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  1. He did say something nice about Grady.
  2. It's a team game. Both sides rocked it when it counted tonight
  3. Absolutely! This was a gut-check, mano a mano slug-fest with the toughest team winning! Philly was no push-over
  4. Also amazing passes from ICE, but dayum, hulio got hands!
  5. Oh - I forgot about the hand crush! My hands are large and the time strong (HS I was a wrestler) but he put the vice on me. I don't remember much about what we talked about tho. Helluva player!
  6. I met him once.He was doing a personal appearance at the old Sears on Ponce when I happened in. We talked for a minute or two, then i continued my errand. Soft-spoken man off the field. -
  7. I think the G Plan has morphed to First String, Second String, and G-String!
  8. Didn't see this before I posted my reply about Ward
  9. Ward was always a little hard on The Beave!
  10. Dude - That bass is insane!
  11. This man didn't have the greatest talent, but he had Heart! Respect to him!
  12. She isa world champion - She is ice under pressure.
  13. I park in the burbs and ride the MARTA train.
  14. What??? Thought sure you guys would CLAP for that!