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  1. I too was fortunate enough to have met Mr. Nobis as well! A true down-to-earth gentleman! An d yeah...He was one bad ************* on the field!!!
  2. Hi Rev-Good to se you! Remember the Where's Osama? waldo icon. that was me under a lost user name. I lurk here a lot but don't post much anymore.
  3. Been too long ago, but three of my favorites are the two "Big Ben" TDs against the Saints, and William Andrews truckin Ronnie Lot!
  4. Hey - I'm yo daddy! Been around since Tommy Nobis and Kaptn Crazy! btw, Zoo - you might remember an old signature of mine - Wnere's Osama (A riff on Where's Waldo)
  5. Thanks for your insight "Zoo" I've been on this board for a lot of years (since the early Vick years, when I was an expat in Ireland) with several different user names (because of board updates and dead laptops) I regularly posted with you, Tandy, and Banker Bird, and many other old school members. I don't post much any more, but really appreciate the insight from you, KOG and others! Now living in "Aints" country is like living in Ireland, and this board is my primary source of info on the birds!
  6. Oh yes. The ole Woody Hayes "three yards and a cloud of dust" approach. NOPE!
  7. I have been a Falcons fan since 1970. Win or lose, I endured all the Rankin Smith years, the Dog Fighter, Quitrino, and Super losses, but my zeal for the Birds never lessened - until after the fourth loss this year! I decided to wash my hands from the Falcons and the NFL! Until today!
  8. He may be a dork, but he's our dork! Wouldn't trade him for any other dork...or QB for that matter!
  9. Thanks OP. Great read! Especially for someone in the LA swamp!
  10. Great job on the break-down! This and my Clemson fan nephew really encouraged me about this pick over the "reach whiners" on this board who know better than the pros!
  11. Lived in Atlanta and spent a lot of time in Chicago. Both are great cities, but Chitown winters suck.
  12. Boy, does this resonate with me! My daughter was a star soccer player in high school until torn ACLs, one in sophomore year, from which she rehabbed hard, and then one to her other knee in her senior year, changed her trajectory. The senior year injury cost her a number of scholarship offers. Eventually, she did get to play a year in college, but then it was her ankles that were causing problems, so she gave up her dream During her year playing in college she wrote a paper about the psychological problems of recovering from a sports injury and how this was the hardest part of recovery.
  13. Yep - And what really got my goat was that the Cowgirls got to face the Iggles and Ron Jaworski in the SB after that and kicked their butts. We had Jaworski's number back then and had already beaten them that year. I've always thought if not for our prevent defense, and Danny White we would have had a super bowl win that year!
  14. I thought for sure that game was won when Roger Staubach went down, and was replaced with some kid no one ever heard of - Danny White!
  15. You spelled it wrong- Who dat choke worse dan dem taints
  16. Yep. Not going to NOLA because it's a shytehole. When we beat them ing NO this season I wore my Falcons jersey all over town. Got lots of stink-eye but no trouble!
  17. As I just said in another post -The pushoff is all I'm gonna hear about for the next month down here in Baton Rouge...and the defender had a clamp on that arem for three steps before the tight end shook him off.
  18. This game made my season. I'm gonna wear my Falcons cap all around Baton Rouge this evening. But Lawd...All I'm gonna hear down here for the next month is how the Refs blew a push-off call on the tight end for the final TD. Don't matter that the defender had a grip on that arm before he shook it loose!
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