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  1. Plus if they see the potential in him after 2 more seasons they will most likely extended him early for a discount to what he can get 4 years from now.
  2. The NFL needs a luxury tax like the NBA. You can resign the player and go over cap but you have to pay severely for it. It’d make the leagues more exciting.
  3. Every defensive play I’m like, “ was there a flag? Did they throw a flag?!”
  4. Guys, go ahead and turn your tv off now. If you’re watching football night in America they just showed a clip of Duke Riley hyping up what could of been the special teams unit or defense with the blonde mullet and all. Either way this won’t be good.
  5. I was pissed when watching this live but a flag was thrown in the secondary for holding and the reason Kurt pumped faked. so it wouldn’t have mattered anyway if he did get the sack.
  6. So who is next on the lockup list??
  7. This might be the dumbest suggestion I’ve read all day
  8. That's the difference in Cleveland this the first go round and Miami last years finals compared to these role players.
  9. Anybody can hit open shots.. That's what you get with LeBron.. He really doesn't have to make a single shot if his teammates are making shots. If you can't stop him you have no chance. That's what I'm saying about Golden State too. He already dropped 42 on them this year.
  10. Cavs too strong... Looking like true contenders. That's what happens when you have #TheKING