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  1. I could be wrong but this is why I was thinking he could cost less: So if he took a deal like that he would be cheaper than Ollison this season, according to OTC
  2. I wonder how much this move is to save some money on the cap. I assume Gallman can be signed to a veteran minimum salary benefit deal which would be cheaper than Ollison's contact. Also Gallman is a solid pass catcher and pass blocker.
  3. Especially after this 2 game series they have 2 extra days off. Just tell him, we will see him Friday
  4. I think anyone they sign this week is just a spot holder for Sunday's game. Then after final cuts the Falcons get their backup
  5. Going to be missing a few DL this weekend so need some depth.
  6. I think I heard it will be Wednesday and Thursday for the joint practices with the game on Saturday
  7. If I offered him 5 million per year on 2K, he never talks to me again. It is a joke offer. He will get closer to 3x that per year.
  8. I was thinking more like this when he signs for 10x that amount
  9. Yeah I think we all got that. It's just that is a massive underpay.
  10. I see him somewhere in that range too. Probably closer to $15-16 million. Now if he shows that the playoff defense is the new norm coupled with his offense, then maybe go higher to $18-19 million
  11. I will wait to reserve judgement on all what I hear but especially on the OL until we actually start seeing them in Preseason games
  12. Didn't you hear? They only made it that far because everyone else was hurt but them
  13. Guess he doesn't remember Big O working him in the playoffs
  14. Alright. Sign him back and the Panda hugs can continue
  15. Because it's the weekend. They wanted business to end on a Friday
  16. Yeah he was a guy that really needed the G League to develop. But with no G League last year and our Center depth being trash his rookie year, he kinda got screwed
  17. Point 2- I'm not a NBA guy so take this with a grain of salt but what I understand is that it is either spend the money on Collins or it isn't available. Point 3- Beal is the only name mentioned so far. Give us a other name and we can debate that but until then, my answer is run it back
  18. Would you have Wright next on the list or have any others leapfrogged him?
  19. For Durant yes, for Beal heck no. Durant was/is a top 3-5 player. Beal is a top 15-20 player? With the amount of injuries the Hawks had to deal with last year and never had their top guys available at pretty much any point of the season and still were 2 games away from the NBA Finals, I am a fan of running it back next season. Now if it doesn't work out then go look for the big fish. But we haven't had a chance to see what this team can do fully healthy. To immediately try to break it up would be wrong to me
  20. But isn't that the point? They signed him as a FA and didn't trade away a bunch of their talent and depth to get him.
  21. I think McGary missed all of minicamp or at least some of it, so added just in case?
  22. Me too. It was mentioned previously that might be a reason it was leaked too so that if the Big 12 dissolves then they wouldn't have to pay
  23. So have we decided on how we are going to use Fontenot yet? Are we going Fonted? Or Notted? Troffed was perfect for Dimitroff, I just want to make sure I am keeping up.
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