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  1. I'm not seeing how what I said was inaccurate. Jake has been good. But we missed on a HOF player at a position of need. Do people understand how good Aaron Donald is? He's already got more sacks this season, with 3 games left to play, than Vic did in his lone standout season. He is far and away the better player than Jake Matthews. All the evidence that he'd be a great player was there and despite the talking heads being convinced Jake would be a great talent, more folks were talking about just how good AD could be. He ran a 4.6 40 and benched 225 35 times. All this after being the most productive interior Defender in college 2 out of his last 3 years in college. The evidence was there. We went with a specific need over the more talented player and now we have good player at a key position instead of a great one at another key position. Vic was rated highly and folks thought he'd be the answer to our pass rush woes. But far more were calling for Gurley to be our pick. Gurlie to Atlantie was a post, Bedwetter (and trust me, I hate the guy) was a huge supporter of us drafting him. We needed a RB badly too after Steven Jackson had completely tanked out. But we went with a guy who draft experts openly questioned his size and aggressiveness to play the position of DE in a 4-3 scheme. Once again we went with a good player at perceived "greater need" and ignored a great player in another area of need. Missing on great players for good players is what makes team mediocre. And missing isn't the end of the world. The real problem is failure to be able to recognize a mistake. Quinn made a mistake in hiring Sark. Not because he isn't good, but he's not great. We don't want to be good, we're shooting for greatness. Stop settling for good. Matthews and Beasley are good but we would have been better served by getting the great players and filling the voids at those positions other ways.
  2. Why do people keep acting like Vic is/was a factor. Our defense was horrible until the last 7 games of a 19 game season and Vic was a ghost in the playoffs. He was a minor factor at best. Matthew's has been ok but not what you look for with a #6 overall. Both positions could have been addressed in other ways than high picks for middle of the pack to bad players...
  3. How about we talk about the real draft misses like Vic Beasley instead of Todd Gurley and Jake Matthews instead of Aaron Donald and Jalen Collins instead of Eric Kendricks???
  4. There isn't a single thing inaccurate as evidenced by your inability to retort with anything but insults.....but whatever helps you sleep at night.
  5. I imagine you believe yourself to be a good debater, let me assure you that you're not. One minute you champion the laughable notion that we couldnt/wouldn't have gotten to the SB without Vic. Completely ignoring the fact our offense was the 7th best in NFL history, the MVP (as in, Most Valuable Player...Vic Beasley included) of the league was on our offense and the 4 Pro bowl/3 All Pro players on the offensive side of the ball. But sure, give the credit to a guy whose numbers are exaggerated by teams having to pass due to the offense being so high powered. If that weren't enough, you post an article in an effort to prove your point that clearly states the defense struggled early in the season and didn't play well til late in the season. Would seem to validate my point that the offense carried the team for the majority of the year. The defense finally came around and turned closer wins to blowouts. But consider that over the last 9 games the Falcons played in 2016 they averaged 36.4 points and it's clear our defense was ok but the offense was the reason we went to the SB
  6. We weren't known for our defense that season genius. Your big brain should have been able to figure that out. Our offense was the driving force behind our run that year not Beasley or our bottom to middle tier at best defense. Beasley got more opportunities to rush the passer as our offense was jumping out to big leads and causing teams to pass more. That lead to more opportunities to rush the passer and inflated stats for Beasley. He's never lived up to that season and it's clear he never will.
  7. I think we could have done without Vic's 0 Sacks, 1 QB Hits and 3 QB pressures in the 2016 playoffs. This is the most ridiculous logic folks come up with. He was there but was FAR from the reason we were there. As if Vic "Run 10 yards behind the QB" Beasley was the reason we made it to the Super Bowl....The thought is laughable...
  8. How much longer should we have patience and wait for him to pan out? What are you hoping to see? I really don't understand. We don't have any more time to waste on this lost cause. I like Vic the person and he is a very talented athlete. But as a DE, he's not good. It's really that plain and simple.
  9. Yes we should have. The verdict is in. Vic was the wrong pick. We had a crappy run game the year we drafted Vic to be our sack expert. We still have a crappy run game and didnt get our sack expert either.
  10. Serious question, but what purpose would Julio serve at camp other than teaching the younger players. He's at the top of his game and doesn't need any additional reps to be the best WR in the league
  11. I swear its only Julio he underthrows like this. I've seen him hit Ridley in stride this season and Gabriel several time in stride before this season ...
  12. Didnt know we were playing Aaron Rodgers this week....
  13. I'd have like to see Vic traded then we pick up Irvin and Kikaha. Call me crazy, but having two guys that rush as well or better and getting a pick/player or both for Vic instead of resigning or letting him walk for nothing is the best short-term and long-term solution.
  14. Bruce Irvin is a slightly slower version of of Vic Beasley with an attitude/an edge. He can do a lot of the same stuff but knows how to convert speed to power much better.
  15. Am I wrong if I imagine him jogging out slowly to the Avengers Theme song while the entire team cheers?!