still not convinced we can generate enough pressure to overcome the holes I see at LB and and CB.
  3. He's gonna take his lumps...likely more so than his wins. We've got a torrid schedule with some of the best QBs in the league and top receivers. He's not going to come in ready to compete with them. That's just not practical. The best we can hope for is that he makes a handful of plays and doesn't get beat too badly. But as good as Joe Burrow and Ja'Marr Chase were, they aren't as good as the QB/WR combos he'll face this season. So expect him to get beat, but hope he has big time flashes
  4. How do you know that to be true? He answered a question he was asked. Not his fault Morey made that post. And LeBron has shown through actions that he cares about Americans! He has no obligation to China. He doesn't make his money from them, that's the NBA. Furthermore America has it's own plethora of human rights violations to account for without ever needing to be concerned with China's. I never said America has MORE, just that it has enough to worry about its own. We aren't the world morality police. America still hasn't paid reparations to descendants of slavery and is still occupying Iraq after admitting to lying about WMDs and giving rise to Islamic terrorists factions. We have our own mistakes to correct before speaking on Chinas. And furthermore, how is Morey not 10 times more hypocritical than Bron? The Rockets were the #1 Jersey sellers and made millions directly from China. There's a clear money trail from China to the Houston Rockets franchise. Yet more still cashes his paychecks. Where's the outrage for the guy that started this? Bron simply said correctly that Morey should think before talking or using his platform for people/causes he's not familiar with.
  5. I truly don't understand why people have an issue with this statement. It's spot on. Morey isn't a Chinaman and doesn't have the historical understanding of their struggle nor the intricacies of their laws/customs. There were very many Chinese citizens that were deeply offended by Morey seemingly meddling in their national affairs. We have to understand that they are a sovereign nation and reserve the right to work through their own governmental systems. Morey, as a foreign businessman, was making millions of the government of China is moral enough to speak up for the protesters, but not moral enough to say no to the money he's getting from the government. Seems hypocritical. It's not incumbent upon us as foreigners to tell them what's right and wrong or to even open choose sides in their revolutionary fight. That's a Chinese issue. The idea that Morey is right or that LeBron is obligated to speak on it is beyond laughable. We as Americans have MORE than our fair share of issues. We have no moral authority to tell them what's right or wrong.
  6. Sometimes being intelligent isn't always knowing what to say, but knowing when to say nothing.
  7. So a bottom feeding defense and sporadic offense with an unimaginative OC and a HC desperate to stave off unemployment is gonna retire two of the greatest QBs in history... Right.... Not saying we cant be good this year, but I expect them to be as well.
  8. Is it me or are the Aints interested in every freaking player we are? Swear they have spies in our war room
  9. This is a two part question. The first is: 1) What do we do (contract wise) if Gurley has a return to form year and is a top 3 RB again? Do we do what's necessary to keep him? Or do we say no and let him walk? 2) If Gurley has a good year, what do you see as our ceiling? What's our ceiling if he has a great year? For me, if Gurley has a good/great year our offense will be dynamic and very hard to stop. One of the biggest things holding our offense back from being even better than it has been is our lack of scoring when we get in the red zone. Between the 20s we are easily one of the best in the league. However, with the exception of a few year we've struggled once the team gets inside the opponents 20 yard line. Enter Gurley who even in "bad" year was able to 12 TDs on the ground and another 2 TDs through the air. That's a whopping 14 TDs. More than all our RBs combined had last year. He was tied for the most TDs from inside the 10 yard line and 2nd most from inside the 20 yard line. Once he gets in the red zone he's a menace. And he had 21 TDs the year before. It's undeniable that Gurley racks up TDs at a ridiculous pace. Couple that with our teams aforementioned excellence between the 20s and you've got yourself a recipe for success. If teams sell out to stop Gurley then Julio, Ridley, Hurst and our WR corp should be able to make them pay. A good would see our offense be a top 10 unit while a great year would see us top 5. Also a great year from Gurley and the offense coupled with a decent to good year from the defense might put us int he conversation for sleeper SB teams in the NFC. If we have a good year I think the likelihood Gurley stays is pretty good. We'll have to do a lot of creative shuffling but he'd be worth bringing back. If he has a great year however the price tag might be too steep to pay. This is a 25 year, soon to be 26 year old RB that is only in our price range do to negative perception. If he goes out and blows that negative perception out the window, his price tag could balloon 8-10+ mil/year. He likely won't see a long term deal like that but if he shows out then there might certainly be some teams willing to bring him in on a shorter deal at that price range. Seems like a Catch 22 if he has a great year. We could be a very underrate team if he's back to his old form, but if he does he's likely to play himself out of our price range. What are your thoughts?
  10. Lol...not really scouting consensus. More like draft analysts consensus. 😁😁
  11. True, I am more of an Armchair GM. But this year in particular, I believe my access to players actually matched a lot of GMs access to player given the Coronavirus outbreak. Obviously in normal circumstances their up close analysis would Trump mine, but in a year where most people are relying on videotape and game film the tables are at least a bit more even. Not saying I have the experience or acumen of these head coaches, but I've done my fair share of experience with film review. In any event, I think coaches and GMs talk a lot about what they would've done. The Saints were high on Ruiz. I think that was their pick regardless of who almost anyone being their. They needed a Center. I agree that analyst dont know everything, but most get the top of the draft correct. It's only after a certain amount of picks that most drafts greatly vary from projections. Also, GMs boards can change to with bad interviews or combine/pro day performances.
  12. I did an analysis of the mock drafts in my annual mock with me. In that I showed average draft position. The point is I did a comparative analysis of the average position most people saw the two CBs going. To a man everyone had Okudah over Terrell. Very few had Terrell as high as our pick. Then magically after the draft "GMs" and anonymous sources said he was sought after highly. Right. His position is an important position in football. That combined with the lack of clear leaders at the position after Okudah and Henderson lead to his value seeming to be higher than it was. Terrell was never thought of as a top CB. At no point until this draft was he some highly regarded prospect. There's several guys that held up against better competition. But his mix of good size average and speed as well as decent tape gave him the edge in some folks mind.
  13. Some of you guys come off as extremely arrogant and disingenuous. On one hand you'll argue the validity of scout's for having Okudah ranked higher than Terrell. Then immediately say Terrell was going to be a top 20 pick based on the scouts. Are we or are we not using scouting consensus in the evaluation. Either its unreliable for ranking Okudah over Terrell based on little to nothing, or it's legit for justifying us drafting Terrell when we did because other teams had him ranked highly. It can't be both. To me, the only way Terrell justifys being drafted when we had trade partners willing to offer additional picks, possibly a 2nd, he turns into an impact player quickly and substantially outperforms 2nd and 3rd round CBs. And that's considering Queen and Murray arent Probowlers. Short of that, how can you honestly say a combo of one of those LBs and a lesser CB wouldn't have been a better option?
  14. When your QB is top 10 alltime in QB rating, passing yards and TDs you'd think people would lay off him. Alas, no. The world still has idiots
  15. Most disappointing: Sean Weatherspoon. This guy had the ability to be special for us but couldn't stay healthy. Made some amazing plays over the years. Would have loved to see what a healthy version of Spoon for years would've done for our defense.
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