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  1. THIS!! Andrews was amazing.
  2. YES PLEASE! I wanna see it!
  3. Since we have a couple of Bama stars on the team - The Red Tide? Deadly
  4. Most hated teams by Atlanta fans for the last 40 years! Given the OP's stipulation of "Last Forty Years" I believe the most hated are the 49ers and the Cowboys. During the days when we played in the NFC West, we could never get past the Niners, no matter how good a season we had. And the Cowboys - nuff said. Saints were always the little brother we loved to beat up on until the Katrina bowl era, and the Panties were just a gleam in the eye for Carolina. Tampa Bay was a joke in their orange popsicle unis.
  5. Too much whiskey there, Skippy?
  6. Dayum Man - Where do you coach at?  Your stuff is Brill!


  7. It's Awesome 'Possum in Georgia! O'possum is an Irish marsupial.
  8. Hooahh -No girly man for tough new Falcons! Wa Wa Waaa!
  9. Wasn't going to post here since I'm not a newbie, but what the heck - this is a new user name for me. I have lurked on these boards for ten years. My original user name was NCFalcon. Lost that identity (and more than a thousand posts) when the boards were rebuilt. Since then I have had two or three other names (no I'm not Swift) but continued to have difficulties keeping them. It's been two or three years since I have had an active user name, but have always enjoyed the insights and comments of Banker, Tandy, Gazoo, the Prof and many others. Thanks to all.