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  1. Isn’t stalking. It was the first thing I saw.
  2. Pretty sure he’s messing with a 17 year old. The “Jessica” girl has many liked pictures by him. The middle picture I believe is him and the girl, and the comment on that picture seems to be a relative obviously. Weird or? Not really our business. Just stumbled across it. Edit : won’t let me attach the images. Long story short, look up Jessicaskribaa on Instagram. He has a picture with her as well. Kinda weird.
  3. Help
  4. Hey fellas. Any tips on websites to get tickets? Looking to go to the Saints @ Falcons game. (If any of you are selling your tickets let me know!) I wanted to know if the 300 level are “nosebleeds” in a sense. Like do the players look like ants the entire time whereas I’d have to watch the screen to even see the game. If so, I guess my question is what site doesn’t kill you with service fees and which one would have the cheapest and reliable tickets for the 200/100 sections. Don’t really think I’d want endzone seats. Thanks guys!
  5. Okay so, I’m going to aim for catching the Falcons vs Panthers game, week 2. That Friday morning I’ll be flying in from NC. Wherever I stay at won’t be far from the stadium. That Friday night I’m going to catch the Braves game. They have a game that night. Saturday, the Bulldogs play. I’ve always wanted to catch a college game - but it’s in Athens. Which is a ways away. Being that I’ll be ubering everywhere, is there a public transit to Athens? Or are any of y’all going to make that trip? I’d love to catch that Saturday Bulldogs game. It’s against Mid Tenn I believe so tickets aren’t too much. Any recommendations? I don’t know if Uber would do it?
  6. Hey man.. my girlfriend and I may take you up on that offer if it extends to me as well - I know we have not talked probably at all on here! But I'm a die hard Falcons fan and it'd be pretty cool if that's possible.
  7. I've never flown before. So I think what I'm gonna do is take a 2 hour flight and just uber the whole time.
  8. Hey everyone. I'm a Falcons fan living in NC (Gross) I've been to 3 Falcons games. I went in 2014 @ Carolina. I went to 2015 season opener against Philly, and I went to the 300 yard Julio game against Carolina. I did not make it to a game last year. This year though, I plan on seeing a game or two. I really want to get into the Benz. I'm reallllly thinking about the Panthers or Saints game week 2/3. And then at the end of the year, seeing Atlanta vs Panthers @ Car. Because it's on my birthday, and it's in NC. What are the best ways to get tickets to games in Atlanta - prices - which hotels would you recommend, when would a good time to order the tickets be - do they get cheaper? Best time to leave for the game. I'd probably trek to Atlanta on Friday and stay until Monday morning. All advice is super welcome! Thanks you guys!
  9. This is a article I made that lists most of the mock drafts I could find, and it says who they believe the Falcons take. All mocks, in one place. https://www.thefalcoholic.com/2018/3/29/17174388/the-2018-atlanta-falcons-mock-draft-database-late-march-edition Next is an article that takes a look at an under the radar prospect. https://www.thefalcoholic.com/2018/4/5/17187122/2018-nfl-draft-scouting-report-sam-houston-dt-p-j-hall And this next one is basically a sequel to the first - as it lists comparisons to the heavily mocked DTs to the Falcons. https://www.thefalcoholic.com/2018/4/8/17194156/nfl-draft-elite-player-comparisons-for-top-defensive-tackle-prospects If y'all could give these a read - all feed back is welcome.
  10. https://www.thefalcoholic.com/2018/4/5/17187122/2018-nfl-draft-scouting-report-sam-houston-dt-p-j-hall This guy is pretty insane. Here's a quick write up I did.
  11. I actually did an article that published today, breaking down over 15 mocks if you'd like to check it out. https://www.thefalcoholic.com/2018/3/29/17174388/the-2018-atlanta-falcons-mock-draft-database-late-march-edition
  12. There are plenty of mock drafts online, most of them go all of there place. However, how many have the Falcons taking a specific player? It may not surprise you on who these analysts have the Falcons taking. I went through over 15 mock drafts, to see if a specific player sticks out. Give it a read, if you would! https://www.thefalcoholic.com/2018/3/29/17174388/the-2018-atlanta-falcons-mock-draft-database-late-march-edition
  13. Poe eats a double team the majority of the time. Deion Jones has benefitted from Poe. Among others.
  14. Hey guys. I write for the guys over at TheFalcoholic if you could give this a quick read. May see some names you already know and that are mostly mentioned, but I'd appreciate your opinion regardless! https://www.thefalcoholic.com/2018/1/22/16916514/a-falcons-centric-look-at-the-2018-nfl-draft-defensive-tackle-edition
  15. Paul Dawson anyone?