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  1. Thanks OP. Great read! Especially for someone in the LA swamp!
  2. This vid gave me a boney for my homey!
  3. Great job on the break-down! This and my Clemson fan nephew really encouraged me about this pick over the "reach whiners" on this board who know better than the pros!
  4. Lived in Atlanta and spent a lot of time in Chicago. Both are great cities, but Chitown winters suck.
  5. Boy, does this resonate with me! My daughter was a star soccer player in high school until torn ACLs, one in sophomore year, from which she rehabbed hard, and then one to her other knee in her senior year, changed her trajectory. The senior year injury cost her a number of scholarship offers. Eventually, she did get to play a year in college, but then it was her ankles that were causing problems, so she gave up her dream During her year playing in college she wrote a paper about the psychological problems of recovering from a sports injury and how this was the hardest part of recovery.
  6. Yep - And what really got my goat was that the Cowgirls got to face the Iggles and Ron Jaworski in the SB after that and kicked their butts. We had Jaworski's number back then and had already beaten them that year. I've always thought if not for our prevent defense, and Danny White we would have had a super bowl win that year!
  7. I thought for sure that game was won when Roger Staubach went down, and was replaced with some kid no one ever heard of - Danny White!
  8. You spelled it wrong- Who dat choke worse dan dem taints
  9. Yep. Not going to NOLA because it's a shytehole. When we beat them ing NO this season I wore my Falcons jersey all over town. Got lots of stink-eye but no trouble!
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