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  1. In case any of you are interested AJ is playing Ruggs right now on King of the Hill. Thought I would share... https://www.twitch.tv/eamaddennfl
  2. Plus if they see the potential in him after 2 more seasons they will most likely extended him early for a discount to what he can get 4 years from now.
  3. The NFL needs a luxury tax like the NBA. You can resign the player and go over cap but you have to pay severely for it. It’d make the leagues more exciting.
  4. Every defensive play I’m like, “ was there a flag? Did they throw a flag?!”
  5. Guys, go ahead and turn your tv off now. If you’re watching football night in America they just showed a clip of Duke Riley hyping up what could of been the special teams unit or defense with the blonde mullet and all. Either way this won’t be good.
  6. I was pissed when watching this live but a flag was thrown in the secondary for holding and the reason Kurt pumped faked. so it wouldn’t have mattered anyway if he did get the sack.
  7. Sadly, I agree with this to an extent. Is it really worth it with replacement opportunities? What’s the true opportunity cost? What if he decides to hold out?
  8. I don’t believe they keep him. They came out and said they attempted to trade for Mack going into it with a one year rental in mind. That’s a first round pick they were willing to walk with
  9. Did drew or any saint reach out when he won the sac championship?
  10. Reddit guys... thank me later... google “nfl Reddit streams” you’re welcome.
  11. I just wore my Julio jersey to work last Thursday for the eagles game just like this lol. My manager laughed but I got a lot of compliments lol
  12. Thanks for the uplifting comments lol. I’m just sitting at work like all hope is lost.
  13. I’m just so depressed that our season is starting this way. It’s very hard for me to see ya making any type of noise this year
  14. I partially agree with you about the acl but when you thinking about it. What was the first injury that caused Neal to go out? Was that cramps or a muscle pull? That can come from conditioning and did that injury lead to the acl tear?
  15. Only difference is the patriots and eagles had the dept to back up their injuries. We don’t even have 3 starting quality linebackers with Deion being healthy lol. I’m definitely not sold on Kazee filing in for Neal and dropping Ricardo into box. Like shaq says that’s bbq chicken...
  16. No. I wouldn’t trade him especially not for draft picks that can be busts in the long run. I also would find a way to resign him because as we have witness the past few years. It’s not as easy to find a starting quality back in the draft as people like to think.
  17. I do think that the potential struggles we have had with finding a solid third will make the front office think twice about retaining Tevin Coleman. It’s really not as simple as we saw the last year and we will see what Ito can doin the regular season.
  18. I kind of agree with OP. It’s not sky is falling bad but we have raved about “how deep our team is” and “we have to be one of the deepest teams in the nfl.” Last night just didn’t show that. It’s no reason why you can’t get a first down until a 2 min offense before halftime. They are playing backups as well. Yeah we are not scheming but call a offensive play that can pick up some positive yards.
  19. Where did you get your numbers from? The eagles actually started out at a 95 and the falcons are a 91.
  20. Killed me with the poop emoji... we gotta win to back that up **** thats funny..
  21. I love Julio but another thing that burns me up with me is the man seems to always stumble in crucial times as well. Sometimes he still comes out of it and makes the catch and sometimes he falls when the field is wide open in front of him.
  22. I just so happen to be one of the few lucky people who live in Orlando now after moving from ATL for college back in the day so I'm super lucky to get gifted a game here tomorrow. Couldn't believe it when I first saw the ad's so I'll be stopping by the game tomorrow. The main point of this post is to see if any of you guys that have been to preseason games know anything about possibly getting autographs. I'm trying to get Julio to sign my jersey and wonder if a preseason game is appropriate.
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